A rapid review that Baileys original Irish Cream, a silky smooth mix of irish whiskey, irish Cream, a touch the cocoa & vanilla. This is my favourite means to drink it.

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Baileys irish CreamFirst published 2015. Update with brand-new content 2020.

Baileys initial Irish Cream, released in 1974, come me, is quiet the ideal cream liqueuron the market, with its secret blend of ireland whiskey, fresh irish cream, a touch the cocoa and vanilla.

Admittedly, at about £16 – £20 ($20-$25) per bottle, that is pricier than some of the various other cream liqueurs the end there, but trust me, the money is an ext than well spent.

What walk Baileys taste like?

No other whiskey cream comes close come the multitudinous emotion one enjoys once drinking Baileys.

The first sip is a balanced, well rounded and also seamless combination of silky smooth, sharp and also hot.

The 2nd sip just heightens that initial warm and also rich pleasure. The assorted flavours and also sensations fight you every at once and also one ~ the other!

Oh yes, it’s complicated, however oh, therefore delightfullycomplicated!

How perform you drink Baileys?

My preference is with a tiny ice (on the rocks), not too lot that it’ll dilute the Baileys, just a couple of cubes to add chill to her drink and lighten it just a smidgen. In ~ 17%ABV, it is a potent delight and also is expected to it is in sipped and savoured.Never rushed!


Baileys Cocktails and Drinks

Naturally, this iconic ireland Drink likewise makes a terrific ingredient in many other drinks and cocktails.


This shooter is a layered drink, named after the well-known 70s band. Over there are plenty of variations to the theme, with alters in the alcohol used, however the initial one attributes Kahlua (a coffee liqueur), Baileys and Grand Marnier, in that order.Click here for the the super simple recipe.

Christmas Alexander

Christmas Alexander

Something ns played roughly with a few years ago, made v Baileys, cream andcrème de cacao.Click below for the recipe,or the photo above.

If friend love creamy drinks, this one’s because that you. But be warned, that is for this reason guileless in both appearance and also flavour, the you’ll it is in savouring it without a care in the world.

Until you stand up and can’t even imagine a directly line, much less walk it!

Baileys irish Coffee

This is quite often my wanted drink to finish off a enjoy the meal with as soon as I’m dining out. Simply make your coffee together you normally would, through or there is no milk. Then finish off with a shooting of Baileys.

Baileys Recipes

It is a well known reality that i love come cook and bake through what i love come drink. As this ireland cream is a favourite tipple, it has tendency to find its means into the kitchen fairly frequently. 2 favourites, and also perfect because that Thanksgiving and Christmas, or Easter, is Baileys Tiramisu and Baileys Mocha Cheesecake.

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Other Baileys Flavours

In the last few years, thepeoplebehind this cream liqueur have introduced a range of flavours including

Mint ChocolateCoffeeOrange TruffleSalted CaramelChocolat Luxe

I’ve make the efforts them, however my heart will always belong come the Baileys original Irish Cream.