More than 93,000 students throughout Hanoi took part in the 10th grade entrance exam for the upcoming school year on June 12.

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More than 93,000 students in Hanoi take high school entrance exams on June 12. (Photo: SGGP)
Candidates participate in the exam on June 12-13 with subjects, including mathematics, literature, foreign language and history. The mathematics & literature tests on the morning of the first exam day lasted 90 minutes of each while the foreign language và history exams take place within 45 minutes of each on the morning of the second day.
Students will participate in the tests for the 10th grade special classes on June 14 while the dual-degree program’s exams will be held on June 15-16.
According to lớn the municipal Department of Training and Education, around 93,000 students attended the 10th grade entrance exam at 184 venues with 15,000 education officials, teachers & staff teachers to lớn serve the exams. About 67,000 students will get seats in public high schools.

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The examination is glossesweb.comanized under strict safety measures amid the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic.
A healthcare worker is measuring a student"s body temperature at the Dich Vong Secondary School in Cau Giay District.
Control & prevention measures are strictly implemented. (Photo: SGGP)
A venue of the 10th grade entrance examination at the Nguyen Khe Secondary School in Dong Anh District

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