adorable snookie (a.k.a. Nicole polizzi) is a happy dresser whose style has evolved since the early jersey shore days and also is much more polished now—though she deserve to still rock a mini skirt or denim cut-off shorts with huge boots prefer nobody’s business.

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in order come differentiate in between snookie and also jwoww (who renders bodycon dresses concerned life), the ideal diy snookie costumes are those that present off her casual style.

train choose a beast look favor a beauty women’s tank top ($9.99)

considering exactly how this is an yes, really t-shirt that snookie wore, it’s perfect for her diy costume. Acquisition it in a size smaller 보다 your actual dimension to make certain it’s snug and, if it’s also long, don’t be afraid to take it a pair of scissors come the bottom and also hack it turn off to produce a crop top.

sexy bright cut-off blue jeans ($13.99)

snookie doesn’t shy far from a pair of cut-off shorts—the shorter and an ext distressed, the better. The high-waisted fit and not-too risqué style of this shorts make it an ext likely you’ll repurpose them long after halloween is over.

fourever funky faux shearling boot ($14.88)

snookie’s actual trademark furry boots will price you, however that doesn’t average you can’t acquire her look for less. This vegan fake fur boots room so snookie, ideal down come the leopard print and rhinestone accents. Wear lock proudly v your cut-off denim shorts and tank, in true snookie style.

glamaker overlapping cat’s eye sunglasses ($13.99)

no snookie halloween costume is finish without a pair of extremely oversize sunglasses decorated through as numerous sparkling rhinestones together possible. Snag this pair because that cheap and also you’ve acquired snookie’s common casual watch under wraps.


thanks to her significant personality, jwoww, or jenni farley, have the right to pull turn off a slew that looks, consisting of bold human body con dresses and flirty mini skirts v tube tops. If we had actually to pick just one standard jwoww outfit come diy right into a halloween costume, there’s no doubt it would be this one.

doramode spaghetti strap body-con dress ($13.33)

a strapless or spaghetti strap bodycon dress in a light or metallic the shade truly is just one of jwoww’s style trademarks. This dress is do from velvet, hugs your curves in jwoww fashion, and comes in 18 colors. This dress in khaki payment homage to jwoww’s ability to integrate glam through street style.

rf room that fashion chunky heel ($12.50)

accessorize v this pair of chunky heels, finish with a five-inch hoe height and sparkling rhinestones throughout the toes. Bonus points for being vegetables (and affordable).

tijn non-prescription glasses ($10.89)

how cute are jwoww’s red eyeglasses in jersey shore household vacation? though she doesn’t normally rock these frames while wearing a bodycon dress, incorporating a couple of classic jwoww elements with modern jwoww layout is a fun means to reinterpret her look on halloween.

the male actors members

the males on jersey shore are always wildly entertaining to watch and also would be totally fun to dress up as on halloween. Though pauly, mike, vinnie, and ronnie have actually slightly various styles that set them apart, these pieces could pretty lot work for most of the guys.

tuokay fake gold necklace ($8.99)

no issue which male actors member you’re dressing up together on halloween, you require a gold chain necklace—the thicker, the better.

techno pave watch ($17.99)

while you’re accessorizing, don’t forget the second most essential piece of jewelry on jersey shore: a gigantic, blinged-out watch.

assorted ink love life tattoo sleeve ($5.85)

if friend don’t have actually a tattoo sleeve already, you’re going to require one asap. Just roll this tat sleeve appropriate over your arm. No needle and ink required.

ed durable mesh tee height ($6.39)

there’s no means around it: every proper jersey shore man needs one ed hardy t-shirt.

beauty by planet self tanner ($27.24)

you didn’t think you could get away v a jersey shore diy halloween costume without using a little self-tanner, did you? as long as you’re gtl-ing, might as well make the a great organic self-tanner filled v nourishing ingredients.

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