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This short article was medically reviewed by Sara Rosen, LMSW, MEd, a certified sex therapist in ~ the long Island academy of Sex Therapy.
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The G-spot is on the wall surface of her rectum closest come the front side of her body. ascg Photography/Getty pictures
The male G-spot is the prostate, i m sorry is situated inside her rectum. You can discover it by poignant the wall surface of your rectum closest come the former of your body. Girlfriend can get G-spot stimulation with anal sex or by using toys prefer butt plugs.
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You may have actually heard of the mrs G-spot, however did you know there"s additionally a masculine G-spot? and like its mrs counterpart, the can also trigger an intense orgasm.

Here"s what you should know around the masculine G-spot and how friend can uncover it.

What is the male g spot?

The masculine G-spot is the prostate, a walnut-sized body organ in your rectum that produces sperm and is surrounded by a huge bundle of sensitive nerve endings.

Although study is minimal on prostate orgasms, scientists consider the prostate to it is in an erogenous zone, meaning it reasons sexual pleasure when it"s touched, claims Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, MD, a professor of sex and relationships in ~ California State University, Fullerton.

"It can create really extreme full-body orgasm," claims Suwinyattichaiporn.

In fact, many personal accounts define a prostate orgasm as being an ext intense than a penile orgasm because, together Suwinyattichaiporn describes, the pleasure moves with your entire body.

If you"ve never ever tried G-spot stimulation, it might feel uncomfortable in ~ first, yet "once you gain a grip of it, it should feel amazing," Suwinyattichaiporn says.

How to find the male G-spot

There space two crucial areas you deserve to touch in order to stimulate her prostate and find her G-spot:

The wall surface of your rectumThe perineum that lies in between your testicles and anus

You have the right to use your finger, a partner"s finger, or a sex toy come reach these areas, however it may be more secure to shot it with your very own finger, first. Here"s how to uncover each spot:

Your rectal wall:

Get right into a comfortable position. You may need to sit or lie down.Make certain your hands are clean and also apply lubricant to her finger and also to your anus.Reach your finger into your rectum — you might need to relocate slowly. The G spot need to lie around 4-5 centimeters in, Suwinyattichaiporn says.Press top top the wall of her rectum closest come the front side of her body.Feel for any type of signs of pleasure or extra sensitivity.Moving slowly and gently, draw your finger the end of your anus.

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Your perineum:

This area is easier to reach, however you may still have to sit or lied down.

Reach underneath your testicles to feel the area of skin between your testicles and anus. This puts push on your prostate native the outside.Massage this area the skin, trying out different amounts of press to check out what is pleasurable for you.