According to shed & found by Pixie, an American safety on mean 2.5 days searching for a lacking item. This consists of looking for a shed itty-bitty diamond ring in your home. Who desires to waste their time (and most likely money) for that? In this article, I’ll be sharing with you part not-so-secret approaches in finding shed diamond rings in your home. And tips come avoid losing them again. Therefore make sure to save on reading!

How to find a shed Diamond Ring in her House

Method 1: making use of Your Hands and also Feet


Regardless of what friend lost, making use of hands and also feet is the an initial method that you use. Girlfriend start reaching out the corners of your sofa, under the cabinet, and also every nook that the room. However, diamond rings space really small, so it is more daunting than detect a missing remote. Also, be careful when making use of your hands and feet. Diamond tends to it is in sharp and can scrape you in the process. To it is in safe, you deserve to wear gloves while looking.

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If you have actually an idea wherein you last saw your diamond ring, begin looking there. Sometimes, we overlook the things we room looking for.

Method 2: You require the aid of Mr. Broom and Ms. Vacuum


Again, an additional simple method you have the right to execute immediately. A couple of of us perform not have the patience come lie top top the floor to examine underneath every furniture. So, us use materials to do the process easier and faster.

Similar to what was discussed above, shot looking for the diamond ring wherein you think it might be. Just prepare because that a dirty and also dusty diamond ring after.

Method 3: this Diamond Rings are Grease Magnets


If you drop her diamond ring end the sink, execute not contact the plumber automatically because it might not have fallen far as friend think. Diamonds room grease magnets, which will make them stick to grease. You might want come look over the sink and check if the is hanging near reach. You can use a stick with a hook tip. However, be careful not to nudge it. After retrieving the diamond, clean it appropriately with heat soapy water.

Method 4: obtain Your Flashlight Ready


If, after ~ sweeping and also vacuuming, girlfriend still fail to uncover your diamond ring, climate it’s time to lug out your flashlight. Revolve off the irradiate in the room, and also beam her flashlight about the room. However, if you shed your diamond ring about your yard, climate wait for nighttime. One thing about diamonds is the they sparkle as soon as they space lit. I imply using the brightest flashlight for this method. Weak irradiate does no really work in vast spaces due to the fact that the light will easily diffuse.

Method 5: try Using Fluorescence


Another tool to use when searching for a shed diamond ring is fluorescence. Friend see, most diamonds will give out a signature-colored luminescence when exposed under ultraviolet light. For instance, as soon as your diamond has actually a solid blue luminescence, it will emit a blue light under black color light. This glow provides it easier to it is in spotted when missing.

Method 6: as the critical Resort, hire a Professional


After trying all the methods mentioned and also there is tho no diamond ring to it is in found, you might want to rental a professional. Depending on how you lost your diamond ring, there are different professionals you deserve to contact.

If her ring falls over the sink and you cannot reach because that it, speak to a plumber. If the is lost around your home and also yard, then speak to for professional metal detectorists. I suggest that as soon as you call them in, you must be present. It is not about lack that trust, however a few people take benefit of this type of opportunity to take things that aren’t theirs.

What should I do to Avoid losing My Diamond Ring?

There are many ways come avoid shedding your diamond ring, and also keeping that in a jewelry box is among your options. of course, maintaining it in a jewelry box is an option for civilization who carry out not typically use their rings. If girlfriend wear your diamond ring regularly or every day, make certain to keep it in package at the finish of the day.

Another means is to have actually a psychological note where you leave your diamond ring. In instance you’re washing key or cooking food, place the diamond ring top top a spot where you can instantly see it. Girlfriend can likewise put it in her purse if you want it to it is in extra safe.

There are additionally instances wherein you shed only the diamond. If you finish up shedding the diamond, follow all the methods already mentioned. To protect against the diamond native falling off the ring, make sure that the prongs strict encase the diamond. You may additionally ask your jeweler to examine whether there can be a gaping between the bezel and also the diamond.

Will my Insurance covering My lost Diamond Ring?

Generally, insurance will not cover lost diamond rings. Standard house insurance covers approximately £2,000 (around united state $2,764.50) worth of jewelry. But, this go not incorporate precious stones choose a diamond. If you desire to secure your diamond ring, you can ask your insurer for secondary accidental damages cover or a separate policy for the diamond. Due to the fact that the insurance money coverage still relies on one insurer come another, try inquiring with at least two companies.

Author’s Note: From a report shared by, approximately one the end of five human being lose your engagement ring (or simply the gemstone) once swimming. So, make certain to leave your jewelry in a safe location every time you go out. Remember, a ring can cost you half a year’s salary. Just saying.

Should ns Report My shed Diamond Ring to the Police?


Definitely! girlfriend should record for the lacking diamond ring. You may think the this is overacting together you only shed the diamond ring in her home. However there is tho a opportunity that girlfriend may have lost the ring outside or someone stole it unknown to you.

To do it clearer, right here are some reasons why girlfriend should paper for a absent report:

Insurance companies usually need a police report prior to they game a claim; her ring may have actually been stolen. Stealing is no only minimal to pickpockets but likewise to relatives and friends that may have actually pocketed her diamond ring. Police police officers cannot act on it until a proper report is filed through the owner; In case someone surrendered the ring come the police, the lacking report may redirect the ring come you.
Author’s Note:According come a examine by, end $1 billion precious of jewelry is reported absent or stolen. This includes missing jewelry inside our homes! Although, no particular statistics room yet available to display how many human being lose your rings in their homes.

Where have the right to I hire a experienced to find for My shed Diamond Ring?

You can contact your regional metal detectorist or plumber. due to the fact that it is uncommon for people to hire specialists to recover lost jewelry, it may take time come find great help. Come start, you can ask some friends and family. Girlfriend can also post ~ above your local Facebook team if they understand a experienced who can help you. Start analysis ads in your regional newspaper too, you’ll it is in surprised to discover someone there.

Frequently request Questions


Can I use a metal detector to uncover my lost diamond ring?

Of course! If you have a metal detector, you have the right to use that to find your missing diamond ring. since your ring tape is mainly composed that metal, it will be easy. However, expect a many false hope together the steel detector might start detecting anything with metal in it.

Is there a difference between finding a shed diamond ring from various other rings?

Generally, there is no difference when finding a absent diamond ring from other rings. all of the jewelry has actually metal materials that make them detectable. The gemstones attached to the ring tape usually carry out not make any type of difference. As soon as using a metal detector, the steel band is the one detected. However, the importance of what gemstone is ~ above the ring pertains to play as soon as using fluorescence. Diamond often tends to omit more powerful luminescence than others.

How lot Does It expense to rental a skilled Ring Finder

When rental a experienced ring finder, it will expense you around $65 or more.

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The factors considered for the cost are the an are of the room, time, and effort the finder will invest. If tasked to check the entirety house, climate you may be payment at least triple the price. However, if the ring is shed on the sink, climate it may price you less.