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Written by
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Jennifer Bradley Franklin
Aug. 2, 2019/3 min read
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Aug. 2, 2019/3 min read
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When you buy a brand-new place, thinking around how to measure up the home’s square footage more than likely isn’t optimal of mind. And also while it may seem choose an inconsequential metric, it’s one of the many important factors that recognize a property’s value. 

“That square footage number results your value, and also if you mismeasure a property, it’s a domino effect. It’s walk to throw the whole value off,” says Marlon Day, an elderly director of search Valuation and also Advisors in Atlanta.

Why measure up square footage?

There room plenty of reasons you could want come know exactly how to calculate square feet that a house, whether you’re looking to offer a property, problem a high taxation assessment or renovate to add more space.

If you’re preparing to list her home, determining the property’s exact size is vital factor once deciding ~ above an asking price. “For a residence appraisal, we’re walking to to compare it to comparables or ‘comps,’” claims Day. He will look because that homes similar in dimension in the instant area. When examining a residence for sale, he likewise adjusts the value up or under for factors like building materials and condition.

However, understanding your home’s square footage can come in handy for various other reasons together well. Because that instance, if you decision to end up a previously unused part of your residence — say a basement or “bonus” attic space — you may need to provide the square clip to achieve a building permit.

Likewise, if your county or municipality assesses greater taxes 보다 what friend think you need to owe, confirming the square footage can be a allude in your favor to getting the residential or commercial property taxes reduced.

Why square clip matters 

In genuine estate deals the involve a mortgage, the lender will should verify that the residential property is worth what the buyer has actually agreed to pay. “

It will all be revealed throughout the appraisal. You have the right to run right into pricing issues and property no appraising if the square footage is incorrect,” states Stamie Karakasidis, a Realtor through Rodeo Realty in Los Angeles. “Agents always encourage the buyer to verify square footage, yet buyers should do your due diligence,” she adds.

How to calculate square feet of a house 

When making plan for how to measure square clip of a residence (or a condo or townhouse), start with a couple of simple supplies:

Note-taking provides (paper, pencil)CalculatorMeasuring ice and/or laser measuring tool

If girlfriend live in a building that’s a perfect rectangle, simply measure the length and also width and multiply the 2 numbers. For example, if her one-story residence is 60 feet by 40 feet long, climate your property is 2,400 square feet (60 x 40 = 2,400).

However, many properties have more complex floor plans, for this reason it’s valuable to monitor these basic steps to measure up square footage.

Draw the end a rough sketch of your house, labeling every one of the rooms you must measure. Include hallways and also other comparable non-room spaces together their very own “room” rectangles.Measure the length and also width, in feet, of every room. Main point the size by the width and write the total square clip of every room in the corresponding an are on the home sketch.Example: If a bedroom is 12 feet by 20 feet, the total square footage is 240 square feet (12 x 20 = 240).Add the square clip of each room to recognize your home’s complete square footage.

If girlfriend live in a street home, condo or townhome community, friend may be able to get architectural illustrations or master builder plan of your floorplan, i m sorry may currently have your square clip calculated.

What to leaving out 

A great rule of thumb for ensuring you’re taking ideal measurements is come exclude space you can’t go on or live in; it doesn’t count as “gross life area.” “Someone could think, ‘If I gain the measure of my an initial floor and I have a two-story home I simply multiply the by two,’” day explains. However, if that very first floor has a two-story foyer, friend can’t counting the non-usable space. 

Basements and also garages, even if they room finished, don’t typically count toward complete square footage. Basements are commonly excluded since they space built below grade, meaning below ground level. If her state does enable basements come be included in the full square footage of a home, though, you’ll most likely need an ingress and egress, or a safe means to enter and exit the basement to the outside.Finished attic spaces — v some regulations including ceiling heights — can count towards the total. If you room planning to sell your home, work-related with your agent to craft a listing that mirrors the benefits of her property. 

“While I do not perform (unpermitted space) as extr square footage, (in the listing) i do point out that over there is additional space that can be utilized,” Karakasidis says. 

When in doubt, questioning the pros 

If figuring out just how to calculate square feet of a home feels overwhelming, it might be ideal to rental a professional appraiser. Depending on the dimension of the property, the fee might be as small as $100 increase to number of hundred dollars. When two different professional appraisers might evaluate the exact same home and come up through slightly various square clip figures, they target for scientific accuracy.

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“We’re constantly shooting for somewhere in between 1 come 3 percent variance,” work explains.