These days, whenever yes sir a breaking news story, you can bet someone’s tweeting about it.

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With roughly 9,800 tweets tweeted per second, the no surprise some users space overwhelmed through the slim volume of content sent their way on a everyday basis. Because that those who desire some peace and also a little much more internet privacy through lessening your digital footprint, here’s how to permanently speak goodbye come Twitter.

Note: you cannot retrieve your Twitter account ~ deactivating it. Therefore think twice prior to proceeding!

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Twitter’s privacy policy exactly how to download your Twitter archive exactly how to delete her Twitter account Do much more to defend your internet privacy

Twitter’s privacy policy

Before you go out and also share her life in 280-character increments, friend should recognize a little much more about Twitter and your privacy.

Twitter collection a organize of information around you. This includes:

Basic account information: Your name, username, password, email address, and also phone number.Contact information: If friend upload or sync your address book v Twitter, Twitter will have actually a copy of her contacts. And if friend send the Twitter team one email, the contents and any call information in the email can be preserved by Twitter because that future use.Location information: If you share a tweet that publishes your physical location, Twitter will have access to this details too.Payment information: If you complete a transaction v a company owned through Twitter, your payment details (card number, billing address, etc.) will be save by Twitter. However, girlfriend do have actually the option of removing these at any kind of time.Links and cookies: Twitter may observe exactly how you communicate with links across its services and can usage cookies to learn around your preferences. Twitter will additionally monitor the device, operation system, and web browser you use to access its services.

How does Twitter usage my information?

After collecting her information, Twitter might use the in the adhering to ways:

Advertising: Twitter’s services are sustained by advertising. The information collected by Twitter will be provided to present you targeted ads.Sharing to third parties: Twitter does no disclose your information without her consent except in unique circumstances. Because that example, the may have to share your details with legislation enforcement agencies if legit obligated or if the company is filing for bankruptcy or is affiliated in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or revenue of assets.

Is Twitter for sure to use?

In a word, yes. However keep in mental Twitter’s own warning: What you share top top Twitter may be perceived all about the people instantly. You room what you Tweet!

So continue to be alert, remain safe, and have fun. If you’d favor to read an ext about Twitter and privacy, check out Twitter’s privacy plan here.

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How come download her Twitter archive

In instance you’re feeling sentimental, you deserve to download her Twitter archive prior to deleting your account. This is how:


after logging in, click More in the navigation menu on the left next of the Twitter residence page, climate click Settings and privacy from the drop-down menu.

In the Your account tab, click Download an archive of your data.


Verify your password in the pop-up window.


Verify your identification by clicking Send code come the email resolve and/or phone number enclosed to your Twitter account. Have to you have actually neither, you will be redirected come the Account information page. enter the verification code sent to the appropriate email resolve and/or call number.


Click Request archive


once your save on computer is ready to download, you’ll either obtain a notification via email or the Twitter app.  from settings, click Download archive under the Download an save of her data section.


Alternatively, click Download in the notice email.

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How come delete your Twitter account on desktop

This guide gives the measures for deactivating your Twitter account. If her account stays deactivated because that over a 30 work period, it will certainly be automatically deleted forever.

after logging in, click More in the navigation menu on the left side of the Twitter house page, climate click Settings and privacy indigenous the drop-down menu.

In the Your account tab, click Deactivate your account.


In the Deactivate her account tab, click Deactivate


To finalize the deactivation process, enter your password then click Deactivate.


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How to delete Twitter ~ above Android or iPhone

Like through desktop, you can deactivate your account on her Android or iOS app. After ~ 30 days, your account will certainly be deleted.

open up Twitter on her Android or iPhone and login to her account. Tap your profile avatar top top the peak left corner of the display screen then madness Settings and privacy. Tap Account. madness Deactivate her account. tap Deactivate. once prompted, enter your account password. insanity Deactivate.When prompted, madness Yes, deactivate.

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Do more to protect your net privacy

Now if girlfriend REALLY want to action up your internet privacy game, right here are an ext steps you can take.

Safe browsing, everyone!

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