Wine and cheese are well known bedfellows yet if you’re a starting person it could seem daunting to decide exactly which alcohol to select for i m sorry cheese. This overview will quickly aid you to gain started pairing wine and cheese favor a pro.

Which wine with which cheese?

You can be wondering, have to I begin with the wine or the cheese?

Most beginners to wine and also cheese pairing will be starting with a particular cheese or in search of wines because that a cheeseboard. So we’ve damaged things under by cheese type. (For wines to pair through your favourite cheese view below)


Wine with difficult Cheese

Hard cheeses incorporate cheddar, Comté, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Manchego. They’re the easiest type of cheese come pair with wine - a tool bodied red favor a cabernet sauvignon or a rioja is most likely going to it is in the most enjoyable pairing for most world but shot the combination of cheddar and also chardonnay


Wine with Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses range from spreadable cheeses favor Philadelphia to semi-soft white rinded cheeses choose brie and also camembert. I prefer them with a fruity red choose a pinot noir or a Beaujolais but rosé works well through this format of cheese too.

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Wine v Blue Cheese

Blue cheeses include Stilton, Roquefort and also Gorgonzola. Standard wine pairings have tendency to be sweet, for instance Sauternes through Roquefort or port and also stilton. Because that something a bit different, try sloe gin or sweet sherry. And, think it or not, also stout and also blue cheese job-related well together.


Wine with Goat Cheese

Sauvignon blanc is the standard wine pairing for goat cheese, but you might also shot a crisp dry Provençal rosé (particularly because that a summer picnic) or a new fruity red such together Beaujolais.

Wine through Washed-Rind Cheese

Washed-Rind cheeses - regularly referred to as ‘stinky cheese’ - include Epoisses, Reblochon, Vacherin Mont d’Or and Taleggio. They tend to be quite pungent particularly as lock mature therefore don’t intend anything good in the means of a wine pairing. Oddly a fresh dry white wine - or a solid Belgian-style ale - have the right to work much better than a red


Wine v Melted Cheese

It’s not a cheese format in its own right yet melted cheese standards such together fondue and also raclette deserve a mention. Castle aren’t the easiest dishes to match, but a great bet is a fresh or fragrant white wine from the region where this dishes are popular. You’ll uncover some certain suggestions in this post: the finest wine pairings through cheese fondue, raclette and also tartiflette.

Which cheese to pair v your favourite wine

Most world like come pair red wine with cheese and that’s fine - simply bear in mind that there space some cheeses, together I’ve said above, that taste much better with a white alcohol or dessert alcohol so don't be fear to experiment.

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10 famous wines and the cheeses to pair through them

1. Cabernet sauvignon, merlot and also Bordeaux blends - cheddar, gouda and other difficult cheeses

2. Pinot noir - brie and camembert

3. Rhône and also other southerly French reds - a good all-rounder through a French cheeseboard

4. Rioja - particularly an excellent with sheep cheeses choose Manchego

5. Chianti - parmigiano reggiano and also pecorino

6. Harbor - blue cheeses prefer stilton

7. Sauvignon blanc - goat cheese and feta, cheeses through garlic and also herbs

8. Chardonnay - buttery cheddar

9. Pinot Grigio - mozzarella and also other mild Italian cheeses (good through an antipasti platter)

10. Champagne and other sparkling wine - Vacherin Mont d’or, Chaource


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