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Gift cards make an excellent gifts come give and receive. They space the next finest thing to acquiring actual cash.

And, together digital wallets become much more prevalent, and we use cashless generally each year, gift cards are ending up being a more common payment method for daily tasks the we finish online.

Some that the most well-known brands are Amazon, Target, Sephora and an excellent old pre-paid Visa credit cards.

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Our tip Picks to gain Gift Cards for Free

Survey JunkieShare her opinion and also get paid
RakutenGet cash back on her purchases
SwagbucksMultiple methods to knife gift cards

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How come Get free Gift Cards

How come Get totally free Gift Cards

If you are looking to obtain gift cards because that free, below are number of easy ideas that you deserve to try.

1. Survey Junkie

BBB A+ RatingMust be 18 to authorize upEasy sign up process1000 points tantamount to $10

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Honey is one more cash earlier app that permits you to knife Amazon gift cards. The application has a cash ago rewards program dubbed Honey Gold the can give you 0% come 100% cash earlier at choose stores.

Unlike various other cashback portals that offer a flat rate top top your whole purchase, the reward price is a secret with Honey.

After perfect the purchase at a participating retailer with Honey, you will uncover out if any type of of the commodities you purchased room eligible because that cashback that have the right to be redeemed because that an Amazon gift card.

If you constantly shop at Amazon, you have to strongly think about this app.

It deserve to save girlfriend money in ~ Amazon by comparing price of third-party listings to the Amazon price and gently alarm you when a savings possibility is available.

You can also save money in ~ Amazon, and all various other online stores, as Honey will immediately enter every recognized discount password to assist save you additional money.

Trustpilot score of 4.3/5

5. MyPoints

MyPointsis an additional rewards site that will aid you earn cost-free gift cards.

As with Swagbucks, there space several ways you have the right to earn points with MyPoints.

MyPoints will offer you point out for tasks such as:

Taking surveysWatching videosSearching the netPlaying digital gamesTaking advantage of deals

And there’s more. They’ll give you points once you shop online v the site as well.

MyPoints will offer you points as soon as you shop v coupons too. ~ you’ve accrued the minimum variety of points, you deserve to trade her MyPoints in for gift cards to her favorite retailers.

You can additionally use her points for online purchases in ~ hotels, airlines and more.

The value of the gift card you can get with your points varies v each retailer. Store that in mind once you walk to redeem your points.

Trustpilot: 4.4/5

6. InstaGC

Like various other platforms in this section,instaGClets friend earn totally free gift cards (and other rewards together well) v the many common method of perfect paid inspection opportunities.

You can additionally earn by watching videos, to buy online and surfing the web.

There room over 350+ redemption choices for gift cards, and you can start receiving gift cards with just a $1 balance!

Also, every gift cards areinstantly received, which way once girlfriend redeem your points for one, there’s no wait! You’ll immediately receive the gift card password details.

Not just are this gift cards instant, yet they additionally offer PayPal that is prompt as well. These room both good reasons alone to consider instaGC.

Trustpilot: 3.5/5

7. Having Rewards

go you know you can acquire gift cards simply for taking photos of your receipts? Yes, that is that straightforward with Fetch Rewards. Just add the apologize or Android application to your phone and start earning points towards gift cards.

The application is super easy to use. It will show you how countless points you have actually earned and what gift cards or other items you deserve to reward you yourself with.

To earn points, just take a picture of her receipts. The app gives friend bonus points in the direction of inviting friend (typically 4,000) and also buying details products. Around 1,000 clues is equal to $1.

You can likewise connect your application to your Amazon or email whereby it will search for digital purchases and also then apply those purchases into points.

To cash in your points, simply pick your reward. Because that example, ~ 3,000 point out earned you deserve to reward yourself v a $3 Amazon gift card. Select that reward then copy the case code and also paste right into the Amazon redeem a gift map on your account.

Fetch Rewards go a good job v instructions on exactly how to use their app. This is a must have actually for anyone that shops and gets receipts.

Trustpilot: 2.9/5

8. Gift card Granny

Access come contests and giveawaysExclusive options with GiftYa7.9 million yearly users

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If friend buy discounted gift cards online, girlfriend might think about shopping at Gift card Granny. Through their rewards program, you knife points for complimentary gift cards in no time.

In addition to earning points because that each gift map you buy, girlfriend can also receive five points each day by reading their day-to-day newsletter and also downloading your Chrome browser extension.

If you have actually a coupon or gift card deal to share v Gift card Granny, you deserve to earn even an ext points.

What additionally makes Gift card Granny distinctive is the they search the price listings the several various other gift card discounters like Raise and Giftcard Zen.

Not just does Granny give you points for shopping, however she find the ideal deals because that you together well.

Trustpilot: 2.7/5

9. Grindabuck

100 Grindbucks same to $1Get 100 Grindbucks because that startingMinimum cashout $10

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Grindabuck is one of the many flexible sites come earn totally free gift cards. The is possible to knife rewards points while you hear to music, clock videos, take it surveys and also view advertisements.

Also, girlfriend can complete micro-tasks, download paid apps and games, success contests and also take advantage of mobile offers.

You have the right to earn 100 Grindabucks, a $1 value, simply for signing up. Reward clues (Grindabucks) can be redeemed for gift cards or Bitcoin. Few of the gift map redemption options include Amazon, Walmart and GameStop.

Trustpilot score the 3.8/5

10. InboxDollars

Want to get paid because that the stuff you currently do online? Now, girlfriend can.

InboxDollars will pay you for tiny tasks the you currently do or also for other tasks that require tiny time.

You can acquire paid for:

Taking surveysDownloading couponsShopping online

So far, InboxDollars has paid over 50 million dollars in prizes. Besides, they pay through cash or v gift cards.

One fence is the theminimum payout is $30 which is higher than most online inspection sites. However, girlfriend do obtain a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Trustpilot: 4.2/5

11. Amazon Trade-In

Trade in exclusiveReceive an Gift card for your trade-insGet offers instantly

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Trade-In your old technology, books, video clip games and belongings come Amazon Trade-In to obtain Amazon gift cards.

You will recognize if Amazon is ready to buy her items by searching product listings.

A trade-in box through the present value will be shown if they room looking to acquire used inventory.

Amazon will additionally browse your purchase background and display you the potential trade-in value of qualified items on their trade-in screen.

Even items you didn’t buy at Amazon deserve to be exchanged because that gift cards.

Shipping is cost-free for all the items girlfriend trade-in to Amazon, and also you will get a payment in ~ ten business days native the date they get your shipment.

If Amazon rejects your items, you will not get a gift card, but they will certainly ship them back free of charge.

12. Shopkick

If you use an app like Ibotta (available ~ above both iOS and Android) to save extra money on groceries, you have the right to turn those rewards right into gift cards.

By purchase at among 341 participating merchants and snapping a photo of her receipt, Ibotta will give you cash on select activated prior to checking out.

You can additionally earn cashback once you spend at other online partners favor iTunes, Groupon, Jet and Boxed.

Once you have accumulated $20 in rewards, you can receive payment in PayPal, Venmo or gift cards from best Buy, Amazon or Starbucks.

Also, Ibotta uses many an innovative ways to earn choose sweepstakes aned giveaways.

Trustpilot: 4.0/5

14. BookScouter

Selling offered textbooks because that in-store credit transaction (which similar to a gift card) deserve to be an easy way to maximize your profit if you still have future textbook purchases to make.

One site to check out is Bookscouter to offer your old books. Their in-store credit prices are higher than their cash payments.

You deserve to then rotate around and also use that credit to purchase or rental the textbooks friend will require for future classes.

Trustpilot: 2.5/5

15. Inquiry Gift Cards as a Gift

Just ask because that cards. Gift cards are basic solution to figuring out what to offer your girlfriend or household member a gift for Christmas or your birthday.

As component of your wish list, tell her friends and also family several of the locations where friend usually invest your money.

That way, you might not get gift cards to an obscure restaurant or store you will never ever visit and likely “re-gift” to one of your various other friends.

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Getting totally free gift cards can be a great way because that you to conserve money. Girlfriend can acquire gift cards to huge box stores choose Walmart and also use them come get complimentary groceries. Or you have the right to sell your gift cards because that cash.

There’s no limit to the variety of ways you can earn totally free gift cards. Almost anyone have the right to earn clues toward free gift cards by taking surveys on your phone or searching the net in your spare time.

So, if you’ve got complimentary time on your hands, think around using that extra time to get gift cards!