If you had actually asked me a few years back what my favourite season was, I’d constantly say winter. I’d do something up about how i love Christmas and sweaters, but I mostly simply liked that I could hide my human body in large layers and also no one would know what I actually looked like. I was terrified of summer, and I’d miss out on every swimming pool party, every outdoor picnic, and also every coast day since I to be afraid of world seeing me in a swimsuit. Not just did I miss out on out ~ above fun occasions with friends and also family, but I only made myself dislike my body much more and more. After a while, hating the way you watch can get tiresome, and also it simply takes away any kind of of the energy you need to do noþeles else.

Fast front a few years, and I think i can finally say that ns LOVE summer, and also as scary as it deserve to be sometimes, i love put on cute shorts and tanks once the weather gets warm. Swimsuits, however, are still daunting for me. Yeah, you have the right to wear a cover-up, yet it isn’t all that simple to hide in a swimsuit. As someone who grown to love swimming and reading ~ above the beach, I’ve had actually to find ways to feel confident enough to wear something that won’t make me sweat buckets. Here’s just how I’ve end up being comfortable enough in my human body to rock all those lover swimsuits ns was stockpiling because that years.

Find the best swimsuit for her body type

Picking the ideal swimsuit can make every the difference. Carry out you feel an ext comfortable in a one piece or a high-waist bottom through a bandeau top? execute you like cut-outs or desire something super complete coverage? make the efforts on various swimsuits to discover what looks best on you can work marvels for make you feeling confident and also excited top top the beach.

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“Practice” approximately your house

This sounds a small weird, yet it has helped me a TON. Placed on your swimsuit and just hang about your house. Execute some laundry, watch some Netflix, chef dinner— whatever you execute in your home. This it s okay you comfortable in the swimsuit. Perhaps the bottoms room too chop or also big, and also it’s simply awkward come walk roughly in, or you discover out this swimsuit renders your target look amazing. This help you decision if you prefer the way it fits before you hit the pool, and also it pressures you to invest some time v your human body in a way you might not normally. (i.e. In leggings and also a huge t-shirt on the couch — no shame!)

Surround yourself through friends and family

People who support and also love you for you once you’re concerned or self-conscious are constantly my go-to. Head to the beach through some friends who make you feel confident and will emphasis on the funny you’re having actually rather than the way you look. Don’t invest your time with world who will compare your bodies (and yours!) to rather or who complain or body-shame. That hard enough to attend to my own inner critics, the last point I require is someone else bringing my body down.



Forget “bikini ready”

I don’t treatment what anyone says, every body is a “bikini body.” Realizing the you don’t have to do a juice detox or some one-of-a-kind workout to feeling confident on the coast really renders it every worth it. Swimming, laying by the pool through a great book, recording up with a good friend if laying top top a coast towel, walking follow me the water — there are so countless fun tasks you have the right to do in a swimsuit that room so much an ext worthwhile than looking a details way. Getting energetic and eat healthyis always an excellent for you, however know the your body is prepared for a swimsuit any kind of time.

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Invest in a great cover-up and fun accessories

Walking from the vehicle to the beach can be the many uncomfortable, scary to walk ever. (Okay, i’m being a little dramatic.) having actually the appropriate cover-up that renders you feel less vulnerable on that walk provides the entire beach work better. Want something the is going to totally cover you up? A long, maxi dress is the move. A thin wrap dress or peak shows off your bikini when making you feel a little much more modest. A pave skirt shows off the adorable bikini height or one-piece — or if girlfriend can’t take a vacation, it’ll make you feel favor you’re in Mexico sipping margaritas all day long rather of in ~ the community pool. Taking the moment to make your suit watch extra fabulous have the right to go a lengthy way. Even if it is it’s a quite pair that sunnies, a floppy straw hat, the perfect coast bag or an adorable pair of pool slides, going the extra mile through your accessories offers you that extra rise of confidence.