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How To do A DIY Princess Poppy Troll inspired Costume For less Than $4

The Trolls Movie

The Trolls Movie come out last year during the 2016 holidays season.

Since then, my daughter has been head end heels in love and still, can’t prevent talking about it!

All that the characters in this movie look therefore colorful and cuddly covered with felt and also glitter, exactly how can any kind of normal son not walk bananas?

Don’t also get me started on all those cool songs and also hippy-dippy dance moves, lol.

This is a screenshot that i took on mine phone the the fleece fabric blanket indigenous Joann Fabrics the I have used together my incentive for mine DIY Poppy influenced costumes.

What’s no to love?

the is slim sensory overload for any kid.

She has actually seen this movie a grand complete of 25 times in counting and also does not setup to protect against watching that anytime soon.

I think she to know every song and also can recount every dance move from start to end.

This is a screenshot of the Poppy costume the was offered at the Target shop in October 2017.

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Mine daughter astutely mentioned that it’s not fleece, unlike how it was in the movie.