A nationally recognized reporter, writer, and consumer advocate, Ed Perkins focuses on how travelers can discover the finest deals and avoid scams.

He is the author of "Online Travel" (2000) and also "Business Travel: as soon as It"s her Money" (2004), the first step-by-step overview specifically composed for tiny business and also self-employed professional travelers. That was likewise the co-author of the annual "Best take trip Deals" collection from consumers Union.

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Perkins" advice for organization travelers is featured top top MyBusinessTravel.com, a website specialized to helping little business and self-employed professional travelers discover the ideal value for their take trip dollars.

Perkins was founding editor of consumer Reports travel Letter, one of the country"s most influential travel publications, native which he retirement in 1998. He has also written for service Traveller newspaper (London).

Perkins" travel expertise has actually led to regular television appearances, consisting of ABC"s "Good Morning America" and "This Week with David Brinkley," "The CBS night News with Dan Rather," CNN, and also numerous neighborhood TV and radio stations.

Before editing customer Reports travel Letter, Perkins invested 25 year in take trip research and also consulting through assignments ranging from nationwide tourism development strategies come the architecture of computer-based travel models.

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Perkins stays in Ashland, Oregon v his wife.

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What’s the best website to use as soon as you want to rental a car? The rapid answer is the there’s no one best auto rental booking site, however there room a bunch of an excellent ones worth comparing price on. And also the finest ones because that you will rely on what precisely you’re searching for in a car rental.

As with so countless other travel buys, like the ideal hotel booking sites and also the finest airfare booking sites, to find the very best car rental deals you’ll need to cast a broad net. Still, some locations tend come do far better than others, at least some of the time.

The Best auto Rental Booking web page in the U.S. And also Europe

Here’s a fast roundup that the candidates because that best vehicle rental booking sites, based on detailed auto searches in both the U.S. And Europe. (Find much more details below on the perks and also downfalls of each.)

I tested basic rental auto rates by searching just for economic situation or compact cars, because that a rental duration of one week, and also only for picking up and returning the vehicle at the main airports for a variety of city destinations in both the U.S. And also Europe. All quoted rates (except for opaque rates that hide car specifics till after you purchase their lower-priced deal) are fully cancellable, back some require an breakthrough payment v the alternative of a refund given upon cancellation. Some merchants offer reduced non-refundable rates. All rates incorporate air-conditioning and also all U.S. Rates encompass automatic transmission; European rates are for manual due to the fact that automatic comes at a premium there.

For the most part, the search-and-buy succession is roughly the very same for all vehicle rental booking sites. No one increased out of the mix as particularly easy or reduce as specifically difficult. Therefore, my comparisons space based practically entirely on my capacity to locate the ideal deals.



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Auto Europe


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The automobile Rental Booking site Gotchas come Avoid

No issue where you rent, you have to check out the terms and conditions of any kind of rental prior to you make your final purchase. Amongst them:

Great-looking deals that room nonrefundable or entail a stiff cancellation penalty.Cancellable deals that require upfront payment fairly than payment in ~ the end of a rental.Best transaction that use to tiny “economy” or “mini” dare that are not useful for anything other than to run errands approximately town.Occasional deals with a purpose of use cap instead of the countless mileage you normally expect.Supposedly all-up prices the exclude some regional taxes and also fees.

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Consumer advocate Ed Perkins has actually been writing around travel for an ext than three decades. The establishing editor that the customer Reports take trip Letter, he proceeds to inform travelers and fight consumer abuse every day at glossesweb.com.

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2019. It has been updated to reflect the most present information. Sarah Schlichter contributed to this story.

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