How to attract Ears

Welcome to illustration the ear from the side, you can find the action by step overview with example drawings below. I likewise have part worksheets for illustration ears that you can print and use when you’ve make the efforts the action by step. Hand on practice is crucial for illustration so the worksheets are designed to encourage a streamline means of drawing regularly.


Step 1. Guideline

Draw a rectangle the is the almost right size and also proportion the the ear you desire to draw.

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Using guidelines help us develop a mechanism for playing with different character designs, as soon as you obtain comfortable v a more normal size ear you can easily change it simply by adjusting the initial guideline.

This step will also make it easier to draw ears ~ above heads after that because you can enhance the tip to the head.

Step 2. Corner

Draw an angled heat in the peak right corner, the hole of the ear will certainly be ~ above the left next so this is the external edge that the ear


Step 3. Big Curve

Draw a curving heat from the bottom ideal of the vault line, down in the direction of the bottom left.

Don’t connect this line completely to the left edge due to the fact that we want to leave some room for the rounded component of the ear where civilization usually get their ear pierced. If you desire you can play through how much away or near this line pertains to the left side, different proportions deserve to create an extremely different personality designs.

Step 4. Height Curve

Let’s finish the large kind of the ear by illustration in a curve in ~ the top that comes slightly down and connects top top the left side of our guideline.

Feel totally free to erase and also make transforms to her drawing! Look in ~ the as whole proportions of her drawing and also see if you want to make any kind of changes, at this stage we have the huge forms in place so we have a an excellent idea the what the ear will certainly look like. The adhering to steps will simply be including in the details.


Step 5. Inside Curve

Add a curve towards the center of the left line, behind this curve will certainly be the dark region of the ear (the ear hole).

Make certain not to attract this curve as well close to the top

Step 6. Turning back Curve

Draw another curving line the goes in the opposite direction the the last curve, this line defines the upper ridge that the ear.

Pay attention to how the an are between the optimal curve and this inner curve are farther apart in the direction of the left and slightly closer in the direction of the height right.


Step 7. Ideal Edge

Continuing native the curved line in the last action lets add a line the is angled downwards to match the line in the first step in the process (the one in the height right of our rectangle).

Step 8. Inner Region

Add a bent line behind the within curve that is in the center of the ear, the space between these 2 lines will certainly be where the earhole is situated & wherein we will certainly darken in to indicate the depth the the ear.


Step 9. Shading

Add shading to the inner edge of the ear to give it depth.

Add a small curved heat in the bottom left to connect the outer edge come the left guideline

I choose to include a couple of thin currently to offer the illustration a bit much more form, you have the right to see this in the direction of the bottom ideal of the ear where I have actually gently included a few lines.

Step 10. Practice

Take some time to attract a couple of more ears in her sketchbook or on plain paper! illustration is loads of fun because you deserve to experiment a lot of without any type of real costs.

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Play about with proportions, attract a rectangle the is slightly taller or wider, watch what varieties of shapes you like

This is a much more simplified kind of the ear since I choose a much more minimal approach, you can additionally lookup picture of actual ears and see how far you can push the details if that is miscellaneous you room interested in.

This completes the drawing of the ear indigenous the next view. There space tons much more tutorials on the site that you can check out and also I will certainly be extending lots more topics end the next couple of months so continue to be in touch! ns hope this was helpful to girlfriend :D give thanks to you because that letting me part of your artistic journey ^.^