SAN MATEO, Calif. - A 22-year-old tried to extractmethamphetamine native his own urine after smoking the drug in aSouth mountain Francisco hotel room, prosecutors said.

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Instead, Daniel Zeiszler spilled some solvent ~ above himself, took asmoke break and ignited his appropriate hand, eight - and also the hotelroom.

Zeiszler to be sentenced Friday to 5 months in prison and threeyears the probation in mountain Mateo County exceptional Court afterpleading no challenge in November come a fee of manufacturingmethamphetamine.

"The methodology this male used would work, but it would certainly takebottles and also bottles of to pee - not one void the a bladder," DeputyDistrict attorney Steve Wagstaffe said after the sentencing.

Zeiszler"s attorney, william Johnston, acknowledged that theexperiment to be "really, yes, really silly," but said his client was "abright, articulate young man" that was doing that "as an intellectualproposition."

"Anybody that would - for fun - read a chemistry text have to bein school rather of sit in san Mateo county Jail," Johnstonsaid.

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Sheriff"s officials said Halyna Hutchins, manager of photography because that the movie "Rust," and director Joel Souza to be shot. The Santa Fe brand-new Mexican report Baldwin was viewed Thursday outside the sheriff"s office in tears, yet attempts to acquire comment from him to be unsuccessful.