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Does the 1950’s housewife way of life appeal come you? Learn how to it is in a 1950’s housewife and some the the means it can benefit you and also your family.

Some of the many popular posts on mine blog are around being a 1950’s housewife. I named my blog because this is something the appeals come me together well.

I thrived up watching i Love Lucy and also other sitcoms that showed the idyllic 50’s housewife. It always appealed come me. I have loved baking because I to be a little kid and I constantly wanted a home of my very own to decorate and take care of.

The clothes, the homes, the ads, every one of it just makes the 1950’s housewife seem for this reason glamorous and also happy. It’s easy to check out what many women are ending up being attracted to this idea again.

How to be a 1950’s Housewife


First, make sure this is what friend want. Among the an excellent things about modern times is women have more choices. It’s an excellent to now have the ability to choose to it is in a housewife instead of the being intended of most women.

If ns was yes, really a “retro housewife” ns wouldn’t have this blog or my own business. Ns love being able to it is in the kind of housewife I desire to it is in but additionally make an income at home.

You can be a “1950’s housewife” and have a job. Take it what you want from this list, what will occupational for you and also your family, and make that apart of your life.

Now on to the funny stuff, ways you deserve to be an ext like a 1950’s housewife!

Dress the Part


The fashion native the 1950s is one of my favourite parts. Ns love one skirts, cute kitten heels, pearls, and every one of that fun stuff.

For a while, i dressed in vintage fashion usually every day. Now I stay a mix the things however I do still favor to wear costume every day and also you will certainly often uncover me in stockings with seams and cute heels. And I carry out still stay a many circle skirts.

You additionally don’t need to look favor you stepped the end of the 1950s. The bigger point is ditching the yoga pants and also put on something that renders you feel an excellent and put together.

It’s amazing exactly how much far better you feel and also how much an ext ready to take on the human being you feel as soon as you wear a cute outfit, also just at home.

It also means if you have actually a surprised guest or even a distribution guy girlfriend aren’t embarrassed come answer the door!

Putting on some makeup, if friend wear it, and also doing your hair helps together well. Basically, just actually obtain ready each day.

Keep Your house Clean

Having a home that looks nice, is clean and also comfortable because that you and also your family members is a big part of being a homemaker. The doesn’t must be perfect, just comfortable and also clean.

Be sure you take time to declutter. This will help you save your house clean more easily. When this post-war era was beginning the consumer culture they still had actually less, with lack of a far better term, cheap junk in their homes.

To steal a term indigenous Marie Kondo, save things that spark joy. The course, likewise keep those things you need. Ns don’t know around you but my mop doesn’t spark joy yet I should most likely keep it.

Once your residence is decluttered, create a cleaning schedule that works for you. Don’t forget the the rest of the family members can aid as well. Even in the 1950s youngsters had chores (often a lot an ext than now) and also the one working exterior the house still assisted as well.

You have the right to even try out a 1950’s clean routine. It’s not easy yet your home will be yes, really clean! You will certainly likely also lose a little bit of weight.

Make delicious Meals for her Family


Eating the end was treated as an ext of a thing scheduled for unique occasions and fast food was just gaining started in the 1950s. Fun side note, my grandma worked at among the first McDonald’s together a teenager in California. She even served Lucille round once.

Most meals were made at home from scratch. Quicker alternatives were beginning to display up however they still weren’t together common.

Cooking much more from scratch can save girlfriend money, improve your health, and also even lug your household closer together.

Depending on her family and season that life, skip the tv in ~ dinner time. Usage this time to connect with each other.

My husband and I perform eat in prior of the tv, it’s one of the couple of times either of us renders time because that tv. However we still usage this time to talk about our days and also enjoy every other’s company. We normally don’t pick things to watch the require much attention therefore this really helps.

Take treatment of your Marriage

Have you review The good Wife’s Guide? It’s a list stated to it is in from the 1950s about how a woman should treat she husband and also act in general.

There space things we have the right to learn from it yet it’s additionally outdated and shows few of the sexism that occurred during the time. I in reality have created a modernized version due to the fact that I think there room things we deserve to still learn from it. Click right here to check out it.

The biggest thing is to make your relationship a priority. Have day nights, connect with each other often, and also put genuine time and energy into it.

My husband and also I have tendency to have actually an at-home day night top top Tuesdays. This is miscellaneous quick, often 30 minutes or less. Simply a time every week that we commit come connecting.

Saturday us usually have actually a date night/day and we will certainly go out to eat or regularly we will certainly go about an hour away to the Oklahoma City area and do a bit of shopping, possibly go come a museum, and also have a nice dinner. We don’t have actually kids and also are in a ar in our stays where this functions well because that us. Us are really busy throughout the week so we load in much more time ~ above the weekend.

If friend can’t take it a huge chunk the time appropriate now, discover smaller pockets the time and also take much more time once it’s available.

Be a component of her Community

Many housewives throughout the 1950s volunteered in your communities, even more during the war. It was a method to give ago but likewise a method to not gain bored and also get the end of the house.

It’s still important for housewives to gain out that the house and also it’s crucial for all of us to offer back.

It doesn’t need to be a long term commitment however find some things you have the right to do come give ago often. Maybe serve food at a food bank, help an yonsi neighbor through some gardening or errands, volunteer at a local animal shelter, every little thing makes girlfriend happy and also you have time for.

I can’t stress enough how much this can assist if you begin to feel bored or lonely together a housewife. It will help you connect with others and feel good about what you are doing.


You can try to be as authentic or modern as you’d like. We have the right to all find out from the 1950’s housewives.

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I have to say i feel quite glamorous in a cute dress, baking something in mine vintage kitchen. And also that’s what it’s every about, doing what makes you feel an excellent and happy and works for your family.