Craigslist do the efforts to carry out its individuals a degree of protection via its cotton posting and also email features. Although this tools assist sellers and also buyers safeguard their identities, they can also assist people who intend come commit fraud, or some other criminal activity, in hiding your identities and true intentions. V a bit of research though, you deserve to find hints on Craigslist and elsewhere online to aid you far better determine who you’re handling during a transaction.

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Check the poster’s emailed solution to your initial and also follow-up queries for personal details, such together his non-Craigslist email address, an initial or complete name, call number or basic location. If you find these details, go into them right into an online civilization search or reverse lookup directory, such together AnyWho, WhitePages, or turning back Phone director (links in Resources).

Enter any kind of details girlfriend discover around the poster as find engine keywords to see if he has actually posted this details on any type of public websites, such as social networks, blog or forums. If a find engine does generate various website web page results containing this details, review each site"s contents for extr information that can help you identify him.

Use the complete header native the poster"s email, if the responds v a personal address, to confirm the almost right geographic an ar he sent the email from and also potentially his name and also other details. Open up the email"s header, copy the or the IP deal with within it and then administer this information to a complimentary email or IP tracking service, such together,, IPTrackerOnline and IP Tracker (links in Resources).

Check the Craigslist discussion Forums for information. Sign right into your Craigslist account, go to the regional classifieds web page where he posted the ad and click "Help." If you have the poster’s handle, enter it in the “Handle” field and press the “Lookup” button to watch if he"s consisted of his genuine email resolve or other personal details ~ above his Craigslist profile. If friend don’t have actually the handle, click “Compose a new Thread” and also ask forum individuals for any type of information they might have about him.

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information in this article applies to Craigslist as of December 2013. It may vary contempt or considerably with other versions or products.
Don’t be afraid to asking a poster because that his details. Describe that you like to resolve someone who is much more open about his identity for safety and also security reasons. If a poster responds to her query by phone, inspect the bottom of the post for a “sent from” statement, as part phone suppliers divulge a call number in this area rather of a phone call type. If the poster do the efforts to scam you, click the “Feedback” connect on any Craigslist page and report him. More importantly, if you feel endangered by the poster, or he damages you in any kind of way, instantly contact the police.

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