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In instance you missed it, Amazon element Day is approaching quickly. We’ve previously dug right into the finest cards because that Amazon purchases, consisting of cards the earn up to 5% cash back from the digital retail giant. However, if you’re ready to take an extra step before making her Amazon purchases, you might walk away v up come 5x points every dollar or an reliable 10% return.

The an enig to earning the most points on Amazon purchase is making use of gift cards. When very few credit cards sell Amazon as a bonus invest category, there are a kind amount of commodities that offer high group spend bonuses at areas that sell Amazon gift cards, such as grocery stores, gas stations and also office it is provided stores. These species of merchants likewise happen come bewhere credit cards target their category spend bonuses.

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Earning as much as 5x points on Amazon purchases

One of the finest cards for purchasing gift cards is theInk organization Cash credit Card. On the surface, the map earns 5% cash back at office supply stores on the first $25,000 in spend each account year. However, the return jumps to 10% as soon as it’s paired through a chase Sapphire preferred Card or chase Sapphire make reservation card due to the fact that cash ago could climate be convert tofull-fledged transferable ultimate Rewards points, which space worth 2 cents each follow toTPG valuations.You can buy an Amazon gift map at Staples or Office Max, which would certainly earn you 5x points per dollar or an effective 10% back, and then use that gift card like cash at Amazon.


If it’s American Express member Rewards clues you’re after, or girlfriend aren’t eligible because that a business credit card, you could want to consider theAmerican Express® yellow Card. It offers 4x membership Rewards in ~ U.S. Supermarkets, up to $25,000 every calendar year (then 1x). 4 points per dollar method an effective 8% return on spending because TPG worths Amex points at 2 cent apiece.

Alternatively, theAmex EveryDay® preferred Card indigenous American Express could be a an excellent option too since it earns 3x points on up to $6,000 per calendar year in united state supermarkets, climate 1x thereafter. What renders this card stand out is that it offers a 50% allude bonus if you usage it more than 30 times in one month. That method you might be earning as many as 4.5 points per dollar invested at grocery stores, a 9% return.

There’s likewise the no-annual-fee Chase flexibility Flex, which uses 5% back, or 5x points as soon as paired with an ultimate Rewards earning card, on rotating categories for up to $1,500 in purchases each quarter, you activate. The card is providing a $200 bonus after ~ spending $500 on to buy in the very first three months of account opening.

The details for the Amex EveryDay preferred has been accumulated independently by The points Guy. The card details ~ above this page have actually not been reviewed or provided by the map issuer.

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Something to save in mind

There room a lot of of alternatives when it involves maximizing your Amazon gift card purchases. However, there’s one crucial caveat to store in mind. Although all of the cards discussed offer some form of acquisition protection, the coverages do not apply when purchasing an item with a gift card instead of a credit transaction card, for this reason you might want to avoid doing therefore on significant purchases. It probably goes without saying the you also can’t return gift cards, yet this shouldn’t be much of an issue if you order native Amazon typically anyway. Plus, you have the right to use her Amazon gift cards to buy gift cards at countless other third-party retailers choose Starbucks, Southwest airline or Airbnb.

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Bottom line

A small time and also effort have the right to really walk a lengthy way. An effective 10% return onAmazon purchase is as good as that gets, despite it’s vital not to forget the trade-off between earning points and also getting acquisition protections either.