DirecTV is one ATT month-based streaming service, which allows you to watch HBO, Cinemax, and other top-rated regional cable networks on her TV.

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Unfortunately, the DirecTV does not come contained with the LG clever TVs. The means, LG individuals cannot gain entertained native DirecTV by default.

Don’t gain worried!

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In this blog post, we will show you step-by-step, just how you can easily install DirecTV currently on her LG smart TV.

Without further ado, let’s examine out the details.


Streaming DirecTV currently on LG clever TV

Well, natively LG net OS does not support the ATT DirecTV Now. If you search for the DirecTV application on the LG Webtore, you will check out no results.

The an easy reason for the is, ATT go not support the LG net OS for its content streaming organization (DirecTV).

However, there room some tricks that you deserve to use to get DirecTV now on LG clever TV.

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Streaming through Your cell phone Device

The easiest means of streaming ATT DirecTV on her LG clever TV is by making use of your mobile phone. You deserve to use your mobile phone’s screencasting attribute to screen the DirecTV contents on the big screen.

In this way, you perform not need to buy any type of additional machine in order to watch the DirecTV content.

Here is how to acquire DirecTV application On clever TV making use of your cell phone phone:

Firstly, download the DirecTV application on your mobile phone from the Playstore (if you are using an IOS device, then you have to download the applications from the apologize Store).Connect your mobile phone to the exact same network together your smart TV.Play her favorite contents on the DirecTV application.Use the screen mirroring choice on your mobile phone call to cast the display screen from your mobile phone to your TV.

Using Amazon Fire Stick

We know that not everybody is comfortable using the mobile phone in order to clock the DirecTV contents on the TV screen, together calls and other notifications deserve to interrupt your momentum.

To counter the situation, you need to use a maker called the Amazon Fire Stick, it’s a streaming rod by Amazon that you can use to rotate your non-smart TV into a clever one.

It has actually plenty the streaming choices including Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, Youtube, as well as ATT DirecTV. You can attach this streaming stick come the TV because that watching your favorite DirecTV content on her LG clever TV.

Here are the measures for connecting the Amazon FireStick come LG TV:

Firstly, disconnect her LG TV native the power.Connect the Firestick to one of two people of the HDMI harbor on her TV.Now, readjust the input source by utilizing the LG Magic Remote.Connect the Firestick to her wireless network, and collection up the Firestick.Now go to the house screen, and also search because that the “DirectTV application”.The DirecTV applications will currently start downloading.After the DirecTV application has actually finished downloading, open it.Voila! friend have successfully installed DirecTV on her LG clever TV utilizing the Amazon Firestick.

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How to acquire DirecTV app On clever TV – frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

Can us Install DirecTV now on LG smart TV?

Well, you can not install the DirecTV application on the LG smart TVs directly. However, you can stream that from your mobile call or use the Amazon Firestick for streaming.

Does LG net OS assistance DirecTV Streaming?

No, the LG net OS walk not support DirecTV streaming. Nevertheless, you deserve to use Amazon Firestick to obtain the at&t DirecTV on her LG smart TV.

How have the right to We Watch at&t DirecTV currently on LG clever TV?

You cannot clock DirecTV on your LG TV through default. You have to use either her mobile phone call or various other third-party devices (like the Amazon Firestick) in bespeak to clock DirecTV on her LG smart TV.


You can not install DirecTV on your LG TV ~ above its own, as the LG internet OS does not support DirecTV ~ above its own.

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A most LG users obtain disappointed and ask in the online forums because that help. In order to answer the queries of every the LG users, we have actually put together this detailed guide, in which we have defined different techniques of obtaining the ATT DirecTV top top the LG smart TV.