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Did you watch an illustration or 2 of an Amazon Prime video clip show the you couldn’t obtain into? perhaps it to be an awkward movie ~ above a mutual account, and you desire to acquire rid of destructive recommendations? girlfriend can easily fix things up through clearing her Amazon Prime video clip history. Below are our step-by-step instructions.

How to delete Amazon prime Video history on her browser

Just favor Netflix, Prime video stores her watch history to enhance its recommendations. So, if you desire to remove a show that’s been appearing nonstop, that time come clear comparable entries from your watch history. Below is just how you can do the via your browser:

Hover end Accounts & Lists in the height right corner, and also select Your element Video from the dropdown menu.Once you room on the Prime video clip page, again in the ideal corner, click Settings. You will be redirected to an Account and Settings page.



To eliminate a present or movie from your history, click the Hide This link below the title. You can also tick the “I prefer not to usage this because that recommendations” alternative if every you care around are specific recommendations. It deserve to be discovered on the right side of the screen.Unfortunately, you can not clear your whole Amazon element Video history in one go with your browser. Girlfriend will need to diligently remove item by article instead.

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How come delete search background on the Amazon Prime video clip app

The Prime video app doesn’t have actually an option that allows you to check out or clear your watch history. However, you deserve to still eliminate your search background — we won’t judge! right here is just how to perform it on many versions of the app:


Open the Prime video app.Tap the My Stuff choice on the bottom right corner of the app.Go come the Settings choice (the equipment icon) in ~ the height right corner.Tap Clear video clip Search History.These are our advice on just how to clear your Amazon Prime video history. Go we assist you boost your recommendations? permit us know in the comments.