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Southwest airline is a favorite amongst many domestic U.S. Flyers. The airline offers free checked bags, operates a ton the obscure routes and makes travel much easier for households with cost-free priority boarding. That course, the airline has its very own points program, too: rapid Rewards. You have the right to use these points to redeem for free flights on any kind of Southwest path with zero blackout dates. It additionally has the Companion Pass, among the most rewarding perks in the regular flyer world.

But exactly how do friend earn rapid Rewards points? Well, that’s what we’re going come answer in this article. We’ll dive deep into the program and show you every one of the various ways you can earn Southwest points by flying, utilizing cobranded credit transaction cards and leveraging your day-to-day purchases.

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Earn points by paris Southwest

You can earn a bunch of Southwest points with flying. (Photo by Stephen M. Keller/Southwest)

As you’d expect, you can earn fast Rewards point out by flying on Southwest Airlines. The lot of clues you knife per flight depends on 3 things: how much you paid for your ticket, the fare course you booked (Wanna obtain Away, at any time or business Select) and your elite status.

Thankfully, identify how countless points you’ll earn for each trip is easy. Here’s exactly how much each Southwest airline booking class earns prior to tax:

Business Select – 12 points every dollarAnytime – 10 points every dollarWanna obtain Away – 6 points per dollar

Additionally, Southwest A-List and also A-List preferred elite members earn added points on their flights:

A-List — 25% additional Rapid Rewards pointsA-List wanted — 100% extr Rapid Rewards points

So if you publication a one-way Wanna acquire Away flight from Chicago-Midway (MDW) to brand-new York-LaGuardia (LGA) because that $100 before taxes with no upstream status, you’d knife 600 rapid Rewards points. Keep in mind that street is not a aspect when earning fast Rewards points.

In various other words, if you payment that exact same amount for a trip from Chicago-Midway to St. Louis (STL) or one native Baltimore (BWI) come Oakland (OAK), you’d earn the same 600 points.

Southwest likewise makes it really clear how numerous points you’ll earn for each foot of her trip throughout the booking process. From the search outcomes page, float over the flight you’re considering and it will display screen the variety of points you’d earn:

(Photo courtesy of

If you’re noticing that the mathematics doesn’t add up based on the numbers above, you’re right. The basic fare of this ticket is actually $185.75. Once you multiply that by six (since it’s a Wanna obtain Away fare), you obtain 1,114.5, i m sorry Southwest generously rounds up to 1,115 points.

At this time, Southwest does not have any partner airlines. This way that you have the right to only earn fast Rewards point out by flying on Southwest Airlines-operated flights.

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Earn points v a Southwest credit transaction card

Southwest Airlines has several cobranded credit cards you can earn rapid Rewards clues with. The good thing around these cards is the the welcome bonuses, in addition to credit transaction card spending, will certainly count towards earning the Southwest Companion Pass.

Just save in mind that these cards space subject to Chase’s 5/24 rule, an interpretation you most likely won’t be authorized if you’ve had 5 or much more credit applications (across any kind of bank) in the last 24 months.

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Transfer Southwest point out from follow Ultimate Rewards

Southwest has one credit card carry partner: follow Ultimate Rewards. You deserve to transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to fast Rewards at a 1:1 ratio, and transfers typically process instantly.

Whether you should execute these transfers, however, is a different story. TPG right now values fast Rewards points at 1.5 cent per point, while ultimate Rewards points room 2 cent apiece. As a result, if you move points come Southwest, you may sacrifice some value that could be placed towards redemptions like top-tier Hyatt nature or Singapore Airlines very first class.

If you want to provide your can be fried Rewards balance a an increase for a Southwest transfer, here are part cards that sell nice sign-up bonuses in ~ the moment:

Quick note: chase Sapphire to make reservation cardmembers have the right to redeem their Ultimate Rewards points at 1.5 cent per point through the Chase travel portal to publication flights. Sapphire Preferred and also Ink company Preferred cardholders have the right to redeem in ~ 1.25 cent each. Unfortunately, Southwest airline itineraries are not bookable in this method since the portal is it is provided by Expedia and also Southwest doesn’t sell its tickets through OTAs. The may readjust after follow switches come the brand-new booking platform, despite it’s not likely.

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Transfer Southwest points indigenous Marriott

You can also transfer hotel points from a range of programs to Southwest quick Rewards. Most of these sell a fairly poor worth proposition, but there is one exemption to this rule: Marriott Bonvoy.

Marriott points carry to Southwest quick Rewards in ~ a ratio of 3:1. Plus, you’ll get a 5,000-point bonus once you transfer 60,000 Marriott points in ~ a time. As a result, 60,000 Marriott clues will gain you 25,000 Southwest points, lowering the effective transfer proportion to 2.4:1.

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Earn Southwest points through partners

Beyond flying and using credit transaction cards, you deserve to earn rapid Rewards point out through countless of your daily purchases through filling the end surveys and also even with transferring clues in indigenous other commitment programs. Here’s a run-down of additional ways to earn bonus rapid Rewards points with Southwest’s assorted partners.

Rapid Rewards shopping portal

Southwest’s digital shopping portal is a an excellent way to knife points on online purchases. Just like Rapid Rewards dining, the clues earned through fast Rewards shopping are different from the clues earned v your credit transaction card.

Just sign up for a fast Rewards purchase account, uncover a participating merchant, and also click v the link prior to purchasing. You’ll earn bonus clues on her purchase automatically just by starting at the portal rather of going come the merchant’s website directly.

Each merchant awards a different variety of points every dollar spent, and these rates generally fluctuate, so check Rapid Rewards purchase often. Friend may likewise come across promos and also other deals that may offer you extra points, especially roughly the holidays.

However, be affected by each other in mind that Southwest isn’t the only airline through a shopping portal. You can quickly compare earning rates with to buy portals by making use of an aggregator favor We recommend act this to ensure you’re always getting the ideal return on your online purchases.

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Rapid Rewards Dining

(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Most airline commitment programs have their very own dining rewards program, and Southwest rapid Rewards is no exception. V Southwest fast Rewards Dining, you deserve to earn extra mile at participating restaurants. To perform this, every you need to do is authorize up for an account and link her favorite credit card(s) that you use for restaurant purchases.

Whenever you swipe among those cards at a participating restaurant, you’ll earn extra rapid Rewards points. These are in addition to the miles you earn through your credit transaction card, so make sure to use among the ideal credit cards for diningfor the best return on your purchases.

If you do utilize the fast Rewards Dining program, you’ll definitely want to authorize up for email notifications. This will provide you “online member” status and you will earn 3x points every $1 invested at participating restaurants. If friend opt-out of receiving emails, her earning rate is reduced to 1 suggest per $2 spent. Additionally, Southwest members earn tiered bonuses:

500 bonus points ~ earning 1,500 points native dining and completing reviews.Recurring: 300 bonus points after ~ every 1,000 point out accrued indigenous dining and also completing reviews.

While privacy is important, agreeing to receive a couple of emails a week is a small price to pay for considerable bonus points, particularly if girlfriend order takeout rather a little bit or charge reimbursable dining prices to your credit card.

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Southwest fast Rewards hotel booking site

(Photo by Nick Ellis/The point out Guy)

Have a hotel continue to be coming up? use Southwest’s hotel booking portal and you deserve to earn extra clues on each stay. The quantity of points different by the price of her stay, for this reason generally, the more expensive a room is, the an ext points you’ll earn. Southwest claims that rooms can earn approximately a lining 10,000 points every night. But, you’ll generally earn lot less.

For example, ns did a test search for a one-night remain at the cool Hotel Inglés in Madrid. The room costs $412 for a night in February and awards 374 rapid Rewards points every night. For this reason while this is certainly better than nothing, it’s a small variety of miles.

You will, however, earn more points ~ above “Southwest Airlines preferred hotels” with the portal. The Residence Inn by Marriott brand-new York Manhattan/Times Square is one together hotel and also costs $386 for a one-night remain in February. This remain yields 8,000 fast Rewards points, a haul that’s precious $120 based on TPG’s valuations — a much much better return.

Do note that you’ll likely not earn traditional hotel clues on this bookings, nor will you earn credits towards elite status qualification. Even if you currently have elite status with the hotel in question, you may not reap the standard on-property perks since you booked through a third-party website. You’ll for this reason need to decision whether you worth your hotel points and elite status benefits greater than the bonus rapid Rewards point out you might earn.

Southwest additionally partners with several hotel programs, enabling you come earn fast Rewards points instead of hotel points.

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Earn points v rental car bookings

Southwest partners through all the major rental vehicle companies, permitting you to earn fast Rewards points. Girlfriend can generally earn 600 fast Rewards clues by booking her rental automobile through Southwest or requesting points in ~ check-in. Some partners even allow you to inquiry points on past bookings.

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Earn points by acquisition surveys

Finally, you can earn fast Rewards point out by filling out quick surveys with Rewards for Opinions and also E-Rewards. Each inspection earns a various amount that points and also the size varies, so this have the right to be a an excellent way to death time if earning extra points. Simply keep in mind the points have the right to take increase to 6 weeks to write-up to your account.

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Buy Southwest points

If you need Southwest point out fast and transferring isn’t one option, purchase Southwest points can be worthwhile if you should top up because that a particular award. Points expense 3.0 cent per point, i m sorry is over double TPG’s valuation. We don’t introduce buying in ~ this price under many circumstances.

That said, the airline generally runs promotions that offer a far better deal. Because that example, last year the airline was giving a 70% bonus when you purchase 5,000 or much more points. This reduce the price come 1.61 cents per point, which is much more reasonable. This deserve to make feeling if you need a rapid mileage an increase to redeem points for a details award.

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Bottom line

Southwest quick Rewards point out are basic to earn. You deserve to do therefore by flying, opening and also then allocation your daily spending to the appropriate credit cards or by shopping and dining with select merchants. Making use of a mix of all of these methods may gain you a to make reservation of fast Rewards points reasonably quickly. You’ll it is in well-prepared once the pandemic ends and travel resumes back to normal.