Pins space a convenient Google Maps feature that allows you to conserve a location. You deserve to drop a pen to save an address or note a place if that doesn’t have actually an address or if the address is incorrect. Her pins will aid you navigate to these places again, and you can also share them v your friends to suggest a meetup location.

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Google Maps has this efficient and also quick method known together dropping the pin the you’ll uncover useful. Here, we’ll display you just how to employ this method on either your mobile an equipment or computer.

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Dropping pins in Google Maps top top mobile




The most recent version of Google Maps has made the much less complicated to fall a pen from the search box — in fact, that drops a pin automatically, even if it is you desire it or not. That assumes if you space seeking a particular address, you want a pen dropped there. So once you usage the find box to discover an address, count on a pen being deposited there automatically. Friend still need to tap and also hold if you are using the map interface instead of the find box to discover a location.

Step 1: open the Google Maps application on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2: find for an address using the find bar at the optimal of the display or scroll approximately the map until you discover the ar where you want to drop a pin.

Step 3: Press and hold the display to autumn a pin. A irradiate touch is every that’s needed.

Step 4: insanity the pen to get directions to the location and share or conserve them.

Step 5: To remove a pin, just pinch out, and a crate at the optimal reading Dropped pin or the certain Location shows up with one X on the ideal side. Tapping that X gets rid of the pin.

Dropping pins in Google Maps on computer


Step 1: Navigate to the Google Maps website.

Step 2: find for an attend to using the find bar on the upper left next of the screen or scroll about the map till you discover the place where you want to drop a pin. The search bar immediately drops a pen at the place you searched. You don’t have to do something else.

Step 3: Left click the point out you desire to autumn the pin. You may need to zoom in or click contempt to either next of the ar you desire to fall a pin if there is currently a marker there. A little grey pin will appear, as well as an information box in ~ the bottom ideal of the screen.

Step 4: You deserve to press the navigation icon in the information box to get directions come the dropped pin or click almost everywhere else in the box to carry up much more information about the location you’ve selected.

Step 5: from the additional information screen, you have the right to click save to save the pin to her Favorites, want to Go, Starred Places, or a new List. You can view saved pins under Your locations in the key menu.

Dropping lot of pins by developing a map on desktop


If you desire to check out each of your various pins simultaneously, you can save each in the Your locations file. However, be aware that you can not see every one of your pins top top one single map, as Google Maps only allows you watch one pinned ar per map. If you need to publish all her pins ~ above one map, you’ll have actually to develop your very own map. Developing a map of your own permits you to watch the various pins in a simplified method while likewise showing you exactly how they are connected geographically. This is especially beneficial when you want to measure the distance and also relationship between each of her favorite pinned places. We’ve outlined some an easy steps below to teach you just how to develop your very own Google Map.


Step 1: Navigate to the Google Maps website.

Step 2: We desire to cite that you don’t need to be signed in to your Google account to leave individual pins. However, you must be logged in if you want to conserve the pins. You additionally must authorize in to her profile once you desire to create a Google map. 

Step 3: Tap the menu symbol at the peak left side of your screen. 

Step 4: after ~ this, click her Places, then Map, and also lastly, develop Map.

Step 5: A new window will certainly appear, i beg your pardon will show you your recently personalized Google map.

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Click Untitled Map to offer your map a suitable name and kind in a brief description if friend want. Don’t leave without click Save once you’re finished.

Step 6: You deserve to record a specific location by tapping on the marker icon (this is situated right beneath the find bar). You can tap a details area to add a marker for this certain location, or friend can quickly use the search bar and kind in your location of choice to uncover it. 

Step 7: Click on the include directions symbol in the symbol bar in ~ your an initial destination’s description. You might see it pop up at the peak of the display next come the very first marker. Once you complete this step, you will an alert an A field and also a B ar in the bottom left of the page. From here, friend can easily conduct a place search and also use the side food selection to keep including additional destinations. You’ll watch that your map will automatically link to the locations. 

Step 8: If you’re a person who only plans to usage this map for personal purposes, the last step was your last step. There’s no should do something else. ~ above the various other hand, if you want to share her map with another person, you’ll require to click on the icon in the optimal left corner. After ~ doing this, you’ll be able to see a preview of her map before you share that out.