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Last month, I remained in a family members wedding (mostly as a child wrangler, however still). In some flush the optimism, ns picked a strappy dress v a plunging neckline. The only problem is that I’m in the selection of a D(+) cup, and also after two pregnancies and also two ring of nursing, mine boobs no longer defy gravity. Yet for some reason, even though I know better, ns let myself be seduced by the idea that stick-on bras really work for busty ladies. (Spoiler alert: they don’t, but I gotchu much more details on that below.)

The week prior to the wedding, I retained looking in ~ the stick-on bra box, and also feeling panic. If it didn’t job-related at the critical minute, then WHAT?

But I maintained circling earlier to what taken place when i was gaining ready for prom. I’d to buy the ’90s version of a stick-on bra, and also even for my at-the-time B cup, they to be a complete last-minute fail, and also I required support. So with my theatre kid ingenuity, ns dug up some Duct ice and… Duct tape-recorded by boobs. I feel like the story should finish here with, “And ns really don’t recommend it,” yet it was much more or less fine. No sexy, really tin man, but fine.

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So critical month, I maintained circling approximately this idea. Had someone ultimately made a an ext fashion appropriate—or at least in-a-variety-of-flesh-tones—version of this product? to be this idea entirely bonkers? I work in a fashion adjacent industry, WHY didn’t I know THE ANSWER?

I’d choose to say the I solved the difficulty with my in-depth googling an abilities and stylist connections. Yet I didn’t. I solved it by bespeak a heap of stick-on bras and also fashion tape native Amazon, and then having a display pop up that said, “People who ordered this things additionally ordered flesh colored Gaffer tape.” and also in one SECOND, ns knew why. (And no just because I’m a theatre significant who’s supplied Gaff tape to stick under any number of cords to the floor and to spike any number of stages.) A quick google find of Gaffer tape Bra, command me come “Kim Kardashian’s boob tape trick,” and I was like, “THERE IS A factor THAT I’VE always FELT one AFFINITY for KIM, and also NOT JUST due to the fact that I LOVE KANYE.”

But as it turns out, if a couple of people have tested the end the Gaffer Tape cheat (and Buzzfeed has actually a great article demonstrating exactly how it functions on a range of cup sizes), only Kim Kardashian to be willing to display the world how it looked (and worked) on her actual boobs. Well, it spins now, due to the fact that now it’s gonna it is in Kim and also me ~ above the internet with ice cream on our boobs.

After put on Gaff Tape in ~ the wedding (it operated like a charm), and y’all questioning me to share more details, us whipped increase a little test in the APW laboratories. First, us tried out 2 of those stick on bras (I would certainly test an ext for you, however it became an extremely clear it was pointless). Then we tested out two various tape patterns for Gaffer Tape: one for a deep-plunge backless dress, and one for a strapless backless dress. And also we likewise tested to watch how form fitting a dress might be prior to the Gaffer Tape would certainly show. Right here are ours results.


Because we’re scientists (of boobs), we had actually to start with a control. This is what the dress with no boob support at all looks like. The dress is pulling really vast at the top, and also the belt is… well, it’s no good.

In short, this is no a look I’d gladly go the end in public in. (Though because that some reason I’m good immortalizing that on the Internet, in company of every one of our boobs.)

The Le Lusion Bra evaluation (For A D+ Cup)

First up, the stick-on bras. I tried 2 styles: the Le Lusion bra, and also the deep U-plunge strapless backless bra. Over there are various other varieties the stick-on bras, consisting of the pull-together bra (Buzzfeed reviewed it on various cup sizes), and other bras that case to be backless, strapless, and also push up. Ns didn’t check them all, due to the fact that I have the right to tell friend conclusively native the test that i did, that for a D+ cup (and most likely sizes below that), stick-on bras are numerous varieties of garbage. (Cosmo can offer you a full rundown of all the dreadful sticky bras on a D cup, if you’re into that type of thing.)

But let’s begin with the Le Lusion bra, which might be the single most unflattering point I’ve ever before put on my body.

What is this? someone please explain. Instead of offering any kind of support, the Le Lusion bra traction my boobs away from mine body, planarization them, and then dragged lock floor-wards. Rather of fighting gravity, they helped gravity out. Plus, at the very least with this neckline, they confirmed on the side. Probably these job-related for a smaller sized cup size (though frankly, I have my reservations around that), but clearly they have to never have actually been produced a C-cup or above.

In the dress, castle offered more support 보다 nothing, but likewise made my boobs watch pointy and lumpy, so I’m not calling that a win.

The Verdict: accurate the many unflattering point I’ve ever put on my body. These can go die.

the deep U-plunge strapless backless bra review (For a D+ Cup)

Next up, the deep U-plunge strapless backless bra.


Unlike the Le Lusion bra, this was no the worst thing I’ve ever before put on my body, but it was still a short step away from useless.

In the 5 stationary minutes I spent in this bra, I spent 90 percent of my time thinking around how it felt choose it was definitely about to peel off and also that i was going to speed someone. And in the extr five ambulatory minute I invested in them, they actually did begin to slide off my body, in a means that feeling alarming as soon as I wasn’t the end in public. It additionally showed ~ above the side of the dress, which to be much much more obvious in person.

Did it market some support? Yes. But given the reality that the seemed favor it to be going to remove itself from mine body prior to I even tried to carry out anything (like say, dance), and it showed under mine dress? ns was no a fan.

The Verdict:

This is better than no bra, if only marginally so. Even better would be not wearing a dress that required a rod on bra, that would certainly consume many of my mind space with concerns around flashing a crowd.

In short: Stick-on bras space not created women through a lotta boob, complete stop.

Gaffer ice Bra review (For a D+ Cup)

Next up, the Gaffer ice cream bra. No to damn it the plot here, but this hack is, in fact, every little thing it’s cracked as much as be. The also means that i can lastly wear all those plunge and backless dresses that have been firmly on my no-list because that twenty years. Here is exactly how it works.


How To use A Gaffer ice cream Bra:

Cut strips of Gaffer Tape, and also affix lock to her body one in ~ a time, making use of the tape to sculpt the bra (and cleavage) girlfriend want. Expect to get really handsy v yourself, relocating your boobs about to gain them specifically where you want them.


While it’s wise to try to store the Gaffer ice cream smooth as you put it on, it’s never going to be fully smooth. Therefore if you’re put on a dress with less forgiving fabric, remember the you deserve to put a few strips of ice cream on optimal to assist smooth every little thing out. (You can additionally use much less tape than I used here, depending upon how much lift and security you’re walking for.)


Next up, examine your neckline, and then take it scissors and also trim the tape so that nothing shows. (Once the bra is sculpted, friend can reduced a shocking lot of the tape off and still have actually it work well.)


Finally, usage fashion tape. You most likely don’t desire anyone to see that you’ve spanned your boobs v a product discovered at house Depot, so usage fashion tape to affix the dress to her skin to make sure it doesn’t relocate around.


Answers To all Your various other Pressing Gaffer tape Questions:

How lot Support Does that Offer? I’m a D+ Cup. The said, Kim has a lot more boobs than me, and also I deserve to pretty much guarantee you the Bey’s post-kid boobs are not holding us up through #Slay power, for this reason this trick functions for those of united state with way more than a handful.


What Necklines have the right to You wear This With? we tested this out v two necklines: the backless deep V (you can likewise see me wearing it with a backless plunge V here), in addition to creating a strapless backless bra. Both functioned shockingly well.

The surprises were that the tape is so strong that girlfriend don’t need to use end the shoulder assistance to acquire it come work. Beyond that, the backless strapless bra that ns crafted felt an ext supportive (and frankly more comfortable) than my continuous strapless.


How lengthy Does It remain In Place? due to the fact that I’d currently worn one to a daylong wedding, ns knew that without a doubt the would market support and also stay on also through sweat and dancing.

How Comfy Is It? A lot has been created on the Internet about how uncomfortable it is to wear Gaffer ice on your boobs, and also I think the hype is a little overblown. Again, during a daylong event, I discovered it totally fine. Yet that said, the does feel like you’re wearing ice on her boobs. That does not, in any kind of way, feel favor slipping right into an overlapping t-shirt and watching Netflix. Therefore if what you’re searching for is comfy and also effortless, then for goodness sake choose a dress that permits you come wear a regular bra. I discovered it rather comforting to feeling tape on my boobs all day, due to the fact that it allow me recognize that i was quiet supported and not flashing anyone.

TL;DR: Gaffer tape feels choose the the opposite of a stick-on bra. Rather of the feeling that the bra is fallout’s off your body, you have actually the emotion that the bra is an extremely STUCK on her body. But all in, entirely fine for an event.

Will that Hurt your Skin? I have actually sensitive skin, and took ice cream on and also off myself 3 times in one afternoon to shoot this, and my skin wasn’t particularly irritated. It feels a bit like ripping turn off a not-too-sticky Bandaid. That said, you are placing GAFF ice cream ON your BOOBS, therefore if you’re not right into going the extra mile because that fashion, this is no for you.

Should I try This If I’m allergic To Adhesives? No. Please, no. In fact, if you know that friend have any relevant allergy or sensitivities, do a patch check first. (Note: i have typically hyper-sensitive skin, and had no issues, but I don’t have any kind of related allergies.)


Will It present Through her Clothes? i tried this bra with this sleek Halston heritage gown, due to the fact that it’s the sort of dress that likes to highlight every lump and also bump on your body. While you can probably guess the I had something under the dress if you looked at my chest really closely (but why space you looking at my chest that closely?), no typical non-chest-starer would have actually noticed anything the end of the ordinary. Ns wouldn’t usage this (or any other) cheat under silk or satin, however, because those fabrics display literally everything. And I would just use the under a darker colored and also heavier scuba fabric.

The Verdict:

Would i wear today to day, just to acquire a deep plunge blouse come work? Hell no. It’s industrial tape. On my boobs. Yet for one event, as lengthy as walking the extra mile for clothing is something that you’re under for (and probably, let’s it is in frank, offered to), this cheat is a Godsend. After ~ twenty years, I’ve establish that i can ultimately wear every those backless, strapless, plunging neckline dresses and tops, and I am so, so, excited.

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Bonus? It’s cheap AF. Unlike those expensive and also worthless pole on bras, my roll of Gaffer Tape expense me under $20, and it’s going to critical me the next decade (or till I lose it in a hotel room somewhere).