As Gmail refuses to send emails with more than 25MB that attachments, it’s hard to send large presentations, images or videos.

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However, yes sir a workaround. In this article, I’ll display you exactly how to bypass the existing Gmail attachments limit and also send as many large files together you want!

Here’s what fine cover:

Understanding the present Gmail attachment Limit

In 2017, Google announced the they were increasing the Gmail document size limit to 50 megabytes. However, there to be a catch.

That 50MB attachment size limit was only for just arrived email. So while you can receive emails with much more information, you were still stuck with a restrictive 25MB border for uploading.

To do matters worse, the 25MB document sharing border isn’t yes, really 25MB.

Let me explain:

Gmail lets you share records up come 25 MB in size, whereby the size is determined by the size of the record on disk. If you attach a document larger 보다 25 MB in size, it it s okay uploaded to Google Drive and Gmail places a download connect to the paper in the human body of your email message.

If girlfriend attach large files higher than 25 megabytes, the Gmail application uploads it to Google Drive and also links come it instead of it is registered it.

However, even if you share documents smaller than 25 MB, bypassing the have to use Google Drive, the actual email messages finish up being roughly 50 MB in size, since of just how an attachment file doubles in size once encoded into the format essential for email file sharing (MIME).

Long story short, the records you attach to your email generally double in dimension in Gmail because of how it encodes an attachment file.

So what Gmail users are left v is a paper size limit that’s essentially 12.5MB! also if you use email apps prefer that use Gmail API, it doesn’t entirely solve your problem. Why? The Gmail API has a hard document sharing border of 35 MB because that your email message.Therefore, in terms of using and also most other Gmail API based mail drop apps, your complete Gmail mail message, when encoded into MIME format, cannot exceed 35 MB.That equates to about 17-18 MB of added files such together an inline photo or any extr documents.


Even despite my attachment is just 24 MB together it sits on my computer, it expands to over 44 MB once MIME-encoded in mine Gmail inbox, and also I acquire an error article for my request in the browser.

Also, note that the dimension limit is applied to an individual email message, no all emails in aggregate. That doesn’t issue whether you’re sending out it to one email resolve or to 1,000, the MIME-encoded email you compose cannot exceed 35 MB.

2 Easy means to resolve the Gmail document Size Limit

There space two basic methods to workaround the Gmail attachment size limit. Let’s walk over every one:

1. Usage Google Drive

This is the default option for most human being trying to share documents that are bigger than 25MB. When Gmail detects that your letter is larger than 25MB, it automatically uploads your attachments come Drive and adds a download attach to the in your mail.

While this automatic process is helpful, it have the right to be a little unwieldy to occupational with — particularly if you’re dealing with multiple huge files. For a an ext structured process, that recommended that you manually use Google drive to upload large attachments that exceed 25MB.

Here’s a quick walk-through on exactly how to usage this cloud warehouse method:

Step 1

Sign up because that Google drive in your browser. Google drive is a cloud storage and document sharing service that offers you a higher storage limit 보다 a consistent Dropbox account.

Once you authorize up because that Google Drive using your Google account, you’ll have actually instant access to 15GB the cloud storage space for free!

Step 2

Create a folder in Google Drive.

Once she in Google Drive, click the My Drive symbol that’ll open up up a drop-down food selection tab in your browser where you can directly upload the record or develop a separate folder.


Step 3

Once you’ve added your files/folders to Drive, you deserve to open your Gmail received mailbox tab and also start to compose your mail. Situate the Drive icon in ~ the bottom of the home window to find the documents you’d favor attached.


Step 4

You’ll now see all the files/folders save on computer in your Google journey account. Pick the persons you want to be uploaded and also click the Drive icon titled “Insert together Drive Link” in ~ the corner of the screen.


The Gmail app will now add a download attach to this attachments in your email. Every you need to do now is come click the “Send” button.

When recipients obtain the mail, castle can click the link and will it is in redirected to these attachments.

2. Compress your Files

Another easy means to gain past the gmail client file size limit is by sending compressed files.

If you have actually multiple huge files that need to be uploaded, you can constantly compress them into a zip folder. Zip folders take up much less place and are less complicated to transfer to various other computers.

Here’s exactly how you compress documents in windows 10:

Step 1

Open paper Explorer on your computer and also navigate to the data and documents you will do it be sending.

Step 2

Click the “Control” crucial and select all these papers you’d favor to compress.

Step 3

Right-click and select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder” in the drop-down menu.


And it is it!

You’ve currently compressed every your big files into a zip folder. This adjust in size should take less space when uploading, help you fulfill Gmail’s requirements.

Note – Zip folders can’t occupational miracles and also usually mitigate the size of your big files by only 30 come 40 percent. If the zipped folder quiet isn’t tiny enough for Gmail, climate you’re out of luck. You’ll need to opt because that the cloud storage course to acquire your papers attached as soon as you write an email.

Tracking her Attachment Opens

Using Google journey to send a record link instead of sending out attachments has actually three benefits:

Many world are wary the opening any type of email files attached, also if the data is from well-known senders, to stop risking malware. Web links are usually taken into consideration far more secure in an email exchange.Finally, when web links are used, it enables the sender to actually track if civilization have clicked top top the connect or not ideal from their Gmail inbox.

How Helps

Mail autumn apps like can assist users track journey links. This service supports click-tracking to help you recognize if a person has opened her Drive connect or not. This have the right to be incredibly useful when sharing proposal papers as you’ll know when the recipient has actually accessed the links.

Just navigate come the “ Reports > Clicks” tab in your Gmail app and also you have the right to see all the tracking information:


Note – To protect against your links from looking prefer phishing links, does not track web links where the anchor text itself is the URL. We recommend that the sender re-labels their Google drive download connect to avoid this issue.


The fact is the the world’s most used email business provider can’t manage emails bigger than 25 megabytes of data. Even if it is you usage Gmail’s pop or IMAP server, the story continues to be the same.

However, until Google releases a new update (that in reality helps a sender with uploading files) users can constantly send Drive links from their desktop computer device or your Android or iOS Gmail mobile app.

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In the meantime, if you commonly send the end multiple emails at once, why not install the mail merge chrome extension?

It deserve to merge your emails and also make massive emailing a breeze! sign up for a cost-free account in just a few seconds here.