I to be a native of Charleston, south Carolina who is well-versed v the variety of southerly accents the end there.

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The southerly Accent

Living in southern Carolina my entire life, i have always been surrounded by the southerly accent and the slow-moving Southern drawl. The accent alters from southern state to southerly state, and even city come city. I have actually a Charleston accent, i m sorry is in reality quite different from the traditional Southern accent. Many human being ask wherein I am from, because it does not quite match the general South Carolina accent.

As distinctive as the brothers accent, the southerly accent method different things to various people. Some take on the slow and friendly drawl, while others make fun of it. If you space not that acquainted with the southern accent and find yourself visiting or moving to a southern state, you might need this overview to translate and understand what is being said. No, it is no a separate language, yet there is a noticeable accent, and also we have various terms and sayings as well.

Where does the southerly Accent Come From?

The breakthrough of the southerly accent developed over numerous years and also had numerous contributing determinants to that is spread, most notably immigration and slavery. The key origin the the accent originates from British immigrants. The older southerly American accent, which came to be less prominent adhering to the polite War, had actually stronger similarities to the brothers accents of northern England. End the years, the Cockney accent became less prominent and also the influence of creolian language from servants became more prominent.

The southern Drawl

The first noticeable thing around the method a Southerner speak is the speed. Southerners are typically much more laid ago and that is reflect in the decided which has drawn-out vowel sounds. You will certainly also notice words that run together choose gonna (going to) and lem-me (let me). No, we space not "slow" or "backwards," however we typically take our time and also enjoy life. Some discover the southerly drawl irresistible. Think that Matthew McConaughey in the movie A Time come Kill.

Growing up, we had actually friends that moved to England because that a year. When the girls first arrived at school, their brand-new classmates would certainly beg them to talk and then simply squeal in joy over their southern drawl and also accent. Then there space others that assume a human being with a southern drawl is lazy and even ignorant—that is till they actually satisfy a genuine Southerner!

What Is a southern Twang?

A twang is rather distinctive indigenous a drawl. The drawl, which is an ext common in the Deep South, tends to drop the "R" sound and also sounds softer to the ear together syllables are attracted out. The twang, which is more common together you head additional north and also west, is an ext faster and sharper come the ear. The twang deserve to sound virtually nasally and the "R" sound is an ext pronounced.

The us South



Southern Pronunciations

Southerners don't speak I or eye the means you do. It is much more of one aah through a brief "a" sound. We additionally say mah for words my, additionally with the brief "a." So, for example, you might hear "Aah have actually an aah-lash in mah aah" (I have an eyelash in mine eye).

The native get does not rhyme with yet below in the South. We say it favor git. there is a usual rhyme teachers usage at school once students complain about not gaining their first choice. In the North, you could say: "You get what you get, for this reason don't it is in upset." but that does no rhyme for us. Us say "You git what you git, therefore don't throw a fit." nice interesting, huh?

Southerners with a heavy nation accent don't speak tire choose you do. The is more of a taar—that gift one syllable rather of two. For this reason you might hear "Lordy be, Aah've gained a flat taar." (Oh no, I have a level tire.) Or it might be, "Lem-me placed mah feet up - Aah'm taard." (Let me put my feet increase - I'm tired.) Fire follows the very same rule and also is express faar.

The word can't in many tiny towns right here actually rhymes v paint. Hmmm...maybe the is wherein ain't came from. Likewise, again is pronounced the way it looks, and rhymes v rain. The preposition on is pronounced own. So, you might hear something like "Aah caint put very own mah bray-own shoes ah-gain" (I can't placed on my brown pair of shoes again.)

What Is a Rhotic Accent?

Rhoticity in English refers to sounding the end the "R" at the end of words and also syllables. Some accents, favor British English and Boston accents, room non-rhotic accents. Compare sounding out the "R" in the word "car" in a basic American interval (cahrrr) together opposed to saying it in a non-rhotic accent (cah).

The mid-18th century saw affluent British human being start dropping the "R" from their speech. This one excellent to brand themselves as part of top society. This non-rhotic accent brought over come America; it can still it is in heard in Boston and brand-new York accents.

The southerly accent initially lacked the "R" sound; this to be a trait lugged over native England. Rhoticity has gotten in into the accent end the years as the southern accent has actually receded.

Translating southerly Pronunciations

Southern PronunciationTranslationUsed in a sentence



Say grace be-fo-ah girlfriend ate.



Have we met be-fo-wah?



Aah caint fit right into this wed-din dray-ess, Mama!



You watch lac a wet dawg.



Mama and Diddy sayd so!



Diddy's drive'n the faar-truck.


fellow, guy

He's such a swate fellah.


four or for

One, two, thray, fo-wah



Git her boots off the table!


going to

Aah'm gonna git you, Bubba!



Aah lak your pick-up truck.



Aah'm gonna mare you one day, swate pay.



Come own, girl!



Ate your grayn pays, swatie.



He watch lac a ray-ed neck.



Cuz ns sayd so.



You finest go earlier to scole.



Aw, that baby possum's for this reason swate.



Mah truck has a flat taar.


you all

Y'all come earlier now!



Give meh that yellah mustard because that mah dawg.

Southern Terms and Sayings

The most renowned Southern expression is y'all, which is one abbreviation for you all. The greeting Hey means Hello. A true Southerner would certainly never ever say "Hello, girlfriend all" or "Hi, you guys." But, an extremely often, you will certainly hear "Hey, y'all." These are some other typical Southern terms and sayings:

just pickin: teasing - Aw, come very own now, Aah'm simply pickin wid ya.pitch a fit: complain - Don't pitch a fit about that dray-ess.now: we throw the word in all over - Hey, now; operation along now; now don't friend git sassy v meh.cut the irradiate off: revolve out the light - Cut the light off, Sugah.fixin: getting ready to carry out something - Aah'm fixin to adjust that taar.reckon: to number or think - Aah reckon us kin make it in time.

Different species of southern Accents

The American south is a big area that features many different dialects of the southerly accent. Here are a few different species of southerly accents the end there.

Coastal/Lowland southerly English: This deserve to be assumed of as the standard Southern accent. That is the sort that you often hear in miscellaneous media choose films and TV. It attributes non-rhotic speech, gliding vowels, and elongated pronunciation of vowels.Inland/Mountain southerly English: This is the dialect often heard from people living in areas like Appalachia, Texas, and Tennessee. A common trait is words finishing in im, en, or em sounding much more like in (Ben would certainly sound an ext like Bin). Long "O" sound are also usually fronted more (goose have the right to sound more like gus).New orleans English: This language is exclusive to the city of new Orleans. The accent arisen from the mixture the French and the creolian language the was predominant in Louisiana. Properties of the accent include the lowering and also rounding the "A" and "O" sounds and also the ns of rhoticity in words finishing in T.

Charleston, southern Carolina



Gullah Children's Story together told through Louise müller Cohen

The Charleston southern Accent

Natives from Charleston, southern Carolina have a distinctive Southern accent, and also not so much the slow drawl of our neighbors. Our interval was affected by the neighborhood African-American Gullah dialect, and also different europe influences. Us seem to stop final and also middle "r" sounds, for this reason the surname of our city is express Chaahs-tun. Various other words you might hear are:

riv-ah - riverow-wah - ourpow-ah - powerfew-cha - futurehee-yah - hereovah - over

The joint of house is strange. The is not rather hass, but more like hahss. So, you may hear "Now y'all come on ovah hee-yah come owwah rivah hahss for drinks" (Now you men come ~ above over here to our river house for drinks.) also this certain accent has variation. There space some Charlestonians that clip your words a bit, so house is much more like huss.

Charlestonians do not use southern expressions favor just pickin, despite we execute use the well known y'all. Us don't speak taar or faar, either, because that tire and fire. It would certainly be fair to say that the Charleston interval is much less "country" sounding. Over there is an extremely little, if any, twang, yet definitely a different pronunciation of part words.

Sadly, the charming Charleston accent appears to be dice out. My grandmother spoke v a heavy accent, and also my mother has some traces. My accent has only hints, and my youngsters even less.

Finding the southern Accent

If you take trip the South, friend will an alert some locations with a very solid twang, while others are much less noticeable. In larger cities favor Charleston and Atlanta, you might not repeatedly hear the accent, because so many human being from other places live there now. The stronger southern accents are an ext widespread in the smaller towns and also communities.


chester on respectable 13, 2020:

i yes, really appreciate around the southerly accent

Dixie top top July 24, 2020:

Is over there a vid I can watch the is not on YouTube on how to carry out it

ConJe01 ~ above June 20, 2020:

Some that the information is spot-on. However, most of it sound like exactly how someone who resided in a holler numerous years back would speak, or together we are portrayed in a scene from The Beverly Hillbillies. Many everyone I've ever before known has actually never made two syllables the end of one rate words. I am guilty of combining 2 words right into one and also making ch sound in words v ture. I've never heard anyone change the oo sound v uh. My sister (SC) has always used the arr sounds, in addition to enunciating the lengthy I, but diminishing the end of the word.

I acquire a kick the end of hearing human being mispronoucing words. I've had several friends, in your failed effort to sound a little more intelligent 보다 the human being they're gossiping about, say things such as, "They don't recognize no better. Castle ignant (ignorant)." Think about it. You'll obtain it, bless your heart.

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What is hyphen". I am reading the autobiography of mrs Pittman I deserve to not know what words is

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Ddave is absolutely incorrect. Texas is no a southern state. It’s Texas, it’s its own thing.

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Day-um child, don chou know far better than ta gitch yo ass recorded by the po-lece?

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TEXAS IS certain A southerly STATE!


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I found this write-up fascinating. It made me think of gibbs who need to study accents come play parts like you stated Matthew McConaughey. Her chart to be so cool, too. I really appreciated this article.

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Reyna on April 11, 2020:

Most interestingly, is the I assumed I had 0 traces of southern accent, yet I do say a number of these phrases and also pronounciations. Ns guess I execute have more of a southern accent (or at the very least influence) 보다 I believed that ns did.

Liky on April 02, 2020:

I get teased every the time and also people use to have actually me say words because i was different i relocated from virgina come Michigan

R Fulcher on march 27, 2020:

I was born in Tampa Florida in the early on 50’s and moved come Maine in the 60’s versus my wishes and have been teased all my life since of my southerly drawl. I’ve been fortunate to take trip as a van driver and also occasionally control to get listed below the Mason Dixon line approximately real under to planet people. Back there space some good Yankees one gift my wife many are normally rude jerks who should learn how to be polite and also relax a little

W. Griffin on march 02, 2020:

Love how some that these world wanna insurance claim Texas ain't component of the the South. Yet, right here we are, indigenous Houston come Odessa, indigenous Lubbock to Hemphill, indigenous Galveston to El Paso, and also everywhere in between, we still host our southern accent uneven a the majority of y'all