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You’ve heard every the hype about Apple TV, and you want to check it out for yourself. However no issue how hard you try, you simply can’t number out exactly how to add the to apologize TV application to her Samsung TV.

If your Apple TV app isn’t functioning on your Samsung TV, firmware updates may be resulting in the problem. The to apologize TV app is likewise only available on certain Samsung TVs, for this reason if you have an larger model, the application won’t load. However, there room workarounds, such as using an apologize TV box, Playstation, or Xbox.


If friend can’t discover the AppleTV application on your Samsung TV, if the apple TV application isn’t loading on her Samsung TV, and also the apologize TV application is informing you “video unavailable,” you’ve pertained to the right place. Don’t worry because you can use the apologize TV app even on enlarge Samsung TVs the won’t acknowledge the app. Check out on and also find the end how!

Can You placed Apple TV app on Samsung TV?


You deserve to put the apologize TV app on her Samsung TV. Walk to your house screen and scroll with your obtainable apps. If you newly bought your Samsung TV, the apologize TV application may currently be noted on the home menu. If so, navigate to the to apologize TV icon and open it.

How To add the apologize TV app to your Samsung TV

Apple TV requires an to apologize Music or iTunes account. If you carry out not yet have an to apologize account, you can produce one utilizing the to apologize Music app on your phone or through iTunes ~ above your desktop computer computer. Girlfriend can also go come the to apologize TV app and choose Account, climate “Sign In,” and click “Create new Apple ID.”

When you have actually finished signing up v Apple:

Select Settings, and also then choose Accounts.Select authorize In, and then choose Sign In On mobile Device. You deserve to scan the QR code which appears, or get in the password manually ~ above the apple TV activation page

From here, follow the on-screen instructions, and you will soon be a registered apple TV member.

Can’t discover Apple TV application on Samsung TV


If girlfriend don’t watch Apple TV ~ above your home menu, navigate to APPS. Discover the apologize TV icon and also press the download button. Girlfriend will watch a home window that provides information around the selected app. Now relocate to Download Now and click to start the installation. After her download is finished, the apologize TV symbol will appear on your home screen.

This is a an easy process, however in life, things are not constantly straightforward. If you run into difficulties, proceed reading to discover out the couple of things you can do to get the to apologize TV app working on your Samsung TV.

Samsung TV Won’t identify Apple TV application / apologize TV application Not Loading ~ above Samsung TV


Firmware update or other worries can sometimes reason problems v existing apps. If your Apple TV application has suddenly stopped working, friend can shot reinstalling it. To reinstall her Apple TV app on a Samsung TV:

Select the Apps tile from the menu ribbon.When Apps opens, navigate to the optimal right-hand corner and also select Settings.Look because that the apple TV app.Select “Reinstall.”

Once the apologize TV application is reinstalled, it should work together usual, and also you can return to enjoying your favorite apple programs. If friend have further problems, inspect Apple TV application Support.

Samsung TV to apologize TV app Says “Video Unavailable”


Your totally free trial or monthly subscription offers you accessibility to apologize TV shows. The to apologize TV app additionally aggregates contents from various other providers choose Hulu, Netflix, and Showtime. However these carriers may likewise require subscriptions.

The apple TV application has a library tab v a list of all your TV shows and movies. Yet it only lists apologize purchases. Amazon prime or YouTube purchases will not present up in your library. Castle may show up in one Apple TV app search, as plenty of movies are available through the iTunes store. Yet you will be inquiry to purchase it again.

Additionally, the to apologize TV application offers buttons that will certainly take you straight to Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney Plus, or other providers. You add these apps to her Apple TV app’s residence screen, or you deserve to go come them straight from your residence button.

Armed v these suggestions, you must be all set to reap the apple TV application on your Samsung TV. But what must you execute if you walk to your Smart Hub’s apps home window only to uncover the apologize TV application is not listed among your choices?

Can I obtain Apple TV app on older Samsung TVs?


Apple has come to be famous (or notorious) for its “walled garden” approach. They architecture their operating systems and apps for carefully selected hardware. This method provides better security versus hacking and also malware and permits for a regular user experience. Yet it additionally leaves many device owners locked external the garden.

Unfortunately, the apologize TV application is only obtainable on particular Samsung TVs. Follow to Apple, the to apologize TV application only support the complying with Samsung TVs:

Samsung UHD 8, 7, 6 series (2018, 2019, 2020)Samsung FHD/HD 5,4 series (2018, 2019, 2020)Samsung The Frame collection (2018, 2019, 2020)Samsung QLED 4K Q9, Q8, Q7, Qx collection (2018, 2019, 2020)Samsung QLED 8K Q9, Q8 collection (2019, 2020)Samsung Serif series (2019, 2020)Samsung the Sero series (2019, 2020)

If you have actually an larger Samsung model, you’re out of luck. To apologize TV will certainly not fill on any Samsung TV that is not on Apple’s perform of approved models. If you can’t uncover the apple TV application on your Smarthub’s “Apps” panel, you cannot download that to your smart TV.

How To get Apple TV on larger Samsung TV


You probably don’t desire to throw your expensive and still-working Samsung TV in the trash and also replace it. Don’t despair! possibly you can’t put the to apologize TV application on your Samsung TV. Yet there are still means to watch Apple TV on your older Samsung device.

Apple TV Box

Samsung clever TVs conserve owners the tangled cords and also extra hassle of set-top boxes. But even if her Samsung TV can’t use the apologize TV app, it deserve to still attach to an Apple TV-capable source.

If you want to watch your Apple TV programs in 4K through HDR, you will need an HDMI cable that is qualified of dealing with the compelled bandwidth. This Zeskit Maya Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable will give your to apologize TV box and your Samsung TV the link they require for the best feasible picture.

Alas, while her Samsung TV has HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability, it does not have actually Dolby Vision. Some TV manufacturers have consisted of Dolby’s proprietary an innovation in their higher-end models. Samsung stays committed to the royalty-free HDR10+ standard.

HDR10+ and also Dolby Vision offer slightly better color saturation and much more balanced brightness. However your to apologize TV box will still administer a typical HDR10 signal to her Samsung TV or an SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) signal for older Samsung TVs, which do not support the original HDR10 protocols defined in 2015.

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Playstation or Xbox

If you usage your Samsung TV for gaming, girlfriend may already own an Apple TV app-capable device! The complying with gaming consoles deserve to run the to apologize TV app:

Xbox One XXbox One SXbox collection XXbox collection SPlayStation 4PlayStation 5

The Xbox collection X and collection S and the playstations 5 ship with the to apologize TV app currently installed. If you space using one Xbox One X or one s or a playstation 4, you have the right to download the to apologize TV app from her console’s app store.