I have a friend that refuses to use any kind of mouthwash containing alcohol (i.e. Listerine) because she claims it has alcohol; however, she happily drink wine, beer, and also many other alcoholic drinks. I also stated that you don't drink mouthwash, you gargle through it. After part research, I found that ethyl alcohol is normally what's consumed. If that's true, climate does mouthwash and also alcoholic drink basically have actually the same alcohol, just different concentrations?


The alcohol in mouthwash is indeed food great ethanol, there are some alcoholic human being who carry out consume that to acquire drunk as sometimes it's cheaper and much more accessible than continuous alcohol. It's no a great idea to drink that though because the high concentration the fluoride and also other tooth strengthening/cleaning and also breath freshening compounds deserve to make friend sick if ingested in big quantities.

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All potable alcohol is simply flavored diluted ethanol, even if it is it's derived from fermented juices, molasses, corn etc... Any type of sugar resource can be converted into ethanol. Just ethanol have the right to be consumed, any kind of other type of alcohol choose isopropanol or methanol are extremely poisonous come humans.

People were doing the exact same thing v ethanol based hand sanitizer gel freshly also.

It's not a an excellent idea to drink it though because the high concentration that fluoride and also other this strengthening/cleaning

When you're an alcoholic searching for their following drink, the doesn't matter. All your body/brain/mind know is "Need alcohol". That's why you'll uncover desperate alcoholics drink things favor mouthwash or vanilla extract.

There's ethanol-based hand sanitizer? I believed it to be all isopropil alcohol.

Though i really shouldn't be surprised, we usage ethanol as a cleaning agent in my biology labs.

The alcohol cost-free mouthwash is likewise for recovering alcoholics therefore they don't have a ready source of alcohol in the house.

Can girlfriend clarify her reasoning?

If she doesn't usage it simply due to the fact that it consists of alcohol and she likewise drinks alcohol, climate it doesn't make any kind of sense.

On the other hand if she doesn't usage it because alcohol in mouthwash renders the difficulties worse, then she might have a point. Alcohol in mouthwash death both an excellent and poor bacteria, and also may reason mouth dryness, making the a an ext likely location for negative bacteria to live.

I know, that's why that drove me nuts. To somehow imply that it's unhealthy come gargle with mouthwash once she drinks alcohol anyways? but her thinking is that ns think she thinks isopropyl alcohol is supplied in mouthwash.

She doesn't use hand sanitizer due to the fact that it contains alcohol so i think she associates mouthwash with hand sanitizers due to the fact that they both save alcohol. Yet I think part hand sanitizers contain isopropil alcohol when others use ethyl alcohol.

I wasn't sure if probably mouthwash consisted of alcohol different from what's in beer and also wine and based on these responses, it's all ethanol anyways. Therefore I just want to use the discussion that if she drinks liquor, why would she shame someone for using mouthwash if it ever comes up again.

It's the very same alcohol -- ethanol. It's in relatively similar concentrations. The old-school yellow-bottle formulation that Listerine is approximately 54 proof. So, not quite as strong as hard liquor yet stronger than wine.

You shouldn't drink recreationally though. The energetic ingredients -- the germ killing agents -- mean that that is thought about a 'denatured alcohol'. You might probably gain drunk off it, yet you'll also get ailing in various other ways.

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Many human being avoid alcohol in mouthwashes for other reasons. Many consider it difficult on the insides of her mouth and also worry that permanent use that these types of mouthwashes deserve to increase your danger of dental cancer. Ns don't recognize valid these problems are, yet they are usual enough issues that numerous 'alcohol-free' options are available for mouthwash.