… as our parents age we’re spending much more and more time helping them v sickness and huge life transitions.

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Of course, that causes a the majority of stress ~ above us, takes increase a most our time, and also interferes through your load loss, right? You acquire tempted come grab junk food top top the go, you virtually miss out on exercise due to the fact that of your busy schedule, and you don’t obtain the sleep you need.

Sound familiar? that’s what that was prefer for me as soon as my father to be sick year ago… but it doesn’t need to stop you from getting earlier in shape.

Take a look in ~ this powerful story from among our private coaching clients… Robin to be the absent for her family throughout the final days of her mother’s life, and also yet thanks to the basic steps below, she to be still able to lose weight during these troubled times…

“This is going come sound therefore comparatively trivial given every little thing else I’ve had actually going on — but I simply slid right into a pair of blue jeans that certainly did no fit a month ago,” she composed to our group.

“This is a true testament to what Missi and Craig have taught me (as well as the assistance of this remarkable group!). I began this adventure through them in January with total skepticism. I’m built tiny at 5 foot 2,” yet had bloated the end to a dimension 10-12. I am now back to around a 4-6. This has developed in the setup of husband and also 3 kids, insane work-related schedule, and also upheaval of life with sudden fatality of mine Mom.”


What’s Robin’s secret? It’s not a famine diet!

“I don’t eat perfectly. But I don’t counting calories either. I very intentionally job-related out and/or move daily and also eat real food. Plan is still a pain, however I’m listening and trusting my own interior cues in a means that i don’t ever before remember being able to do before. I am so really very blessed and also grateful beyond words.”

What a heartwarming story.

It’s so wonderful to know that no issue what YOU room going through, the there deserve to be a HAPPY finishing for you and also your health, wellness, and also weight lose journey as soon as you placed these three secrets into place.

So if you desire to lose weight at any type of age, no matter just how busy friend are, and also no matter how stressful her life, start using this three secrets today…

Secret #1 – use a food journal

It is simple to get captured up in the latest “weight ns craze,” yet it is vital for girlfriend to never stray too much from the basics. Use a food journal.

Men’s wellness magazine reported that world who use a food journal lose 3 more pounds 보다 other civilization that are also on the very same diet!

And here’s a 21st-century food newspaper trick. A recent study discovered that if you take photos of your meals, this also works to help you lose fat faster. (Bonus points for posting castle online.)

Now it is a sneaky, no-time trick the works. Usage it to lose it today!

Secret #2 – use short, burst, knowingly exercises

I love how Robin described her workouts – “Intentional.” She provides the short workouts the I’ve created. They don’t require any kind of equipment however you can do them in minutes in the comfort of your own home, even if you space wearing her pajamas. Just obtain up and also go!

Alternate between one of my distinct lower body exercises, an upper body exercise, and also a total-body abs exercise (like Spiderman Climbs or Rocking Planks). Perform that circuit for 4 to 10 minutes and also you’ll kick that stubborn ship fat come the curb… and fit back into your old pants, like Robin.

Secret #3 – Drink yourself thin

Researchers at Virginia tech University discovered that merely drinking 2 cup of water before a enjoy the meal helps you lose weight faster.

But this is an even better – and an ext delicious – trick. Mix one scoop of protein powder through water (or also almond milk) and drink this 30-minutes before dinner.

You’ll eat less, meet your sweet tooth, and give your body the fat-burning protein the it needs.

This is a PROVEN method to get over sugar cravings.

But wait, yes more… me and my team freshly discovered an additional nighttime nutrient that enables you to lose weight thanks to far better sleep. I’ll you around that tonight prior to you walk to bed.

We’ve been studying the genuine reasons why ladies over 40 battle with their weight much more than anyone else at any other age.

I see it every the time…

Women end 40 work-related are working so much harder 보다 ANYONE else yet nothing is ever an altering in your bodies…

And as soon as I realized that no other fitness expert was talking about the real reason ladies over 40 battle so much to lose weight it really ticked me off!

Watch your email tonight for a cool new nutrient-timing tip to help you shed that stubborn belly fat – and look and also feel year younger.

Taking treatment of you,


Craig Ballantyne, CTTCertified turbulence Trainer

PS – choose wisely.

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Peak performance comes in ~ a cost. Girlfriend can’t be elite at everything. You must pick your top priority and focus top top it. You have actually a destiny. Do not hit it. Embrace it. Love it. Live it. Meet it.


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