This page consists of information on downloading many types of files from the Internet, including audio clips, documents, PDF files, programs, and also pictures. Instructions because that downloading records are accessible for all modern-day browsers on a computer, smartphones, and also tablets, and also Chromebooks. Choose a link listed below to learn an ext about downloads and also how to download files.

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What is a download?

To download is to obtain data native the web that is to it is in stored and opened. Downloading and install should no be confused with copy or saving, which handles files not top top the net (e.g., copying documents to an additional location or saving a document). Also, a download is no an upload, i m sorry is sending a record from a computer to another.


Files on the internet may contain viruses or malware. The best means to safeguard your computer system is to ensure one antivirus and also anti-malware program is installed and also up-to-date; see: just how do I update my antivirus program?


Google Chrome

After the download is completed, a prompt appears in the lower-left edge of the web browser window.


Click the downloaded record to open it.

Mozilla Firefox




Internet Explorer

After the download is completed, a prompt appears at the bottom that the browser home window in the middle. Pick Run or Save to open the download media.



Click Run to open any of the downloaded files.

Microsoft Edge





Upon click a download link, girlfriend are prompted to choose a location where the file should be saved. Choose a location to save the file and click Save.


In the home window that appears, locate your downloaded paper and click the Run button to open it.



Upon clicking a download link, you may be asked if you want to permit downloads native the website. Click Allow.



How come download top top a smartphone or tablet


You can download documents from a internet page on an Android smartphone or tablet, or an Apple iphone or iPad. Select your type of phone call or tablet below and also follow the instructions.

Android phone call or tablet

Navigate to a net page containing a paper you want to download.Tap the Download link or Download image option in the menu.If necessary, madness the Download choice again, which may be forced for some records to finish the download.To watch the download files, open up the Downloads or My Files app on her Android phone.

iPhone or iPad

Navigate to a web page comprise a document you want to download.Tap the Download attached File option in the menu.


If a tiny window shows up asking if you desire to download the file, insanity Download.To see the download files, click the blue circle icon with a down-pointing arrow inside, situated to the best of the deal with bar.


A list of downloaded files is displayed. You have the right to tap a file name to see it or execute the file, if compatible v the iPhone.


How come download ~ above a Chromebook

Downloading a file on a Chromebook is similar to downloading and install on a computer, through slight differences.

Open the Chrome browser.Navigate come a internet page include a record you want to download.Click the proper link come download the document to your Chromebook. A Download Manager pop-up window appears in the bottom-right edge when the document is downloaded.To watch the downloaded files, click the Show In Folder connect in the Download Manager pop-up window.

You can likewise press the key-board shortcut Ctrl+J to view your downloaded files.

Examples of well-known download types

Apps or programs

One that the most popular downloads is an app or routine that can be installed on your computer. For windows computers, these files are most regularly .exe files, and for apple computers, they space either .dmg and also .app files.


Many programs may also be included in a compressed file. If the download document or attach ends v .arj, .zip, .tar, or .tgz, check out the next section for exactly how to download and also extract compressed files.

Below is an example executable document to run on your home windows computer. This executable record displays the message, "Congratulations, you"ve effectively downloaded one executable program paper from the computer Hope Website."

Download download-example.exe

Hardware drivers

Today, most chauffeurs are either contained in a compressed record (see following section below) or are included in a self-extracting executable file.


If you"re having actually trouble figuring out just how to download the drivers you have actually downloaded, look because that a readme file with this information. For added help, usage the link listed below on how to install drivers on a computer.

Compressed documents (e.g., .zip and .rar)

Compression approaches reduce document sizes or package several documents together. Compressed files may finish with a .7z, .arj, .rar, .tgz, or .zip paper extension. After they"ve to be downloaded, these files must it is in decompressed before they have the right to run or it is in viewed.

Below is an instance compressed record called example.zip. When this document is downloaded, you"ll need to decompress the file, which contains a readme.txt and also a download-example.exe file.

Download example.zip

Audio records (e.g., .mp3)

Downloading one audio document (e.g., one MP3) from a connect is like downloading any type of other basic record from the Internet. For web pages that make use of streaming audio or installed audio, various downloading methods must be supplied that are explained on the page connected below.

Movie files

Downloading a movie paper (e.g., an MP4) native a attach is comparable to all other document downloads. However, you can additionally right-click the link and choose Save attach as, Save target as, or the Save attached content as option. If an embedded movie has an arrowhead pointing down next to the audio controls, use that link to download the movie. Various other streaming movie services that execute not have actually a download connect may require added software to catch the video. The link below has further instructions.

Below is an instance link come an MP4 video clip file. Come download it, right-click the record and choose Save attach as, Save target as, or Save attached content as.

Download computer-hope.mp4

YouTube videos

Steps on how to download a YouTube video clip or that audio are on the pages connected below.

Pictures or images


Any picture or image on the Internet deserve to be conserved to your computer (downloaded). Together an example, the following steps walk you through just how to download the computer Hope logo seen come the right.

Choose the location on the computer system or various other drive, such as a USB drive, where you want to conserve the image.

Once an image is saved, you might open that with photo editor or one more program that supports the image"s file format.


You can additionally choose to copy the image and then paste it into any file or graphic program.

PDF files

A PDF record can be downloaded like many programs. Upon picking a download link to a PDF file, most browsers open the PDF materials in the browser window rather than downloading the file. Below are the steps on how to download a PDF to your computer instead of only viewing it.

Click the Save connect as, Save target as, or the Save connected content as option.Choose whereby you want to save the PDF file.

You deserve to follow the steps above with the link below to download our instance of a PDF.

Download example.pdf

Word processor documents

A document, such together those uncovered in Microsoft Word, can likewise be download by clicking any link pointing to the file. To see the process in action, click the following connect to download example.doc to her computer.

Download example.doc


If the browser is opened the document or the connect isn"t working, girlfriend can additionally right-click the image and choose Save connect as, Save target as, or Save attached content as.

Spreadsheet or CSV files

A spreadsheet can be download by clicking any link pointing to the spreadsheet paper (.xls, xlsx). To check out the process in action, click the link below to download the example.xls file created in Microsoft Excel to your computer.

Download example.xls


If the web browser is opened the spreadsheet or the link isn"t working, friend can likewise right-click the link and also choose Save link as, Save target as, or Save connected content as.


Many websites that grab information from a database carry out not conserve the data together a .xls, .xlsx, or one more spreadsheet paper format. Instead, the records are conserved as a CSV (comma separated value) file. These papers can additionally be downloaded in the same means and then imported right into a spreadsheet program, prefer Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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Text files

By default, any kind of link that points come a text paper is opened up in the browser. To conserve a text paper to your computer to modify in a message editor, right-click the link and also choose Save attach as, Save target as, or Save attached content as. Girlfriend can try this now by right-clicking the link listed below to download a readme.txt file.