Let’s be real—Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) is having a major moment right now. Never ever mind her marital relationship to pop star Justin Bieber, though; we require to comment on her style. The model has actually a method of experimenting with trends, most of which have actually a touch that the athleisure aesthetic, every the while keeping an undeniable level the polish. To put it simply, we’re below for it.

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Whether she’s donning a cropped sweatshirt with a pair the plaid pants together she’s out to run errands or wearing a monochrome ensemble because that a night out, we’re taking a web page from the the girl’s book and copying this looks stat. If you feeling the same way, we’ve gathered few of the model’s ideal looks to include to her sartorial motivation board. Scroll down to view them every below, and then shop every look to make it her own.





Style Tip: Beige is every the rage. Pair a monochrome look through elevated equipment to pull turn off Bieber's laissez-faire vibe. 


Style Tip: When in doubt, pair classic black and also white pieces through gold equipment for a wear-anywhere outfit.

Style Tip: integrate a cool hoodie with your important winter puffer for simple go-to athleisure ensemble.

Style Tip: A unique leather jacket with a pair that jeans and also high-tops will touch ~ above the "90s in every the best ways.

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Style Tip: her patentleggings can quickly replace your jeans together a neutral. Format them v a sweatshirt and sneakers for an easy athleisure outfit.

Up next: Hailey and also Justin Bieber reached Peak couple Style in the roadways of Paris. 

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