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Hello too ~ reader, without doubt this is the ultimate guide for collecting hot Wheels die-cast models, especially if girlfriend live in 2016. I won’t be writing a the majority of prologue, girlfriend can discover all the on Wikipedia, I will certainly just point out few far-ranging years the are important for collectors, like 1968, the year when warm Wheels brand was launched by a firm called Mattel.

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Business instantly took off. On their an initial year they made 16 castings and are now well-known as The initial Sweet Sixteen and also cost tonns of money. 1968 version lineup included: Beatnick Bandit, Deora, Ford J Car, warm Heap, Python, Silhouette, tradition Barracuda, custom Camaro, tradition Corvette, tradition Cougar, custom El dorado, custom Firebird, practice Fleetside, tradition Mustang, tradition Thunderbird, tradition Volkswagen.


Models native 1968 and also 1977 are additionally known together Redlines, since their wheels featured a red pinstripe top top the side. Now Redlines sometimes make a comeback in special collection models – anyways, exceptionally rare and also pricey. Warm Wheels likewise has a thing dubbed Red Line club – it’s an annual premium membership that gives accessibility to part exclusive deals and also features.

Next big era of warm Wheels is the Treasure hunt years, started in 1995 and energetic to this day. Yes, this is the chapter that you need to concentrate on. So, nowadays there are around 250 models (365 in 2017) that you deserve to buy together Mainlines (basic series). Here’s the twist, some of the mainline cars space harder come find, since they were created in fewer quantities and are called Treasure Hunts. It gets a bit much more complicated, next to basic models and treasure hunts there is a handful of at sight Treasure hunt cars that room even more rare and also collectors are interested mainly in them. So, how deserve to you find one?


TREASURE HUNTTreasure Hunts are usually easy to spot, castle all have flame in a circle logo design somewhere on a door or a spoiler, yet sometimes it can be covert inside a colourful grafitti arts or part stripy decal. Also, this logo is featured on the blister box behind the die-cast model.


SUPER sweetheart HUNTSuper Treasure hunt is much more interesting. Lock are lot harder come come across, due to the fact that their manufacturing number is also smaller. If you see one, you have actually to instantly buy it. Usually they represent a “tuned” variation of a regular Mainline, but they have much better paintjob, usually much more stripes, flames or artwork and also the real Riders (wheels that room rubber fairly than plastic and much better rims). Occasionally these tires are also Redlines. They additionally have letters TH somewhere on the body and this is basically exactly how you clues them.


MAINLINE VS SPECIAL SERIESI have actually researched a little on this topic and my last decision is that Mainlines are an ext special native collectors’ allude of view. Mainly since of the treasure Hunts. Special collection (limited segment, choose BMW or Japanese Historics or The Beatles, etc.) space priced higher in the store, but basically you deserve to get all of them everywhere, there room no hard-to-find casts within this special series. It’s certainly cool to have a repertoire of those and most of the moment they look nicer than the mainline models, yet you don’t obtain the thrill favor going top top a find of a Treasure hunt gem.

ZAMAC, ERRORS, VARIATIONSThese room the attributes I like, especially ZAMAC, the word sounds cool by itself, I would name a dog like that, but what does it mean? It represents “Zinc Aluminum MAgnesium and Copper” or “Zinc Aluminum metal Alloy Casting.” Sometimes, a hot Wheels automobile is made without any type of livery and also sold like that, i beg your pardon would make it a ZAMAC Edition.

Error is usually a design that has something weird on it due to the fact that of some situation. Sometimes particular wheel sets would run the end on a factory and those would be changed with a various set. May happen that prior and ago wheels have different patterns. Also paintjob might be different, some colours may be lost.

There are aslo variations of a very same model. Same actors can be coloured in different ways during the same year.

In short, all three features are extremely praised by part collectors. Some favor to collect ZAMACs, others find for errors, couple of collect just variations of a very same model.


FIRST EDITIONSCasting (tooling), is the structural style for each hot Wheels car. The year that you watch on the buttom that the auto is the year when actors went into production. Every year brand-new models are made and also it’s a good feeling to have the an initial version the the cast, specifically after numerous years native its debut. Surname of the spreading usually doesn’t change, but ccasionally the may readjust and the brand-new name would go forward. Sometimes, castings avoid being provided for a variety of years and return v an to update tooling later.

CUSTOMSIt is what it is. Some collectors enjoy customising their warm Wheels models: adjust wheels, repaint, apply new decals or change the body. Your creativity is endless.



HOT WHEELS case LETTERINGEach year Mattel introduces new cars and also cases/boxes would get a brand-new code on them. Every situation has 72 warm Wheels in them and those instances have approximately 16 sport that space lettered in accending order indigenous A (A, B, C, D, …). Together an example: girlfriend can discover Datsun 240Z only in case A or only situation J will have Acura NSX as a supervisor Treasure hunting model. Case letters space mirrored to the ago of the cards. If you know which instance is at this time on revenue in your neighborhood store, you understand for which dare you have to keep an eye. The is, if girlfriend follow the warm Wheels instance Reports that have the right to be found, for example, here.

NB! This strategy doesn’t work on global cards because case lettering isn’t provided.

WHAT need to YOU COLLECTHot Wheels ar respects collectors with a theme. For example, collecting just muscle cars, only cars from 70s or 80s, only new casts, only blue cars, just BMWs, 2002 casts that BMW 2002 model, etc. So, the great from here is basic – collection what friend like.

Age, Demand and Condition will include value come your collection over time. Good suggestion would certainly be to save them unopened in the box, due to the fact that Hot Wheels card will add value as well and also guarantee the the design is in mint condition.

Remember, hot Wheels brand acquired started in ’68, therefore in 2018 they will certainly celebrate your 50th anniversary and we will certainly surely get awesome Collectors’ pieces.

You may have noticed the I’ve used some words, choose Redlines, actual Riders and others; there room plenty much more other terms like Tampo, Blackwalls, etc., therefore don’t it is in ignorant, examine out this attach to recognize the basics and also slang of a hot Wheels Collector.


WHERE to BUYYour regional toy store, big department stores and also markets. Likewise flea markets. Over there are couple of specialised web page on the Internet that you deserve to Google. Friend may take into consideration eBay as well, it has actually loads of great offers. The only trouble is the shipping costs.

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Now go, prove that you’re a man/strong independent mrs by structure a appropriate stand for your collection.