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Rain outs price sports institutions thousands of dollars every year. V so plenty of drying agents top top the industry today, i beg your pardon ones do you use and which ones need to you avoid? there are several different species of soil conditioners and dying agents.

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Vitrified Clay drying agents also known as expanded shale and clay. These commodities are fired or small in a rotary kiln at over 2000 ºF. 

Montmorillonite Clay dry agents room clay that is crushed, screened and also baked at temperatures up to 1800 ºF.

Calcined Clay drying agents are additionally fired in rotary kilns between 1200 and 1400 ºF.

Many customers have actually a tendency to over use drying agents. This over use deserve to cause much more issues later on down the road. Over usage of these products can an outcome in dusty, rock tough playing surfaces. If fine particle drying agents room your only option, I would certainly recommend that when the excess water is absorbed, the material should it is in removed.

You may, and I do, recommend that you use the bigger particle soil conditioners together your preferred drying agents. These commodities will soak up simply as much water as the good particles. Plus friend are already topdressing through these products so there is no long term damage to your infield mix.

One product at this time being sold by progressed Turf services is Rain Out. Rain the end is a co-polymer powder that will absorb over 250 times its very own weight in water. It is a non-toxic and non-hazardous product. The application is quicker and much simpler than lugging around 50 lb bags. Doubles as an excellent soil conditioner the helps minimization the lot of labor necessary to get you video game in. But, many importantly, this 10 lbs bucket replace instead replace 1 skid (40 bags) the your consistent bagged dry agents.


(ABOVE) This pond at the basic of this tiny league pitchers mound was totally dried up with much less than 8oz that this product.

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If you room uncertain on which drying agent ideal suits you and your fields, call your local advanced Turf solutions sale rep and request a demo of every one of these products. Check out for yourself… because it is true, “seeing is believing”.