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Eligibility Questions

Am ns eligible for unemployment?

Anyone may file a claim, however keep in mind the the simple eligibility demands are that you have actually been separated from her job through no fault of your own and that you are able and available to go back to work or accept suitable employment if offered. If friend fail to return to work-related or accept suitable work as soon as offered, you space no much longer eligible for unemployment benefits. Any type of benefit you collect after refusing work will result in one overpayment and also must be payment back. Refer to the "How come File" article on the helpdesk in ~ Visit

My hours have actually been cut, however I have actually not been laid off; am ns eligible because that unemployment?

It depends. Diminished hours might qualify someone for unemployment. Us recommend the you go ahead and paper the claim.

If you room still making more money than your “Weekly advantage Amount” (as detailed on your financial determination letter), then merely do not certify as you space still taken into consideration employed.If you are making less than your Weekly benefit Amount, you might be standard to get partial UI benefits. Every claimant will have a unique weekly benefit amount, based on their prior earnings. For reference, the maximum weekly benefit amount in Tennessee is $275. Apply for benefits and also certify every week on, report the earnings and the system will adjust your benefit.

I work-related part-time. Am ns eligible because that UI?

It depends. If girlfriend earn less than her weekly benefit amount, you might be standard to receive partial UI benefits. Each claimant will have actually a distinctive weekly advantage amount, based on their former earnings. For reference, the best weekly advantage amount in Tennessee is $275.

My employer has actually temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Am i eligible for joblessness Insurance?

You may paper a claim. Our team will testimonial your claim and also determine what, if any, regimen is available to carry out you will certainly benefits.

I can not work since my child’s college or daycare facility has actually closed due to COVID-19, and also I must stay residence to take care of my child. Am i eligible for joblessness Insurance?

You may be standard for services under the PUA program. Under provisions that the PUA program, you might receive benefits if you space the main caregiver for a boy whose school or treatment facility closed because of COVID-19.

If you room unable to go back to work because of your child being out of school due to COVID-19, you might be allowed to stay out of job-related for a limited time, and also still collection UI benefits. Based upon guidance provided by the united state Department that Labor, this exemption will only apply until the date the college year was scheduled to end prior come the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have actually other reliable child care options, you might not be eligible for this exception. These cases will be investigated and decisions will certainly be authorize on a case-by-case basis.

My employer told me that i am being furloughed; am i eligible because that unemployment?

It depends on exactly how the furlough will impact your pay:

If the furlough is a totally paid furlough, the price is no. If your pay was cut or eliminated, the answer is yes.

Are apprentices who room laid turn off eligible because that unemployment?

If castle are full-time employees and also are laid off, they rate the exact same benefits as any type of other employee.

If my doctor does not desire me come work since of the virus, can I file for unemployment?

Yes. Under provisions that the American Rescue plan Act and also Governor Lee’s executive, management order #15, being quarantined through a clinical professional is a compensable separation, detailed that you also meet all other eligibility requirements.

If i am no able to go to work since a medical expert told me I should quarantine, am i eligible for unemployment Insurance benefits?

You may be eligible for benefits. Branch Lee’s executive, management Order 15 opened eligibility to individuals who were forced to leave work based on the guidance from a clinical professional. Additionally, the provisions the the American Rescue setup Act provide increased eligibility to people who left work due to a clinical quarantine.

I am an older worker and/or I have actually an immuno-compromised wellness condition. Ns work near a many people and also am personally uncomfortable going come work as result of concerns around my health. Am ns eligible for unemployment Insurance?

Under the provisions that the American Rescue setup Act, you may be eligible because that compensation under the PUA program.

Who is eligible because that PUA?

Individuals are eligible for PUA if they carry out not qualified for continual UI services (including self-employed workers and also independent contractors) and cannot work since they:

Are diagnosed v COVID-19 or have COVID-19 symptoms and also are seek diagnosis;Have a member the the family members who is diagnosed with COVID-19;Are providing care for a household or household member diagnosed through COVID-19;Are the primary caregiver for a boy whose school or care facility closed, due to COVID-19;Are unable to with their ar of employment because of an imposed quarantine, or since advised by a medical provider come self-quarantine, because of COVID-19;Were booked to start new employment and cannot with the workplace as a straight result the COVID-19;Became the significant breadwinner since the head the household passed away from COVID-19;Quit their job as a direct result of COVID-19;Had your place of employed closed as a direct result of COVID-19; orMeet any additional criteria mentioned by U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Individuals room not eligible because that PUA if they can telework or are receiving paid sick leave or other paid leaving benefits (regardless of conference a category provided above).

To use for PUA, claimants will require to record an unemployment insurance claim on or call (844) 224-5818. Filing online is the fastest, many efficient method to obtain your benefits. As result of high contact volume, you will certainly experience extended wait times when using by phone.


General Questions

What is joblessness Insurance?

Unemployment insurance allowance (also recognized as UI) offers temporary cash services to employees who have actually lost their work through no error of their own. The overarching score of the routine is a successful re-employment of every claimants. If you have worked in Tennessee in ~ the last 18 months and lost her job, through no fault of her own, you might be eligible for TUC.

What is the maximum advantage I can receive through Unemployment Insurance?

A claimant’s benefit rate is based on the recent wages he/she earned indigenous his/her employer(s) end the last 18 months. The preferably weekly advantage amount in Tennessee is currently $275. (Claimants could also be eligible for the additional $300 under the FPUC program until July 3, 2021.)

How perform I use for unemployment Insurance?

You can paper a case by visiting or calling (844) 224-5818. As result of larger 보다 normal call volume, we space strongly encouraging individuals wishing to record a claim to first visit the website, if possible.

When have to I file my claim?

You may record your insurance claim at any type of time after gift laid turn off without pay or separated from her employer.

My employer claimed he/she filed on my instead of (employer fixed filed (partial) claim) and also submitted come the state. Carry out I still need to document an individual claim?

No, if your employer filed an employee mass filed claim likewise known together a partial claim, the state has actually all your information. Log into come monitor her claim and also do your weekly certifications by answering a couple of questions. If you space not sure please ask your employer to prevent confusion and delays.

Is there a website that helps me understand the unemployment claims process?

Yes, visit or search online for “Tennessee Unemployment”.

I"m not an excellent with computers; deserve to you aid me document my claim?

We cannot aid you in ~ this call center. We encourage girlfriend to find a household member or girlfriend to aid you document your case online. If that"s no an option, advise them to call the Customer business Center at (844) 224-5818. Call wait times room high, so it might take much longer for someone to get ago with girlfriend to file the claim with you.

I live in Tennessee yet worked in an additional state. Where have to I file?

You need to ask your separating employee what state your wages were report and file with the state. 

What other resources can be obtainable to me?

Check out 211 through dialing 2-1-1 or go virtual at for a range of community resources for things choose emotional, housing, or food resources.

The Tennessee department of psychological Health and also Substance Abuse also recommends the national suicide avoidance lifeline, 1-800-273-8255. Help is available. In 2018, the Lifeline answered over 2.2 million calls from human being in suicidal situation or emotionally distress across the unified States. Or speak to a Tennessee-specific group via the Tennessee Suicide prevention Network.


UI application Process

What info is required to document my claim?

Social protection Number, a username and password (created during the insurance claim process), basic personal information, employment history dates and also wage amounts, financial institution routing number (if choosing direct deposit to get benefits). Military, farm work, workers’ compensation, son support, and also public assistant programs (like TANF and SNAP/Food Stamps) questions.

I do the efforts filing and also it claims I already have one account / mine Social security number is already in use.

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Check because that typos in her Social defense number that you used when filing the claim.

Reset your password by clicking "Forgot Username/Password" on the residence page ~ above If this doesn"t work, leaving a post with the CST Team at 844-224-5818 or email them at