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Sort, type và kind all generally mean the same thing. They are words we use khổng lồ refer khổng lồ a group of people or things which share the same characteristics. We use these words very often when we describe things & we often find them in definitions: …
Kind of & sort of are very common expressions in speaking. They soften other words and phrases so that they vày not appear too direct or exact. Kind of is more common in American English. Sort of is more common in British English: …
A person might say a sort of or sort of when describing something about which the person does not have a clear or exact knowledge:
The reasonable person standard enjoys a certain sort of objectivity, insofar as it protects people from each other.
The exercise of a technical skill requires a very narrow sort of judgment, which identifies an end and applies well-defined techniques towards its realization.
Trophoblasts would seem ideal targets for fetal cell sorting efforts because of their abundance at the fetal-maternal interface.
Unlike the first, where relationships had been built & some healing and closure was possible, nothing of the sort occurred in this case.
This might not have been the sort of reform that the modernists, wanted, but " church reform " it was.
But one also wants some sort of explanation for why being a non-calculating friend or a just man makes one"s life better.
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