Katherine request " I supplied to prefer listening to podcasts on my old iphone phone 5, however the sound comes the end of noise after ns dropped it right into the sink. Currently I move iPhone come the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, however it is no compatible v iTunes, and also I have actually no idea just how to sync my favourite iTunes podcasts to my brand-new Android phone. Help! "

If friend encountered the same problems like Katherine put forward, over there is no need to feel upset, glossesweb.com totally free Phone Music Manager would perform you a favor. As a powerful music manager designed because that Android and iOS, it can sync itunes podcasts to your Android conveniently for free.

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How come Sync and Listen come iTunes Podcasts on one Android Phone

glossesweb.com cost-free Android & iOS Music Manager

Simply install and also launch this all-in-one workdesk top Music application designed for iOS & Android, which enables you to carry video, photos, music etc from your computer to Android & iOS device within an easy steps.

Transfer, edit, backup, manage, watch iOS & Android machine data: Music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and more. Download videos native 100+ video clip sharing sites as much as 4K HD video quality and also transfer to iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android. Massive complimentary resources: videos, wallpapers, ringtones. Comfortable toolkit: Audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker, etc.



1.Export iTunes podcasts to her computer.

To sync and also listen to iTunes podcasts on an Android Phone, simply transfer podcast indigenous iTunes Library come your computer via this workdesk top Music application designed because that iOS & Android.

Connect your iPhone come computer and run glossesweb.com. Walk to Toolkit > Common Functions > iTunes Library, select "Podcast" from appropriate panel the glossesweb.com, and then pick podcasts friend need, press Export come PC button.


2. Carry iTunes podcasts from computer to Android phone

To listen to iTunes podcasts on her Android Phone, you need to transfer those podcasts from computer to Android.

Simply press "Media" tab and also click on "Import" option. Climate a dialogue will certainly pop up, just select podcasts on your computer and hit "Open". Those iTunes podcasts could be transferred to your Android device now. You have the right to enjoy castle on you brand-new phone.

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Supported OS: Android 3.0 - Android 11

sustained Android Devices: Samsung; Sony; Huawei; Xiaomi; Motorola; Nubia; Meizu; Vivo; LG; lenovo; Nexus; HTC; Vivo; Oppo and also more.