Dropping in is one of the basic techniques of skateboarding. It requires correct human body positioning and total commitment native the skater.

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Technically speaking, dropping in top top a skateboard is not difficult, and the relocate opens up a new, broad range of skating opportunities.

However, beginners are often scared of cram themselves end the ledge. And also that"s perfectly normal and understandable.

They get to the top, look down for the very first time, think twice, and quickly abandon the idea. The an excellent news is that as soon as they nail it, are afraid is no longer part of the equation.

Dropping in is an easy trick. The most an essential variable is psychological preparation - you"ve gained to completely commit to it.

From a physics perspective, everything"s rather simple. It"s 10 percent an abilities and 90 percent determination.

If you"re not comfortable with immediately going because that it, make it a step-by-step process. Don"t worry.

First things first - placed on a helmet.

Start practicing the drop-in technique by jumping on her skateboard when it is stationary.

Run and jump onto her board come train your brain to save your weight forward and also avoid fall off. As soon as you"re comfortable v that movement, try dropping in ~ above a curb.

Then, move to mellow bank ramps. They"re much less steep and easier to ride and aid you figure out exactly how to resolve the bottom transition.

You can also try it out at a skatepark"s mini ramp or the bottom of a constant half-pipe, pumping back and forth and going greater and higher.

If friend can acquire to the coping, you"re usually dropping in, but without the standard drop from the top.

You have the right to even shot it on level ground or a tiny hill - just gain all weight on the ago foot and then put it onto her front foot.

Once you"re acquainted v the steepness of the different surfaces and the balance and also your to trust builds, begin working your way up top top more an overwhelming angles.

The trick come a an excellent drop-in is maintaining your body weight forward on the skateboard as you go down a half-pipe, quarter-pipe, ramp, or bowl.


Drop-in 101

Let"s malfunction the easiest means to drop in on a skateboard:

1. Lock in the plank to the coping through your earlier foot placed square ~ above the tail and the nose sticking out over the ramp;

2. Gently location your prior foot centered over the bolts and just below the nose of the board;

3. Drop your front shoulder down, and confidently transition your weight to the front foot;

4. Let her body swing and also lean front while keeping the plank level;

5. Bend her front knee, let her front foot come down, and also transfer her weight come the sleep of the board;

6. Slam the front wheels down in the ramp;

7. Roll down;

8. Prior to reaching the transition, remember to balance your weight the end evenly in between both feet;

Commitment Is Key

The drop-in process should it is in performed in a fast motion.

Don"t overthink it. Carry out not concern yourself. Don"t spend minutes on top of the ramp getting the courage come drop in.

Commit come the drop there is no hesitations. Otherwise, the board will shoot out, and you"ll slip out and hurt yourself.

Obviously, if you execute it too fast, you"ll nosedive and also fall directly to the ground.

In other words, perform not put your ago foot too far toward the edge of the tail, and also don"t placed your former too far down towards the facility or too far up towards the nose.

Focus on shifting your body weight forward and pressing the nose down relatively fast.

"Dropping in is a mind game. For nearly every skater, dropping in is other of a rite the passage," underline every Welinder and Peter Whitley, writer of "Mastering Skateboarding."

"When you can"t execute it, it hangs ~ above you favor a curse. After you deserve to do it, you feeling liberated and also ready to explore mini ramp tricks at every little thing pace girlfriend like."

The biggest difficulty of dropping in is facing the fear of falling.

Beginners tend to skinny backward together they autumn in, yet that"s a fear an answer mechanism that you need to avoid.

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Ensure you stomp difficult on the front wheels quickly and keep your eyes focused on the area you desire to reach.