Do you make a podcast and wonder just how you"re doing versus your competitors? space you spring for new podcasts however don"t desire to waste her time with junky shows? There space a couple of ways to judge the popularity of a show.

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1. To apologize Podcasts (iTunes)

There room 3 pieces of details to get from to apologize Podcasts: reviews, ratings, and also ranking.Reviews space written declaration from world talking around a show. These have the right to be beneficial or not. What"s valuable here is the variety of reviews.

Ratings display you how countless stars people rate the show. Again the variety of ratings is what problem here, a present with every 5 star ratings but only has 3 ratings is not that popular. But one with thousands of ratings and also reviews is pretty popular.

Ranking is wherein a show sits in that category. A podcast deserve to have multiple categories however only ranking in the first category listed. In ~ Apple Podcasts look at to view what group the show is in, and also look in peak podcasts for the category. This indicates just how many brand-new subscribers that present gets a day contrasted to other shows in the category. Shows that don"t location at every are likely not the popular, and also ones in the top ranks are more than likely popular. But it is feasible to video game these charts an gain on them by manipulating the subscribers.

2. Chartable

This is a fancy new website found at https://chartable.com and also it aggregates all the reviews, rankings, and ratings from Apple Podcasts and also puts it right into a nice straightforward to usage chart.It traction charts and also ratings indigenous the complying with location and also is busy adding new locations all the time:

Apple PodcastsStitcherPodcast Addict

This is a an excellent place to see how a display is doing in a single snapshot. Being able to check out iTunes charts historically is likewise really useful to see if it"s trending up or down.

3. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a cost-free app for Android phones. It has actually a function that tells you how many users the Podcast Addict have subscribed come a show

You check out the number in ~ the bottom? That"s variety of Podcast Addict subscribers. Currently Podcast Addict only gets about 2% of every podcast downloads so this number is too small to accurately judge how numerous subscribers a show actually has.

4. Castbox

My favorite way to examine the popularity of a present is through Castbox. This is a mobile application but likewise a web player. It likewise sees about 2% of complete podcast downloads. However Castbox not only shows us number of subscribers however also variety of downloads.

When you find for a show and also look at it, you"ll see something prefer this.Now once you can see both variety of subscribers and number of downloads, you begin to see exactly how renowned a display is for the civilization who subscribe.

Here"s the math:

Downloads / Subscribers = Average variety of episodes subscribers listen to

So if we take Darknet Diaries above we see:

62,406 downloads / 7,312 subscribers = Avg number of episodes every subscriber listens to: 8.5

The median Darknet Diaries subscriber listens to 8.5 episodes. This strongly shows listeners stick roughly for a if or party through many episodes.

Some reflects have more subscribers than downloads, this shows not everyone who subscribes in reality listens to the show. And also shows the have civilization who hear to one episode then leave will have a low number here.

Example:With increase we have 92,712 / 93,559 = 0.99.

This way the average Rise listener, listens come one episode and stops. So even though the display has a lot of subscribers and also downloads, the ratio between them is very low. This probably means the present is one of two people not an extremely good, or they space marketing it to the wrong civilization who listen and also realize it"s not for them. Which makes this one suspicious on just how such a popular display isn"t gaining loyal fans.

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So to recognize if fans really love a display or not, look for shows that have actually at the very least 4x as numerous downloads contrasted to number of subscribers. Opportunities are, the greater number of typical episodes listened method it"s a display that has a pan base of world who really love the show.

A few more instances of mirrors that civilization REALLY love:

Joe Rogan Experience: 872,346 / 17,962,546 = 20This American Life: 2,511,059 / 414,812 = 6.05Reply All: 613,397 / 59,786 = 10.26My favourite Murder: 4,831,417 / 237,443 = 20.34Sword and Scale: 3,125,845 / 144,584 = 21.62Welcome come Night Vale: 1,153,957 / 110,906 = 10.40

So looking in ~ these reflects above, that looks choose Sword and Scale has the most hardcore fans that on average listen come 21 episodes! and if girlfriend notice, also though it has actually less subscribers 보다 This American Life, it has a bigger pat count, indicating civilization binge through an ext episodes of Sword and Scale compared to This American Life. What"s a podcast the you listened to an ext than 20 illustration of? Tweet at me


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