Wondering how can you send big video records or vast attachments from her iPhone or iPad? boring of “Video too long to text” warning? Well, us are here to assist you send huge videos native iPhone with ease.

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There are multiple ways of sending the huge size videos from her iPhone, however only a couple of ways are recommended. We space going to reveal those mystic ways of sending huge videos files from iPhone.

This overview is not just minimal to iPhone. You can use the same methods on iPod Touch and iPad too.


How come send huge videos indigenous iPhone through email

In order come bypass “Video too long to text” error message, we have the right to use plenty of online resources. One such method is utilizing a cloud storage.

Yes, friend are simply a couple of steps away. Just upload the video clip and re-publishing the URL via any means. Below you deserve to know how to email large videos indigenous iPhone.

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Most encourage cloud storage in today’s human being is Google Drive. Have you ever heard of that or provided it? If you have actually heard that it and never offered it, start using it ideal now.

You don’t need added signup as it was one of the benefits the come along with your Gmail ID. It offers 15 GB that storage space for every new Gmail authorize up.

Step by step procedure come send big videos from iPhone with email

Open App store, and also install Google Drive.Open Google Drive.Tap ~ above ‘+‘ icon and select Upload.Choose ‘Photos and also Videos‘ and select any huge video document you must send.Click uploaded video clip and madness ‘Get Link‘ to copy the attach to clipboard.Share the copied link of big video v email.


By default, all her uploads will certainly be public, hence share it only with important people prior to mastering usage of Google Drive.

This is exactly how you can freely share big videos from your iPhone through email. Make certain the video clip should loss within Google Drive limits (up come 15 GB).

How come send huge video document from iphone phone to iphone phone or iPad

As lengthy as the sender and also receiver belong come Apple family, over there is nothing difficult you have the right to do. The best and also fastest means of communication in between iPhone and also iPad/iPhone is AirDrop. The craziest point that provides you happy is the AirDrop file transfer limits.

The AirDrop transfer limit between any type of iDevices is infinite. Also though you have 1 TB of large video record (maybe wedding coverage), you deserve to AirDrop the to various other iDevices v the highest possible speed and absolutely no restrictions at all.

Step by action procedure to send huge videos from iphone to any iOS device

Open Control Center and also turn on AirDrop.Tap top top Everyone.Open Photos app and also navigate come the Videos section.Tap ~ above Select in the optimal right corner and select the video you want to share.Click ~ above Share symbol in the bottom left cornerTap on AirDrop profile and you deserve to share the record with other live AirDrop allowed iPhones/iPads.


The recipient must additionally turn on AirDrop and also you have to tap on your profile to AirDrop the huge video file.

This is exactly how you deserve to share huge files from iphone to various other iOS gadgets at blazing speed. Clock this video for hand-operated experience.

How come send big videos from iphone or iPad to Android

Ages before, it has actually been very daunting for iDevices to interact with Android and also Windows devices. Through the development of networking protocols and devices sustaining those, it has been a cakewalk. One such app, that you must have on her iPhone is “SHAREit” indigenous Lenovo.

Download on app Store
Download ~ above Google Play
Using SHAREit you can transfer large and bulky video clip files (for the matter, any files) from iphone phone to non-iPhone tools (like Android, Windows).

Step by action procedure to send huge videos from iphone phone or iPad to Android

Install SHAREit app on both iPhone and Android devices.Turn top top Hotspot top top Android device.Open SHAREit on Android and tap ~ above Receive.Connect her iPhone come the hotspot produced by Android device.Open SHAREit on iPhone and tap ~ above Send.Choose the large video paper you should share.Click the Android maker avatar to send the video clip from iphone to Android.


SHAREit make it really easy to carry data between iPhone and also Android devices. Alternatively, you have the right to use Xander, Zapya to perform this file transfer.

How come send big videos from iphone phone or iPad to windows Computer

SHAERit is easily accessible for the computer as well. This means you have the right to use ‘Connect to PC‘ option in SHAREit for transferring big video records from iphone to the computer.

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Let’s walk in deep. Because that Mac users, you can use the AirDrop attribute to send huge videos from iphone to Mac.

For home windows users, you deserve to use SHAREit because that Windows, to execute that job. There space also an ext freemium third-party program that have the right to send videos between iPhone/iPad and Windows/Mac computer system fast and also easily. One instance is EaseUS MobiMover, which offers 20 complimentary files to move per day. Unlimited file transfer is obtainable if you upgrade to the payment version.

Don’t get us wrong. We will show you one an ext option come transfer huge files from iphone or iPad to computer i.e., Direct Transfer.

Let’s save aside every the cloud and also wireless environment. The USB’s turn to show how powerful it is.

Step by step procedure to send huge videos from iphone phone to Computer

Connect her iPhone or iPad to the computer using the USB cable.Allow the maker if that prompts for permissions.Open ‘My Computer‘ and choose ‘iPhone‘.Navigate come the interior folders of iphone phone till you view all photos and videos.Just copy the required video from iPhone and paste it right into your home windows machine.


That’s it. That is a really simple technique to transfer documents from iphone or iPad come computer. The paper path to accessibility phones and also videos the iPhone might be different for different iOS devices and also versions.

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Final Words

Hope you have actually learned new ways the sending big videos from iphone or iPad come iPhone, Android and Windows via various means like email, wireless and wired channels.