For take trip to the United says on a temporary basis, including tourism, momentary employment, study and also exchange.

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U.S. Citizens v emergencies, please contact (0)20-7499-9000

Outside of Office Hours, contact: (0)20-7499-9000


The United states has constructed a brand-new Embassy in London! inspect out ours modern, welcoming, safe and also energy reliable embassy for the 21st century.


Learn more about quality higher-education avenues in the U.S. The you will certainly not uncover anywhere else in the world.



Resources because that contacting former Presidents the the United claims of America:

President Donald J. Trump

Contact details are accessible from the the website that the Office of Donald J. Trump.The contact kind is obtainable here.

President Barack Obama

The Honorable Barack ObamaThe Office the Barack and Michelle ObamaP.O. Box 91000, Washington, DC 20066Contact form:

President George W. Bush

georgewbushlibrary.comSee also: president George W. Bush archive website.

President invoice Clinton

President George Bush

The Honorable George BushP.O. Box 79798Houston TX 77279-9798Telephone: (1) 713-686-1188

President Jimmy Carter

The Honorable Jimmy CarterThe Carter Center453 freedom Parkway NEAtlanta, GA 30307Telephone: (1) 404-331-3900

Addressing previous Presidents

When sending letters to former Presidents, the proper kind for addressing the envelope is:The Honorable (President’s name)

The proper kind for the salutation in the letter is:Dear Mr. (President’s critical name)

The White House

You can likewise get in touch through the White residence for the most up-to-date call details. The White house contact form is here.

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Additional Resources

U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the joined Kingdom

U.S. Embassy

U.S. Embassy London33 ripe Elms LaneLondon, SW11 7USUnited KingdomPhone: <44> (0)20 7499-9000
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U.S. Consulates

U.S. Consulate general Belfast

U.S. Consulate general EdinburghU.S. Consulate general HamiltonU.S. Online Presence post in Wales

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