Apps ~ above macOS space usually well-behaved, however there space times once they have the right to stop working or freeze and also slow down your entire Mac. If the happens to you (and it can happen regularly if you’re playing with the recent Monterey betas), the time come quit the app.

The very first thing come do, the course, is shot to battered the application normally:

Right-click ~ above the app’s icon in the menu bar and also select “Quit,” or...Press the Command-Q keys.

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However, if the app is frozen or just won’t go away, climate you require to force a quit. Again, there space a pair of means to do this:

Click on the Apple symbol in the top-left corner and also look because that a an option that claims “Force Quit” or...Press Command-Option-Esc.

You may have the ability to find “Force Quit” in the apple drop-down menu. one of two people way, this will bring up the “Force quit Applications” box, i m sorry will have a perform of currently active apps. Highlight the difficult app, and click top top the “Force Quit” button. A pop-up will certainly ask if you sure; click “Force Quit” to ultimately quit the app.

Use the “Force fairly Applications” food selection to shut under an erring app. If for any type of reason girlfriend can’t access the “Force Quit” menu, there is another method to quit the app using the activity Monitor, which lists every one of the active processes on your Mac. To obtain to the task Monitor:

Use Spotlight find to find “Activity Monitor,” or...In her Finder, click Applications in the left-hand menu. In the resulting perform of apps, double-click top top Utilities to open up the folder, and then double-click on activity Monitor.

You’ll find activity Monitor in the Applications’ utility folder. You’ll see a list of energetic processes, which should incorporate your misbehaving app. It’s going to be a long list, so girlfriend can click the “Process Name” heading to alphabetize the perform for an simpler find. If you doubt that the app is stressing your CPU, friend might try clicking on the “% CPU” heading, which may put the application at the peak of the list.
Once you’ve found the app, click the “x” icon at the optimal of the list. highlight the app you want to quit, and also click top top the “x” icon at the top of the window.Click on “Force Quit.”
Now you can either quit or force quit the app. and also if you’re still having actually difficulties, friend can constantly shut down your system. You may shed some that what you’re at this time working on, but it will certainly close the application that’s driving girlfriend nuts.

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Hold down your power button (or the Touch ID button if your Mac has a Touch Bar) until you see the Apple logo on your display.Let go, and enable the mechanism to restart.