In this drawing tutorial, we will present you just how to attract a pickup truck in the action by step sketching tutorial. Our drawing guides are perfect for beginners.

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We room glad to check out you top top! In this guide, we will display you how to draw a pickup truck in a basic step by step tutorial. Pickup van are really popular in the unified States since they space a very huge and comfortable auto with many beneficial features. However with globalization, trucks have end up being popular exterior of north America. The main advantage of van is their large roomy trunk, in which girlfriend can bring anything indigenous a motorcycle to a Christmas tree.

At the time of the appearance, pickup van were greatly used by farmers, businessmen, and in basic by those that were involved in some kind of transportation of cargo for their business. Because that this drawing lesson, we took the Chevy Colorado 1 model, which has been and also is very popular. This is a mid-size pickup truck, i m sorry in our instructions is a four-door, favor the Chevy Colorado model, which has actually an elongated auto cab.

Art devices for this sketching:

pencil;black marker;colored pencils, shade markers, or felt-tip pens.;drawing paper;

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to attract a Pickup van

Draw a an easy shape.

You need to attract the basic look that the car, illustration in proportion to the Chevy body.


Draw the Chevy windows.

Now draw the windshield and both side home windows of the pickup truck car.


Outlines that doors and also wheels.

Draw the currently of the doors under the sketched windows, splitting the body into parts. Then draw circular lines for the wheel of your Chevy Colorado sketch.


Front part details.

Now you need to draw the former bumper of her pickup truck, headlights, radiator grille, and rearview mirrors. You have the right to take your time and sketch everything neatly.


Sketch the lines of the body.

To make the drawing realistic and also three-dimensional, you need to follow the example from this action to map out the lines of the body, which will make the wheel arches voluminous.


Sketch the little details.

DepictDraw the rims that the pickup truck. The lamps in the Chevy headlights, and also then include the wheels and also the shape for sketching the rims.


Draw the rims that the pickup truck.

In the tiny circles drawn in the last step, lay out the rims of your pickup van sketch. You’re virtually done!



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Sketch the shadows on her Chevy Colorado sketch. If you want to color your drawing, then use coloring offers and include colors to your sketch.


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