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You can quickly download every one of your picture or choose a select few to transport from your Android phone to your computer. Here"s exactly how to download Android call photos to a windows 10 or Mac computer.

How come download Android photos come a windows 10 PC

The easiest way to move your image from your Android phone to her Windows pc is to usage the Photos app that come pre-loaded in windows 10. V the image app, you deserve to import every one of your photos, or just some that them, and also choose the folder where you desire them transferred to, so you understand where to find them later.

Unlock your phone.With a USB cable, affix your phone to her computer.On your phone, tap the notice that pops up because that USB settings, charging, or data access. Or, if friend don"t check out a notification, get in Settings and also search for "USB Preferences." relying on your Android device, you might see "Use USB connection for," "Allow access to her data," or just "Charging" through "Tap to adjust USB options" below.Select "Allow," "File Transfer," or "Photo Transfer" come authorize data carry to your computer.
Open the Photos application on her computer.On the top right of your screen, click the "Import" button. It will ask if you want to import from a Folder or a connected Device.Select "Connected Device." as soon as you pick "Connected Device," the computer will look because that your maker and display screen the image on it. Youcan import all the images, all of the pictures from your last import, or justa few select imagesOn this screen, girlfriend can additionally select where you"d like the pictures to go. Click on "Change Destination" and also choose your wanted folder.

How come download Android phone photos to a Mac

If you desire to download photos come a Mac, us recommend utilizing the Photos application on your computer.

Unlock your phone.With a USB cable, attach your call to your computer.On your phone, tap the an alert that pops up for USB settings, charging, or data access. Or, if girlfriend don"t see a notification, get in Settings and search because that "USB Preferences." depending upon your Android device, you may see "Use USB connection for," "Allow access to her data," or merely with "Tap to adjust USB options" below.Select "Allow," "File Transfer," or "Photo Transfer" come authorize data deliver to her computer.Open the Photos app on your Mac (if the doesn"t open automatically), and also you"ll see a screen with every the photos on your linked device. Girlfriend may have to click her device"s surname in the image sidebar if the doesn"t immediately populate.Select the picture you desire to deliver to your Mac. Click "Import Selected" if you"re going to move a group of photos, or friend can choose to income "All new Photos" to make certain your many recent photos are backed up onto her Mac.

If you"re looking for the photos you"ve imported, you"ll uncover them stored in the picture Library in the pictures folder.

How to download Android phone call photos to your computer system if you ago them as much as Google Photos

The default application for image on numerous Android phones is the Google image app, which girlfriend can set up to backup all of your photos and also videos to Google image online. (You"ll find that alternative in the Google Photos app by tapping her account profile photograph or initial, picking Photos setups > back-up & sync, and also tapping "Backup & sync" on.) Here"s how to download photos on Google picture to her computer.

Select one or much more photos by hovering over the upper left corner and also clicking the checkmark as soon as it appears. Now, you"ll check out circles in the top left of her photos, which you have the right to click come select. Click on more circles to select more photos. Holding under the shift crucial and climate clicking in a one will choose all photos in between the last choose photo and the one you just clicked. Girlfriend can pick hundreds in ~ a time this way.
Once you"ve selected your photos, click the triple dot menu symbol in the top right.Select Download. Girlfriend can select where to save the record on your computer.Your photos will certainly be conserved to a Zip file.Double click on the Zip paper you just saved.Select "Extract all" and also choose whereby you desire your photos saved.

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