How to earlier up message messages from her Android device.

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every little thing your factors for wanting to back-up or deliver messages from her Android phone, we"ve gained you covered. In this write-up we"ll cover exactly how to back-up text message to Windows pc or laptop, fiddle WhatsApp messages, and also even deliver messages indigenous Android come Android.

Here are the 3 Android message message backup methods reviewed:

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Droid deliver for Windows

Transfer speak to Logs and also Calendars - FREE.Copy 100 Music and Photo items indigenous Android to computer - FREE.Copy the an initial 5 message of any type of conversation come your computer - FREE.Browse Android Contacts and also Files - FREE.

purchase a Droid move license to remove the restrictions.

Save Android text messages to computer

For this technique we are using the computer software "Droid Transfer" and also the accompanying deliver Companion app. Droid Transfer have the right to copy messages from her Android come computer, yet can additionally manage and transfer other data favor music, photos and contacts!

Let"s see just how we deserve to save Android SMS and MMS come computer:

Launch Droid transport on her PC.Click the messages header in Droid Transfer and also select a article conversation.Choose come Save PDF, Save HTML, Save Text or Print.


Transfer Companion:


Droid Transfer:

Try Droid Transfer cost-free ▼Receive an email with a link so you have the right to download the free trial on your computer:

Email Address:" id="emailSend" style="width: 25%; padding: 10px 5px; height: auto;">

Note: us respect her privacy. Us won"t share her Email resolve with anyone else, or send you spam.

The an excellent thing around Droid transport is the you have the right to save all post conversations at once, and also one in ~ a time. Droid carry ensures that all MMS media prefer photos and videos space copied along with your messages.

Check out our complete guide: how to conserve Android messages to computer.

Or watch it in action...

Save and also Transfer WhatsApp messages

Although Droid move can access and copy her SMS and also MMS messages, that cannot access WhatsApp Messages.

If you want to export WhatsApp messages and also conversations to her computer, one more device, or also send to another person, you have the right to do so directly from the WhatsApp app on her Android phone.

How come export WhatsApp chats indigenous Android:Open WhatsApp on your Android device.Tap the Menu icon > Settings.

Tap "Chats" indigenous the perform of settings.Tap Chat background > fiddle Chat.
Choose a conversation to export.Select exactly how you"d choose to save your chat to complete the export.When exporting a WhatsApp chat, you have actually a plethora of choices including saving to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, or sending out the chat via email, Gmail or text message.

How to backup WhatsApp chats native Android:Open WhatsApp on your Android device.Tap the Menu symbol > Settings.Tap "Chats" from the list of settings.Tap conversation Backup.Tap "Account" to select or include your Google drive account.


Check "Include Videos" if you would prefer to export castle too.Tap "Back Up" to back-up your WhatsApp conversations and media to Google Drive.

Backing up your messages in this method enables you to gain back your WhatsApp messages to her phone if anything should take place to it. You can even use the backup to regain your messages and media to one more phone!

Backup & gain back with Google Drive

You may also be interested to recognize that you can perform regular backups of your Android come Google Drive.

This method is an excellent for backups the you don"t should remember to manually initiate, however there are a couple of drawbacks. Contrary to the techniques above, Google will certainly not ago up her MMS message - just your SMS, so your multimedia messages will not be saved. Additionally, girlfriend can"t view the content of your backups, contrary to Droid deliver in an approach 1, and the backups have the right to expire if friend don"t use your an equipment for a while, therefore it"s feasible that you might lose her data as soon as you require it most.

That said, backing up her Android come Google is very easy, therefore let"s see how it"s done. Depending upon the model of your phone, and also the variation of Android the uses, this steps may differ slightly:

Launch the Settings application on her Android device.Tap "System" climate "Backup".Choose "Back up now" to develop a new backup of your machine to Google Drive.

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Backup Android come Google DriveTo watch what gets backed as much as Google Drive and how to reclaim your Android call from together a backup, examine out Google"s guide.

Transfer message messages to new phone

Oh! watch that smooth lead right into this an approach there? That"s right, it"s possible to transfer your message from one Android come another. Deliver SMS and also MMS to a brand-new Android device, restore your WhatsApp backup to another maker and more!