Canada’s health Minister Patty Hajdu is facing criticism ~ a Twitter picture showed she without a face covering within Toronto’s Pearson airport. Hajdu claimed she complies with Health Canada’s mask guidelines, just removing the mask indoors once eating or drinking.

Following public wellness rules is vital to me. Ns wear my mask at all times at Toronto Pearson, and also only take it off to eat or drink, as allowed. Https://

— Patty Hajdu (

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and although there are no signs of food nor drink in this shot, probably Hadju was on the last swallow of that airport cappuccino or minute post-gulp that a plastic-wrapped muffin, but it brought to light, when again, the inquiry of how to incorporate mask wearing and daily sustenance. What are the rules?

The basics

wellness Canada states to wash your hands for 20 seconds before you touch your face covering to put it on, or usage hand sanitizer if you’re can not to wash. Follow to the agency, “if you perform touch her mask or face, girlfriend should immediately wash your hands with heat water and also soap because that at the very least 20 seconds, or use a hand sanitizer include at the very least 60 every cent, alcohol.”

comparable rules apply for acquisition off a mask: wash your hands before you remove it, avoid touching the front of the mask as soon as removing it and also store it in a record bag or something the doesn’t retain moisture.

Eating and drinking

together for acquisition it off to eat or drink, Sunnybrook wellness Services in Toronto has these proposal : “If you remove your mask come eat or drink, or since you are at the very least two metres (six feet) away from others, friend should ar it carefully on a clean surface ar or in a clean container (e.g., Tupperware) with the component that to be on your mouth and nose facing up. If you use a container, be certain to clean it regularly.” Sunnybrook also says no to wear her mask on your chin, head or hanging off one of your ears. Some restaurants are offering clean bags to keep your masks when eating together well.

Can friend half-mask?

There have actually been a number of different mask prototypes that have actually tried to settle this concern of just how to make the most of a mask when eating and also drinking. Many civilization go about their day drink coffee or water and also pausing every now and then because that a snack or meal. For people who aren’t working from home, the mask deserve to be a resource of wake up if you just need a sip that water.

In the U.S., where countless states were reluctant to shut down indoor dining alternatives for an extremely long, there have actually been several various mask reinventions with zippers, flaps and velcro that shot to sell a solution for eating and also drinking there is no full face covering removal. However, it’s vital to keep in mind these new masks don’t have actually the blessing that the Food and also Drug management or the Centers for disease Control.


The governor of Calfiornia to be criticized previously this month because that a tweet his office sent out saying people placed their mask earlier on between bites, v some speak the advice contradicted guidelines that indicate human being should protect against fiddling with confront coverings or touching them too frequently. California’s restaurant rules just require human being to undertake masks as soon as they aren’t eating and drinking. Governor Gavin Newsom later clarified the the tweet was meant to imply that you need to put your mask back on if you stop eating to review a publication at a restaurant table, for example.

While plenty of of us would choose to ~ do so it’s pre-pandemic times and sit in a restauarnt for a meal, it’s worth noting that also if your region has okayed indoor eating, a sit-down meal is not without risks. Health and wellness Canada lists going come a “crowded indoor restaurant/buffet” together high risk. The Texas medical Association go into much more detail , saying eating in ~ a buffet is high hazard while eating within a restaurant is a moderate-high risk.

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