It"s no scandal come say that Olivia Pope (played through Kerry Washington) is one of the snappiest dressers TV needs to offer ideal now. The political problem-solving guru wears she ferocious heart appropriate there on she sleeve in every episode of ABC"s hit series, and also she knows just how to manage putting with each other winning daily ensembles. Her style is so swank that it can seem unattainable, yet it"s actually reasonably easy come imitate. Any good gladiator can gain Liv"s watch by adhering to these few simple rules. Here"s exactly how to dress just like Scandal"s layout icon without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

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One of Olivia Pope"s signature sartorial moves is come stick come the basics as soon as it comes to cloth colorations. Her clothing are typically either white, beige, light gray, or black, depending upon her mood, which method when she does throw a new hue into the mix, it yes, really pops. The elegance and also class of her office stay is owed, in part, come the fact to those subtle product tones room understated, sophisticated, and don"t take fist away from she exquisite face. Here, she"s put on a conservative, textured Dolce and also Gabbana button-up jacket that enables her expression to say that all.

Olivia"s additionally not afraid to it is in matchy-matchy through those the shade schemes – cream on cream, even after labor Day, is no crime in she book. The freshness she soft colors bring to the table is a lovely comparison to the strident indigenous that normally come the end of she mouth, for this reason it offers her some extra oomph once she takes someone to task. So, when it comes to picking out those everyday staple item in real life, remember: much less is much more on the shade front.


Another the Olivia"s closet criterions is an excellent coat selection, preferably involving huge buttons. In fact, many of the many jaw-dropping fashion moments from the entire present have connected a jacket that was therefore fabulous the stole the step from everyone connected – also her. Consider the chic Max Mara coat (pictured left) she wore to visit Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in the hospital in Season 2. It to be full-on finesse for Liv, specifically once she paired it with those dashing Dorothy Gaspar gloves, and the excited of the garb grabbed plenty of an eye while all the Olitz drama unfolded about it.

Lyn Paolo, costume designer for the series, remembered how this memorable fashion moment concerned be, telling E! Online, "Kerry and I dropped in love v this coat but I didn"t choose where the sleeves struggle on her arms and also suggested gloves. However then us felt favor it to be so contrived since this to be the hospital scene whereby she was going to view Fitz – and also would she have really taken the time to put on these lengthy gloves? and also I just said, "You know, it"s a fashion moment and also Olivia Pope can put herself together no matter what is walking on in her life. Ns think we need to go because that it!"" because that those thinking around this fashion minute with serious purse envy, it"s regrettably a pricey member of the Prada collection referred to as the White Bauletto ns Vit.Daino Talco Tu – say that 5 times quick — but a more affordable alternate could conveniently work, too.

As with this one, many of Olivia"s finest pieces the outerwear have actually usually connected dominant collar construction, along with a small asymmetrical action. So, when trying come scoop up a perfect replica, store the form of the item – and, that course, the above-mentioned tint trend – in mind. The bigger, the better, in this case. Just look to the present on she white Burberry caped trench coat and also light pink Salvatore Ferragamo coats (pictured middle and right, respectively) for shaping inspo before the winter wear home window browsing begins.


As Liv"s personality has advanced throughout the show, she"s started to include to she caramel color game and bring in some new zing, choose this orange and also violet Fendi ensemble she wore in the midseason premiere the Season 5. Paolo said Entertainment Weekly that the surprising an option was meant to be just that: a surprise. "When we very first see Olivia, the point we really wanted to do was shock the audience <...>. We literally wanted them to it is in like, "Oh mine God, we perform not recognize what"s walk on, or that this human is anymore,"" she said.

The takeaway? Your everyday wear can be a small monochromatic, however it method that as soon as you perform want to stand out, it deserve to be as straightforward as choose the ideal bright piece to shine. For Olivia, she"s tended towards the yellow-orange-red side of the spectrum once opting for an impact outfit, yet that can not constantly be the appropriate fit for your individual look, so feel totally free to discover the remainder of the rainbow to select the many dynamic fit because that you. Together Paolo advised via ET Online, "Know your body, discover what looks an excellent on you and stick v that. Always be true come yourself and also you will have actually the OP swagger."


One the the good things about the Scandal siren being such a fashion hero is that the costumers have made a concentrated effort come recycle piece throughout. As Paolo defined to People Magazine, "We wanted Olivia to have a closet space, therefore in every episode, we wear at the very least one item that Olivia has actually worn before. These are genuine people."

In fact, also though Liv constantly looks extremely put together on-screen, Paolo told E! digital that most of she suits space a hodge podge of individual pieces. "We never buy a finish suit. Us usually room mixing and matching. We room trying to develop our own look." The reason that small tidbit can often walk unnoticed is that so plenty of of Liv"s pieces room neutral enough to easily match up through something new, like this Rebecca Bourke quartz necklace the founds it method into much more than among her look at in Season 3. This is yet one more reason why the simple base palette is together a heavy fashion structure for she (and you) to walk with.


Even when she"s donning her many bare-bones business-ready attire, Olivia constantly has at least one accessory come tie the whole thing together. Even if it is it"s she trademark mass bags, a fragile necklace strand, a pair of animal leather gloves, or even an umbrella, the added touch is constantly thrown right into the garb mix come remind everyone within check out that she is, indeed, ever before the belle of the ball. Oh, and also the white cap is more than just a metaphor, as she showed with her custom Louise eco-friendly fedora (right) that fully set apart she bright white service suit.

When it involves her accessories, Olivia has actually a knack because that finding a piece that"s at as soon as a statement items and short key. Through her numerous Prada purses, for example, they"re usually huge but also rather unembellished and also light-colored (added bonus of that: they"ll complement just around everything from her closet); and also her jewel is often dainty and unextravagant, however still mirrors her composure and also refinery. So, as soon as in the industry for those an essential add-ons, opt for something through an waiting of neutrality to complete the Olivia-inspired look.

Olivia Pope has had plenty of methods to go extra glam because that the assorted high-profile to work she"s cool sufficient to attend, and also she"s take away every chance to show off she untouchable ball gown game. Among the many successful facets has been the trembling interplay in between her classic color choices and also bold geometrics woven into the dresses" construction.

In the second season, because that example, because that Fitz"s birthday party, she wore an amazing Jean Fares couture gown (left) that was "a nightmare" to work-related with behind the scenes but stunned on-screen through its linear and also curving embellishments; then, later on in the season, she wore a two-toned Escada gown (middle) that had actually some rigid points comes in at the waistline, which stood for her within turmoil and also emotional division. In ~ the White house Correspondents" Dinner in Season 3, she turned the "eat her heart out" dial way up with this sharp-shaped Rubin Singer design (right). "I want something with tough edges," Paolo said EW the the choice. "It"s sexy and it"s feminine, however there"s no sweet to the <...>. This is the challenging Olivia."

For those at home, when the chance calls because that extra swagger, consider taking a sheet from the Olivia Pope playbook by looking for an in similar way striking edge or a item that has a pronounced information woven in.

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Red wine enthusiasts have uncovered a kindred soul in Olivia Pope because, just as James link has given some significant cachet come the shaken-not-stirred martini scene, Liv"s been making that nightly cabernet sippage a must-do routine. The drink, which, as soon as in public, deserve to be a total part of a person"s knowingly ambiance, is a well known stain nightmare. Which way when she choose it, whilst wearing her fabulous (oft light-colored) frocks, she shows up even an ext unafraid and self-possessed. So, it perfect aligns with her do not be afraid demeanor.

If friend really desire to record her presence, and the chance for spirits selection presents itself, nursing a glass the the red ingredient is just the ticket come the end up line... Age permitting, of course. Cheers!