write a note to pleasure Reid

You're The Worst of The Worst!You &

Max the Moron cry the Democrats are ignoring the GOP therefore you spread out lies& DIS-INFORMATION.NEWS speed 2022 the GOPre-takes the residence & maybe the senate in 2024 h we'll make it a tri-fecta that way we can RE-BUILD BACK much better by reversing every the damage that Joe Biden & HaHa Harris have actually done.Boo Hoo



White Girl Privilege

You will certainly be sue for what friend reported around Gabby. The household has endured enough. You miss out on Reed space the racism one.

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enough you gyeongju bait.If your viewers had actually just a tiny bit more mind power they'd laugh at her clownish lies.Try honesty because that a change,tell the viewers that if the Dems plan wasn't so angry & weak there 'd be no require to control 15k illegals.Vain girlfriend are yet do you not choose your organic hair & color?

A Selective and also Unfaithful Sista

Joy, So plenty of fraudulent words at Trump/Russia and Nicki Minaj, and also so few about the testimony in former of the Senate Judiciary Committee by gymnast Simon Biles and other victims of Larry Nasser's, which exposed the failure of the FBI and also the "system" which enabled hundreds an ext girls to it is in molested?

Nicki Minaj

Joy, you room too brilliant, polished and also just level on-the-money to diminish your exceptional brand by having any conversation with the likes of NM. Simply think never ever Mind. She requirements your platform, not the other method around. Offer her no an ext attention. Not necessary.

Nicki Minaj

I to be behind friend 100%! regrettably Nicki repetitive a silly old wives story over a Twitter account the reaches millions of black people, generally the young. Even if it is she expected to or not, she gave those who space unsure around the vaccine more reason to say taking the vaccine will cause me harm.

Both Brilliant and also Gorgeous

Brilliant woman, you, Joy. And not to it is in overlooked, gorgeous creature. However your selection of makeup/hair stylists is too vast. On 9/2 (Thurs.) you to be a crimped matron. On 9/3 (Fri.) a hip and also zany 20-year-old. A tip: always wear a popular music of red lipstick. Functions wonders!

Have to be On Vacation and Love Your

Love her look on Friday Aug. 20th show!! Love your news yet really prefer the long hair.

Mike Lindell ETelethon ??!!

I noticed few of the right-wing media stations were airing several WWII era Nazi documentaries. You understand Hitler's (trump?) rise to power and also death camps that kind of thing. Last week in ~ the same time an advertisement for Aug 10-12 ~ above frankspeech.com, Mike Lindell and an eTelethon. Perhaps watch! scary!


I simply heard friend say the in Cuba there space big, large guns city hall you all the time. When I spent a main in Cuba in 2017 ns went almost everywhere Havana, and some other places along the beach and I never, ever once saw any large guns anywhere. We traveled approximately the island day and night freely.

Mussolini and Brown Shirts

Joy make a comment about Mussolini top the Brown shirts on Monday. The Brown Shirts to be German fascists. Italian fascists wore black color shirts. Each nationality the fascists wore a different color (e.g., Hungarians wore GREEN) together they were nationalists and also wanted to be different.


First of all, i love your show. Now about the hair. I hated to wig the an initial night you wore it. It wasn't flattering come you. Didn't favor the 2nd night either, yet the third night i loved the means you wore. Much much better and much more flattering for you. There is nothing wrong with you organic hair either

Race Relations

I don't recognize why social appropriation doesn't fall under "the sincerest type of flattery" , however I would certainly guess Ron Johnson feel culturally appropriated once others have a ideal to vote.

Threat come Our Democracy

Correction: Filibuster being strengthened come be an ext effective in helping bills be passed right into law with only a 51 bulk vote. Friend don't need 60 votes to have actually bipartisanship. Jan. 6 Commission invoice was bipartisan through 54 votes. If the filibuster was no a barrier, the invoice would have actually passed.


Threat come Our Democracy

Please discuss the filibuster gift strengthened come pass right into law by 51 bulk vote v bipartisanship, by using the following: Filibuster, immediately after that a MANDATED Bipartisan donation Session because that amendments, or deletion that some part of the invoice for the the opposite party come agree.


I to be a white, female phibìc Carolinian that loves her show and also am so ashamed that the university of NC because that denying tenure come Ms. Hannah-Jones. We can only continue to fight against these sexiest, raciest white conservative guys in phibìc Carolina. I have spent many of mine life law so.

What Is The Evidence

I indicate that you, and also all reporters, start asking Senators Hawley and also Cruz (maybe others): What is your evidence of choice fraud? call their offices. Mention them by name every show, perhaps a few minutes the an initial show, then less than a minute each display after. Yet keep it up.


Ms. Joy,This is my first time city hall your show The REIDOUT wherein I witnessed your true form REIDING Tucker Carlson I had actually to sign up with glossesweb.com simply to to speak "Well Done" "Well Done," i so reap your display daily even when you have acting hosts. MSNBC ROCKS!!!

Biggest bank Fraud In US history

Capital One N.A. Has actually not reported that judgment creditors room owe 2trillion dollars. An Undertaking for payment the all damages issued. Comptroller of Currency; FBI and THE SEC to know no actions well-known to be taken. Resources One N.A. Continue to profession to the detriment of investors. Repertoire eminent.

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Assistance Request

All the mrs presenters and also anchors look similar to you, i.e. Trim and also pretty. Please lend her voice come the speak to for fat ugly women in the interest of diversity and also inclusion.