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"He had cheated top top me lot of times and also I wasn"t rather ready to leave him because of the kids, so ns tried to exact some kind of revenge by resting with who too. In retrospect, i wish the I had actually kept the high ground. Ns left him two months later." -Redditor Orange_Paisley

"I wanted an emotional attachment"

"I have actually cheated, yes, yet on my husband prior to we were married. It wasn"t physical, but more of an emotionally attachment that my husband (then boyfriend) thought was cheating. Which, after settling down my pride, ns agree with. It to be unnecessary, and also it"s something i still have to attend to today. There was a many trauma in in between the time that i did it, and while it"s no excuse, it"s the sole reason I desired an emotional attachment."My husband had actually left, out of the blue, for virtually a year, and also when that came back I was unsure of whether or not I want to be with someone who can so quickly leave after developing such a solid relationship v me. Throughout that year, I occurred a partnership with an additional man, i m sorry I cut off when my husband and also I started dating again. However, there to be still problems between him and I, so ns reverted ago to the various other man." - Redditorpleindesprit

"I kinda sorta cheated on a boyfriend means back when. In mine defense, i was only 19, so no a grownup, and said boyfriend come out of the closet not lengthy after, so the was no really a satisfying and also healthy relationship." - Redditoremmster

"(He) got back together with me once he had his fun"

"I would cheat top top my present boyfriend because he dumped me to date someone else, then got ago together with me once he had actually his fun. I"m simply biding my time until the right chance presents itself." -AnonymousRedditor

"He driven me end the sheet one night"

"I go cheat ~ above one person in mine life... The wasn"t a good guy and also he was always accusing me of resting with other guys when ns wasn"t. He thrust me end the leaf one night when he told me i was going come f--- the male taking my images for a photoshoot, and in mine rage, ns just chose "screw the all." It to be immature together hell, however in my defense, ns dumped him the next day fairly than lying to him and also continuing the relationship. I don"t plan on cheating again." -AnonymousRedditor


"I wasn"t happy in my relationship, and also I to be afraid of gift alone. I didn"t choose confrontation, and also I was scared the end of my mind of making the dorn decision, whether the decision was staying or leaving. Ns cried around it a lot. I knew ns was hurting him and also myself, but couldn"t bring myself to just end it … ns did break up through him after a while. Cheating is unforgivable, and by being the cheater, ns didn"t deserve to be v him." RedditorHarleySpencer

"(I was) v someone for number of years. There to be something lacking and ns by opportunity met someone and after a year of knowing them, ns knew ns couldn"t hold earlier what i felt. Ns cheated emotionally for months, then once physically and also then I ended the relationship to be with the other person." -AnonymousRedditor

"The connection wasn"t right"

"Over 6 years together, and the relationship wasn"t right, but all the memories, experiences and also TIME together made it tough to admit.I emotionally cheated, got caught, went through hell, and also then somehow was forgiven and we tried to occupational it out. We broke up a couple of months later, which to be awfully tough. Quiet is." - Redditorthrowawaycheat

"I cheated on mine abuser"

"(My husband) would certainly throw things. Hit things. Rest things. He would curse in ~ me. Yell in ~ me. He would certainly raise his hands to me. And I couldn"t protect against him. I wasn"t in love through the guy I cheated with. But he cure me just how I wanted to it is in treated. If I want to take it slow, he moved slow … My desires mattered. Ns would execute anything he want me to. Even things i wasn"t into. I"d execute anything because I knew he would respect my wishes if I decided I want to stop.

"Our relationship was purely sexual. We didn"t even cuddle ... But he respected me much more than mine husband did. For this reason yes, ns cheated on mine husband. But I never cheated ~ above the guy that i married. I cheated on my abuser. I cheated on my tormenter." - Redditor finallyxfree

"YesterdayI cheated on mine husband. That wasn"t planned, it wasn"t believed out, it just happened. He"s been overseas with his military contracting firm for nine months now. I"ve missed him horribly. I"m in a city basically ~ above my own without any type of family or any kind of close friend I have the right to really connect with. It"s been alienating and isolating and has been torture in ~ times."A few days ago, i met a guy about my period in a coffee shop. He noticed a sticker on my laptop the was that a band i was sure no one had ever heard of. Turned out he had, and also after a whirlwind the a few hours, I discovered myself in ~ his house that evening wherein I go it. I assumed at very first this guy would simply be a girlfriend I can share music recommendations from, yet in an instant of a minute my isolation turned come selfish physics need." - Redditormtwife88


"I simply went in addition to it." Unsplash / Michael Discenza

"I was on a girls" night the end on Friday, it had been a while due to the fact that all the gals gained together, so us really permit loose. I bumped into a previous work colleague who was out v her fella and also some of your friends. Us chatted and after a while, they invited me ago to your hotel room. I knew what was going come happen however I went along with it anyway.

"We finished up ago at your hotel room whereby she seduced me. I finished up having actually sex through both that them. It was mind-blowing at the time however I feel ashamed and disgusted through myself afterward. Ns don"t know why ns did it, I simply went together with it. Ns love my husband. I cannot think what I"ve done." - Redditor Billie_Jean_is_not

"I met a male who delighted in talking come me and also hanging out with me"

"We were in a long-distance relationship. Date in high school and I saw college. He always complained around coming to view me every various other month as soon as I would come ago to view him every weekend. He also didn"t like texting or calling as lot as I wanted him to."ThenI met a male who took pleasure in talking to me and also hanging out with me. I didn"t make many friends so i took what I could get, even if he had a girlfriend when he was constantly hitting ~ above me. Ns was lonely and also weak. That was an extremely manipulative. Me and my for this reason eventually damaged up but I didn"t tell him around the affair until after us got back together and also dated for two more years. He was hurt, yet understood i regretted it and also felt disgusted through myself." - Redditorthatsmychairb----

"I assumed he had cheated top top me"

"I think there room a couple of reasons (I cheated). One, I thought he had cheated on me, and based on other he claimed to me implied he"d to be intimate with someone rather .. .secondly he was abusive and the other male made me feeling desired and also wanted and also since he to be making me feel favor crap I fell for the various other guy. All claimed I still regret it together I"ve constantly vowed i wouldn"t cheat." - RedditorShadows23

"I to be scared that commitment, he wanted united state to it is in "exclusive" and I wasn"t prepared so I obtained super drunk and yeah slept with one more guy and also told that the next day." - RedditorCarolineManihot

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"Cheating on that (a festival "romance" of 2 days) make me realize the the connection with mine SO was finish s---. He constantly played the victim, make me feel bad even around the the smallest disagreements, hinted at killing self if I ever before left him, etc. … i don"t think the what i did was/is the ideal thing to do at all, but sometimes things favor these do you realize that "Oh. This is what it"s claimed to it is in like."" - Redditor-feelingblue-

"Because us both knew the relationship was over yet didn"t want to admit it. I didn"t have actually the guts to dump him and he refuse to leaving me. Ns took the easy/cowardly means out and also I cheated." - Redditornotnowfetz