Red alcohol is a drink enjoyed by many however one point that seems to plague a lot of us is the dreaded stain it leaves on our lips and also teeth. In this write-up we have actually put with each other the 14 tried and also tested winning ways to stop you from looking prefer Dracula ~ above a night out.

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In a Hurry? – fast List

Brush your this before, no afterDrink water between each glass that wineWipe away the stainsEat cheeseEat high fiber foodsApply and also reapply lip gloss / balmSkip white wineUse alcohol wipesUse a dark lipstickExfoliate your LipsLemons & limesLick girlfriend lips ~ every drinkUse a strawUse wine block

Brush Your this Before, no After!

It is very easy to think that brushing your teeth after drinking red wine would certainly be the best option come remove any stains yet this is not actually the case. Brushing your teeth about 30 minutes prior to drinking red wine is in reality the finest option.

When you brush your teeth you space removing any built-up plaque top top the teeth and this is an essential as plaque acts together a magnet for red wine. In enhancement to brushing your teeth, flossing and a plaque fighting mouthwash will also assist reduce the red wine staining her teeth.

It might seem like typical sense to brush your teeth after drink wine yet wine is acidic and also it will leave your teeth in a sensitive state. If girlfriend brush directly after drink wine it have the right to actually damage the enamel on her teeth.

Drink Water between Each Glass that Wine

The benefit of drinking water in between each glass of alcohol is that it helps breaks under the red wine that is clinging to your teeth and also lips. The other benefit of this is that it will certainly also aid with any pending hangover the following day.

Wipe away The Stains

A very an easy but really effective means to combat red wine stains on her lips and teeth room damp paper towels. If you room planning on drink red wine simply cut up a file towel into strips and also on any visit come the bathroom dampen a strip and use it come wipe away any kind of residue on your lips and teeth.

Eat Cheese

This can sound a little silly however wine and cheese carry out not just pair exceptionally well because that taste yet they pair very well when it come to staying clear of red wine stains on her teeth. A difficult cheese when consumed while drinking red wine will coat your teeth in calcium i m sorry helps avoid the red wine from clinging to her teeth. Think cheddar cheese.

Eat High Fiber Foods

High fibre foods items tend to involve a lot more chewing once consumed. This extra chewing acts together a natural way to scrub away the red wine from her teeth. Think potatoes and vegetables choose broccoli and also leafy greens acting as a herbal toothbrush.

Apply & Re-Apply Lips Gloss / Balm

Regardless if you room a man or woman lip gloss or lip enjoyment is your friend as soon as it comes to protecting your lips indigenous red wine staining. The lip gloss/balm will act as a natural obstacle between the red wine and your lips each time you take a drink. Constantly apply a light layer to her lips prior to drinking red wine come prevent any early strikes from the wine.

The lip gloss/balm will naturally start to break down as friend drink more wine so constantly have it to hand and also reapply as frequently as needed. The key here is to always have that barrier collected on your lips favor a wall surface to stop the red alcohol from actually emotional your lips.

Skip White Wine

Believe the or not, white alcohol is actually worse for your teeth 보다 red wine. White wine is much more acidic than red wine and causes an ext damage to your teeth. If white alcohol was any type of other colour 보다 white it would certainly be even harder to prevent the staining of your lips and also teeth. The much more acidic alcohol is the an ext erosion that can reason to the enamel of your teeth.

Skip drinking white wine prior to drinking red wine as it will certainly actually help the red alcohol stain your teeth.

Use alcohol Wipes

This is similar to utilizing a damp record towel and also the same ethics are being used. The alcohol wipes are provided to wipe away any residue on your lips and teeth. The difference between a damp document towel and a alcohol wipe is the a wine wipe comes currently damp so there is no need to keep excusing you yourself to attend the bathroom.

Wine wipes space a lot much more common and also are socially embraced to be offered in windy in the same way a napkin is provided when eat to clean her lips. If friend think wine wipes would be of advantage you have the right to pick increase a packet at amazon for under £16. Check them the end here.

Use A Dark Lipstick

In some instances you might think ns honestly can not be bothered v the hassle red wine brings so a an easy but equally effective way is to use a dark lipstick the will match the colour of the red wine. This is no so much a means of preventing the staining on her lips but much more of a means of masking it.

Exfoliate your Lips

If her lips space dry before drinking red wine you are basically inviting the red wine to stain your lips. Dried skin will constantly absorb moisture from the red alcohol which could lead come red stained flaky lips. To exfoliate her lips take it a wet toothbrush v some baking soda and gently massage your lips. Alternatively, you can additionally use a heat damp towel.

Exfoliating your lips have to be done prior to drinking red wine and also done when you space brushing your teeth prior to drinking. After you have exfoliated her lips the is time to apply a class of lip gloss/balm come act as a more protective barrier.

Lemons & Limes

You may an alert the staining has currently started on your lips and you’re wanting a quick and also discreet means of remove it. Asking the bartender or waiter for a wedge that lemon or lime. Discreetly bite down through your lips and also the citrus in the lemon or lime will certainly help failure the staining that has already occurred.

If the lemon or lime comes in call with your this remember they are acidic and also this is not good for your teeth once drinking red wine. Take it a drink that water or excuse yourself and wipe her teeth through a damp paper towel. The acidic juices the the lemon or lime are not miscellaneous you desire clinging to your teeth.

Lick your Lips after Every Drink

This can sound a tiny silly or a little hard to think as a technique to prevent staining yet this actually does help. After every drink that red wine, a simple lick of her lips with your tongue will help failure any staining. The natural saliva on your tongue will help remove the build-up of red alcohol on her lips. Guideline – Don’t be making eye contact with anyone while licking her lips together it can lead to unwanted attention. (my friend have the right to attest come this).

Use A Straw

Ok, we understand this is not the most elegant method of drinking red wine but it does have actually its place. Using a straw to drink red wine stays clear of the red alcohol from emotional your lips and prevents the wine from washing versus your teeth v each drink.

It may not be elegant and it may not be socially acceptable but it does avoid the staining of your lips and also teeth. This technique is in reality perfect for a wedding day or at an occasion when vital photographs are being taken. Forget the social stigma, seize a straw and say cheese because that the camera.

Use wine Block

Wine block functions as a obstacle between your lips and your teeth. As mentioned above with lip gloss and also lip balm avoids the wine from difficult to her lips however wine block can likewise be applied to your teeth. Apply wine block prior to you drink red wine and also it will aid reduce any type of staining. You can acquire wine block from amazon for under £13. Examine it out here.

How To remove Red alcohol Stains From your Lips

The night has been a success, the red wine has actually been flowing, the laughs have been endless however you are home looking in the mirror and also you look prefer a vampire. The red wine has taken its toll and also your lips are stained. It’s in ~ this allude you wonder exactly how to remove the stains. Listed below are the three approaches you deserve to use to eliminate those unwanted stains.

Exfoliate your lips through a toothbrush – as mentioned prior to exfoliating her lips before drinking red wine helps protect against your lips from staining but this technique also helps eliminate the stains from your lips. Take it a wet toothbrush and also massage your lips, climate dry and also apply a lip balm.

Exfoliate her lips with a damp towel – The wet towel will be provided to exfoliate but likewise wipe away any red wine staining on her lips. Apply the damp towel to your lips, massage gently, dry your lips and apply a lip balm.

Lemon or Lime – Lemon and lime juices are both citric and naturally acidic. This acidic nature is good for breaking down those stains on your lips. Take it a bowl and include a tiny amount that lemon or lime juice, emboldened a towel into the juice and massage it into your lips. Dry off your lips and also apply a lip balm.

If among these approaches does not work-related on its own and you quiet look prefer Dracula girlfriend can try using all three methods until the stains space gone. It is precious noting the your lips are sensitive, you room not scrubbing your lips you are gently massing. Take it care and also apply irradiate pressure.

Why Red wine Stains her Lips & Teeth

There space actually two components at play once it concerns red alcohol staining her lips and also teeth. The very first factor is the red alcohol itself and the second factor comes down to your very own teeth.

Red wine – The first thing we must look at is the actual colouring that red wine as this is the very first thing we an alert when it concerns stained lips and also teeth. Red wine is red due to the fact that of the red coloured pigment of the grape. This colouring stays throughout the entirety winemaking process and unfortunately, in ours case, it have the right to remain on ours lips and also our teeth.

In enhancement to the red wine colouring, there is also another sneaky aspect at play in ~ the red wine. Red wines are normally high in tannin’s and also these, unfortunately, aid the pigment colouring bind to her lips and teeth.

The final aspect that needs to be stated when it involves red alcohol is acid and also how this attacks your teeth. Red alcohol is acidic and it etches in ~ the enamel the your teeth making the teeth more pours and as negative luck would have it, this renders it less complicated for the red wine come stick to her teeth.

Your teeth – The two components when it involves drinking red wine and the result it has actually on your teeth is plaque and also enamel. If you have a build-up of plaque top top your this you space basically offering the red wine a big target to stick to. The plaque acts as a magnet for red wine and also leads come the staining of her teeth.

The remove of plaque helps alleviate the possibilities of red wine sticking to your this as the magnet has been brushed away. This is why the is recommended you brush your teeth at the very least 30 minutes prior to drinking red wine to protect against staining. Ns must suggest out that red alcohol stained teeth space not entirely a hygiene issue as some people are more prone to plaque build-up than others. The vital is come brush forward to remove as much plaque together possible.

The enamel on your this is likewise a factor when it concerns red wine staining. A break down in the enamel top top your teeth acts as another magnet for the red wine come stick to. That is necessary to have good oral hygiene as solid and healthy teeth with an excellent enamel can aid prevent the red wine from sticking to your teeth and also causing stains.

Related Questions

Can every red wines stain my lips and teeth? Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes. Every red wines take their colour from the pigment of the grape castle are developed from and also this colouring leader to the stain on her lips and teeth. Although that being said, a bottle of red alcohol with reduced tanning’s can assist reduce the staining.

Will red wine stain my lips and teeth if I just drink a little? The staining of her lips and teeth normally only happens when you exceed the limit. This is not always the case as everyone is different. Take the preventative methods above if you want to reduce any type of chances the staining.

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There we have it, we know why red wine stains her lips and teeth, how to remove it and also we have included 14 winning means to aid prevent it. If you space planning on grabbing a party of red and also want to stop yourself indigenous looking choose a vampire I suggest using the 14 winning approaches above.