So you own an enlarge iOS device. And you are an extremely happy with your device because it still works choose new. However, your machine may be also old because that a many apps together they may require the latest version of iOS to run properly. It could be such a pain come download apps.

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This way that you may not be able to download and also install part apps on your an equipment because they might require the latest version of iOS. When you execute that friend may gain an error popup saying this:

This application calls for iOS X.X or later. You must update come iOS X.X in order to download and also use this application. (see the picture below)


This article is useless if your an equipment does not support the iOS X.X version. So how are you going to download this app? execute not worry, there is a method to carry out this.

Likewise, friend may gain a comparable message speak “this application is not compatible with your device” as soon as you desire to download certain apps on her iPad or iPhone, such as Netflix.

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Older gadgets may not assistance the greatest supported version of iOS available. Thus, because that instance, you deserve to not download iOS 12 top top the original iPad (iPad 1). The last variation of iOS the you have the right to install ~ above the initial iPad is iOS 5.1.1. Below is the greatest versions that iOS accessible for few of older iOS devices:

iPhone 4: iOS 7.1.2iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini 1: iOS 9.3.5iPhone 5, iphone 5C, iPad 4: iOS 10.3.3iPad 1, iPod Touch 3: iOS 5.1.1

However you might be quiet able to download the last compatible version. This method that, because that instance, friend may be able to download the Netflix application on her iOS device running 9.3.5 or 10.3.3. This write-up explains how you deserve to do that:

You may have the ability to download and also install previously purchased apps (perhaps you deleted later). This method two things:

1. If you previously purchased this app, you have the right to redownload and also reinstall again. Below is how:

First make sure that you room signed in through the apple ID the you supplied to purchase the application originally.Open the app Store app on her device.Find the purchase tab and also My Purchases. Right here you have the right to see every the apps you have installed previously.Find the app you want to installTap the iCloud iconAnd download will certainly commence.

2. ok you might think that number #1 does not work because you have actually never download the specific app the you desire to install. How have the right to you carry out that? If this is the case, you deserve to buy the app on a newer an equipment and climate find and also download on your older device. Right here is how you can do this:

You need to have actually a newer iOS an equipment (if you carry out not have actually one, you can borrow one from a friend).Make certain that you’re signed in come iCloud with the very same Apple identifier on both tools (if you are borrowing a device from a friend, your friend requirements to log the end first, your friend might want to make copies of the info that the stored in iCloud).On your brand-new device, start the application Store and also find the app and also download and install.Now get your old device that you want to install the app. On your old device, go to app Store and also then Purchased. Friend will watch the application there because you just purchased it. İf you execute not view it yet, just wait.And climate tap the iCloud symbol to download the app.And the download will start.

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Note the these methods may not job-related for every apps. This only works if the developer the the app had not deleted that from the Apple’s application servers. Furthermore, since you are downloading and install an older version of the app, that is very likely that not all functions of the application may be available.