You’ve spent a glorious work in her garden. Or girlfriend went top top a beautiful hike. Or you picnicked with friends, or took her dog because that a walk, or… well, everything you did, you’re now itchy, splotchy and covered in small red bumps.

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Poison ivy strikes again — or possibly it’s poison oak or poison sumac, as all three plants save on computer the very same oily, allergy-inducing sap called urushiol. An approximated 50% come 75% the the populace is allergic to urushiol, which is found in every part of the plant, consisting of the fruit, leaves, stem, and root.

“When the tree is broken, the resin leaks out,” describes dermatologist Pamela Ng, MD. “You’ll get this rash everywhere the resin touch — and then, if you get it on her hands and also touch your face or other parts of your body, you’ll spread out it.”

Dr. Ng talks around how to treat her poison ivy rash at home and also what to intend as that heals.

How poison ivy rash develops

Poison ivy decision (along v the rashes from poison oak and also poison sumac) brings on bumps, blotches and, typically, a straight streak the swelling and blisters. “It can also be weeping and also crusting,” Dr. Ng says, “and it’s strongly itchy.”

But the rash may not appear right away.

If you’ve been exposed to urushiol in the past and are re-exposed again, her rash will appear in four to 96 hrs (though 24 to 48 hrs is many common). Yet if it’s your very first time being exposed to the plant, it can take up to two weeks because that a rash come appear.

“Your immune system has actually to build an allergic reaction first,” Dr. Ng says, “so if the the very first time her body has ever before seen it, that going to take a while because that the rash come appear.”

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Just how transmittable is toxicity ivy?

Poison ivy rashes is easily spread — on her body and also even native pets to humans. If girlfriend touch a poison ivy plant with your hands, for example, and also then touch your challenge or body, you’ll view a rash in ~ both the original point of contact and the places you’ve touched.

And you nothing necessarily have to make contact with the tree itself in order to make contact with the resin. “People can an episode after call with the resin on their gardening tools, their clothing, or your dogs,” Dr. Ng says.

What to perform if you’ve to be exposed to toxicity ivy

Uh-oh. While working in the backyard, girlfriend pulled the end some unwanted weeds before realizing that one of them to be poison ivy. Currently what?

If you recognize you’ve come into contact with toxicity ivy, toxicity oak or toxicity sumac, take it a shower head to wash off the resin. Friend won’t have the ability to get it every — after ~ 10 minutes of washing her skin, only about 50% that the urushiol resin comes turn off — yet you deserve to lessen that is impact.

What to execute if you have actually a toxicity ivy rash

Unfortunately, the finest natural remedy because that poison ivy is time.

“Poison ivy just needs to run its very own course,” Dr. Ng says. Yet if her rash has already developed, there are steps you have the right to take to lug some relief in the meantime.

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Finally, nothing be alarm if your rash it s okay worse prior to it gets better. It commonly hits its peak at 2 weeks before starting to heal. “Try not to freak out if the rash isn’t gone yet,” Dr. Ng says. “This is its natural course.”

When to see a doctor

Most of the time, poison ivy heals ~ above its own. However make one appointment through your doctor if friend have:

Severe, extensive and widespread rash.Rash on her face, including swelling roughly the eyelids.Rash attach by fever, chills or indicators of infection.

Your doctor might put friend on topical or dental steroid.

How to prevent poison ivy rash

Once you’ve had a decision from poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, your symptoms will appear more quickly the next time you exposed.

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To lower your risk, execute the complying with when you’re outdoors, especially gardening or doing yard work:

Apply one over-the-counter product designed come shield your skin indigenous urushiol resin.Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants and thick, vinyl gloves, as the resin have the right to penetrate thin, surgical-style gloves.Once indoors, take a shower to to wash off urushiol resin and also wash your clothes in detergent and hot water, including bleach, if appropriate, which deserve to inactivate the resin.