Drive-thru lanes are just one that the many contemporary conveniences the were designed specifically for drivers. Drive-thru lanes room most generally found in rapid food restaurants and banks. While this two species of drive-thru lanes are similar in function, they have slightly different components.

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5 tips for fast Food Drive-Thru Lanes

When you enter the parking many a fast food restaurant, look because that the drive-thru lane. It should be clearly marked ~ above the pavement and with signage. Fast food drive-thru lanes generally flow in a counterclockwise fashion about the building.


Fast food drive-thru lanes room usually written of 2 stations. The an initial station enables drivers to pull your cars approximately a huge menu board and a two-way speaker. In ~ this station, friend will be able to place your order through the speaker. An employee will notify you of your total. The 2nd station allows you to give your money to a cashier and also receive your order. If second station is supplied to collection money, the attendee will inform you whereby to drive next through the two method speaker in ~ the first station.

Next, progressively drive your vehicle to the second station. Drive-thru lanes need you come maneuver your vehicle in nearby proximity to the building. Be careful to leave sufficient clearance so that you room not in peril of hitting the building, however, you additionally need come make sure that you will have the ability to reach across to the restaurant employee that will be handing your order to you.

At the second window, retrieve her food and also pay for your order. When the transaction is completed, closely exit the drive-thru lane and also proceed to departure the restaurant’s parking lot.


friend can constantly open the door if you’re too much away indigenous the window

6 actions to use a Drive-Thru Teller roadway at a Bank:

Identify wherein the drive-thru is located. Uneven those at fast food restaurants, banks’ drive-thru lanes do not have a standard location. In part instances, the drive-thru teller station might be situated in a different structure on the bank’s premises. Look because that sings and arrows painted on the parking lot of to situate the drive-thru location.

Many drive-thru tellers have actually several lanes. A symbol similar to a traffic light will inform drivers of which lanes are open.


Many drive-thru teller lanes use vacuum it is provided tubes to transport money and documents native the lanes come the novelist or tellers inside the building. Once you pull up to these machines, make sure that friend will be able to reach inside for the tube.


Like rapid food drive-thru lanes, most drive-thru teller lanes space outfitted v a two method speaker device that will allow you to interact with the teller located inside the bank.

Drive-thru lanes are really convenient, specifically in bad weather conditions. Make certain that you pay special attention to steering you vehicle in this tight quarters and also keep one eye out for various other vehicles as well as pedestrians.

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